Just because you rent your home doesn't mean that you don't need property insurance to protect your belongings. You're just a click away from seeing how 21st Century can save you money on your auto insurance. Insurance underwritten by affiliated and non-affiliated companies of 21st Century Insurance, Wilmington, DE. Unless you live in a warm or moderate climate, here's a list of things you should be doing to make sure you're ready for old man winter. Driving in severe winter weather can be a harrowing experience, requiring a lot of concentration and composure. You can learn more about auto insurance and consider some car insurance discounts that may surprise you and reduce your rate if you qualify.

Most renters don't realize that the landlord's insurance policy does not cover their personal belongings. However, it's just as tough on cars because too few drivers take the time to completely winterize their cars. While you’re at it, make sure there is air in the spare tire and that all the proper tire-changing equipment is in the vehicle. So, having a full tank of gas not only helps in the case of bad weather, but it also helps prevent moisture from freezing in the gas lines. Pack a safety kit An emergency situation on the road can arise at any time, so it helps to be prepared.
If there was a fire or if someone broke into your residence, would you be able to replace your personal property without some kind of assistance?

Unless you live in a warm or moderate climate, here's a list of winter car tips you should be doing to make sure you’re ready for old man winter.
If the battery is more than four and-a-half years old, it may be a good idea to replace it.

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