I like Ruger revolvers but the only gun on your list I have direct experience with is the 317. I have a Bearcat as well as a SP101 in 22lr and the single six but I have no experience with that Smith. Some guy on here that is a mechanical engineer made up a table to figure out which of his hanguns was the most efficent to hike with. Originally Posted By wesmerc:Some guy on here that is a mechanical engineer made up a table to figure out which of his hanguns was the most efficent to hike with. I have one, a random gift out of the blue from my Dad's best friend (now gone ) several years ago.
I wish they would do a limited run of 2.5 or 3in heavy barrel 22lr with the 22mag grip frame and adjustable sights I would take two. You could just put a little lanyard point on the bottom of the grip and wear it as a necklace.
Originally Posted By 19Cohiba75: Have been keeping an eye out for the Sidewinder with the 22 conv. Get notifications in your email when articles are published, as well as our weekly newsletter packed with exclusive content! My 82-y-o mom has finally caved to my decades of lecturing and has taken up shooting so I bought her the longer-barrel (3", IIRC) version with hi-vis front sight and adjustable express rear. If it is food gathering with small game animals, both the Bearcat and 2a€? 317 may not be optimum.
The muzzle velocity suffers huge and the tiny sight radius makes it useless outside of point blank range. Have narrowed it down to the Pug and Sidewinder version, wish the Ranger was still being made Anyone have one of these ?

I am in a world of hurt if i have somehow fired all 28 rounds i usually carry on me and cannot get to the 30 other rounds in my bag and i have to pull that little guy out with that being said i carry it every day and hardly even notice its there anymore. Beautifully made little gun and it has worked flawlessly for me except with Winchester Dynapoint .22mag cartridges.
Maybe it was watching The Magnificent Seven on the flight back from SHOT Show, but getting the SA bug again has just felt great.
Reduced the power a little on the trigger return spring but left it as-is otherwise and she does great with it. Don't know if you just shot it or if you own it but replacing the spring kit with the RP from Wilson's helped a bit.
With the coyote population around here, I feel I am better armed with the .22 magnum cylinder in the revolver. I really didn't care for it myself at first - too used to a traditional sight picture - but I got used to it in a hurry while working with her. The factory wood grips are way too small- it was much easier to shoot with aftermarket boot grips, but even then, DA was tough (Had to aim several inchest low and left to hit).
Felt great with the reduced mainspring and trigger spring but started getting a lot of light strikes. It is not what anybody would choose to bring to a gunfight but it is better than a rape whistle. The gun is probably mechanically capable of going under an inch, but I’ll never know. At distances where I could shoot dime-sized groups with my Buckmark, I was shooting quarter-sized ones using DA only.
They will stand up to a lot of shooting, though extracting the empties from the cylinder can be difficult with some brands or after extended shooting sessions.

Put the factory mainspring back in and only got one or two every few cylinders - for just plinking that wasn't too terrible but I went up to the middle weight TR spring, which made reliability 100% (so far) and gave a little relief to your trigger finger.
You'll never notice the one inch increase in barrel length.Not cheap, but you're buying quality.
I prefer adjustable sights to dial the gun in for the ammo I prefer.The 317 weighs about 12 oz. IIRC the pug was only supposed to be a limited run, but it's been so popular they kept making it.
Its advantage is effortless carry (I have carried it while jogging and working-out wearing gym shorts) and utter reliability.
It provides those wonderful clicking noises as you slowly thumb the hammer back, and you feel a connection with the cowboys of old as the gun thumps and rolls in your hand as you send 250 grains of lead downrange. It took a Wolfe spring kit and some grinding on the hammer sear notch to get it shooting well. If you choose to carry as a BUG or while jogging, consider Hornady's Critical Defense load in .22mag. I had purchased a Ruger Blackhawk that needed to go back to the factory, and the only way I could console myself was to pick this up for a song out of the used gun section at Scheels.
If that is a reasonable weight range, then there are a few more candidates for your consideration. The 3a€? 317 weighs just a little more, but has much better sights and should be easier to hit with.

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