To the Arctic 3D (2012) is a documentary based on the story of a polar bear and her two cubs. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Amid the gathering tossed for respecting her first visitors, Ahana meets Kunal Anand (Imran Abbas Naqvi), a writer and they get pulled in to one another.
Following day, Next night, the cook is snared by the animal into a store room and gets killed. Kunal chooses to help Ahana and summons his sharp shooter companions, accepting that the killings is consequence of a man-eater jaguar.

Taking after morning, Ahana takes sigh of alleviation as the sharp shooters chase down an enormous puma. In the long run sentiment climaxes in the middle of Ahana and Kunal and they wind up consummating their sentimental relationship. After a couple of serene days, the animal breaks into the lodging and kills two business accomplices first.At the point when Ahana appears to check, she ends up remaining before a ten feet long animal with legs and tail of a dinosaur, abdominal area and a nose-less leader of a human and layered skin of a reptile. Luckily, Professor Sadanand (Mukul Dev), who drives away the animal with a smoldering log, making it escape. Next morning, the harmed visitors and rest of inn staff get expelled by police and medicinal group.

Teacher tells Ahana and Kunal that the animal is a Brahmarakshas, a man-consuming mutant which is result Lord Brahma, the Hindu lord of creation reviling vile race of evil presences to turn into a satanic animals with no salvation, endlessly sentenced to meander on earth and endure. He tells that Brahmarakshasas still slink in thick woodlands of India, however claims of their locating is as important as sightings of Ufos.

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