Air Force Specialty Code 3E9 (Emergency Management) has been known By other names over the years. Specifically the careerfield, “Prepares, plans, trains, educates, and equips Air Force personnel to respond to, maintain mission capability, and recover from the full spectrum of physical threat events including major accidents, natural disasters, weapons of mass destruction, and wartime chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) attacks. If you were in the Air Force prior to the current conflict you were probably pretty familiar with them. Now, NRA’s Life of Duty has prepared a report focusing on this small community of specialists and why they are more relevant now than ever. I get that your just trying to create some attention for this unknown career field, but please don’t compare them to AF EOD. EM plays an advisory role and is a back pocket asset in all but a very few emergency responses. I don’t know the exact timeline of their name changes, but if you look at the history of it you can see the evolution in their mission.
It would be a smart move on the rest of the EOD guys on here to really learn what each supporting organization has to offer during an emergency response, so you know what additional tools are available to you.
There’s very plain English being written here but I notice a trend amongst the guys claiming to be EOD on this thread.

Well, next time I need help getting my cat out of my tree, I’ll be sure to call you eomFD.
Actually, it’s just come to my attention that all of the posters claiming to be EOD are the same person, using the same IP and are not actually EOD. This started because the writer of the article had no idea that there is bad blood between EOD and most readiness units. Bri-Man, you are right, and I do apologize for my rude comments and for my immaturity in this forum. Chemical weapons, biological warfare, toxic industrial materials and natural disasters – these are just a few of the threats that the men and women of the 3E9 Emergency Management AFSC prepare for on a daily basis. Heaven Can Wait Emergency First Aid Training is a division of Heaven Can Wait Emergency First Aid Inc.
Provides technical expertise to commanders during full spectrum threat response operations. HeavenCanWait newsletter subscribers will receive industry information, special offers, and course updates in their e-mail.
My 81mm mortars platoon was arrested by the AF MP back in 1999 as we try to get through the gate and my Lt said Ohrah to one of the female MP so we all got pulled over as she consider that as sexual harassment hahaha.

My 81mm platoon got arrested by the AF MP back in 1999 as we try to get through the gate and my Lt said Ohrah to one of the female MP so we all got pulled over as she consider that as sexual harassment hahaha.
Air Force, these brave individuals are taught to respond to any and all disasters, man-made or otherwise.
Generally people came to Edmonton across the countries want to reside near airport so that it will be easy for them to move their luggage or if there is any emergency occurs they don't have to travel longer distance to reach airport. Currently station at Marine Forces Reserve New Orleans Louisiana (fishing paradise and murder capital of the U.S). So, after the wheel spacers, my wheels were around 30-35mm offset (can't remember exactly).

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