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There are a lot of articles about emergency kits for brides; things they will need during the wedding “in case of…” but what about the groom?

Sometimes the groom seems less important, maybe because most of the attention goes to the bride, but we shouldn’t forget that he might have some unexpected troubles during the day. You are going to hug a lot of people wearing different kinds of fabric… this will be a great way to have his suit perfectly clean for pictures!
A lot of people use hair spray, but just in case, a small comb doesn’t take a lot of space and can help anytime.
A lot of excitement that day, a lot of hugging and a lot of heat can give the groom a hard time. Being proactive is always good, so we think it’s best to prepare an emergency kit with everything you will need in case something goes wrong.

A mini deodorant will save him (and his wedding party) from this problem and will make them all feel more comfortable.

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