A crew member of the Mignonette uses a sea anchor in an open boat during (seriously!) stormy conditions.
While so far our other cases of cannibalism are all borne out of necessity, they don't have strong evidence that a murder preceded the flesh consumption.
About two months into the trip, the Mignonette sank and four crew members (including a 17-year-old named Richard Parker who managed to grab a couple tins of turnips) were able to get into a 13-foot (4-meter) lifeboat.
They were found the 24th day, and eventually Dudley and one other crewman were charged with murder and cannibalism.
In Crash Landing: Stories of Survival, pilots from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf War tell their heart-pounding survival stories.
But the 1884 story of the Mignonette, a ship sailing from England to Australia, leaves no doubt: Death did not come naturally to the victim. Nineteen days later, things weren't looking so hot, and Thomas Dudley, the captain, suggested that Parker -- with no wife or family and much sicker than the others -- could be quickly dispatched for the survival of the rest.
They were found guilty, but public sentiment in England led to a hasty pardoning by the home secretary, and they were released from prison within six months [source: Teuber]. Years before the Mignonette set sail, Edgar Allan Poe wrote an 1838 short story where a character -- by the name of Richard Parker -- is eaten by fellow stranded sailors after hunger sets in. Here's how by Keith McCafferty SnaresSmall-game snares can be made from the interior strands of parachute cord, braided strands of sinew, or fishing line.
The program, narrated by Lee Majors, shows how Aviation Survival Training makes the difference in the most defining moment of a pilot's life.

Snares stout enough to secure game as large as deer need to be made of rawhide or parachute cord. Experience the fear and drama as pilots are shot down over hostile territory and how they are forced to rely on their training to survive the elements and evade enemy forces. Dudley stabbed Parker in the neck with a penknife, and they ate his flesh and drank his blood. Crash Landing takes viewers through a grueling six-week survival course, and presents important lessons from the instructors who teach lifesaving principles to aviation pilots. At the same time, Crash Landing looks back into history to tell some of the most harrowing tales of survival including the rescue of Bat 2-1, the largest pilot rescue operation in American history made famous by the Hollywood film Bat 21 starring Gene Hackman and Danny Glover.
Crash Landing tells the story through aviation footage, interviews with survivors, and other recordings made during actual rescues.
Deadfall TrapsDeadfalls that use logs or rocks to squash prey are typically baited, but they also work along trails or outside burrows when a passing animal or bird brushes against the trigger. Tension TrapsEmploying fire-hardened spear points under tension, these can be deadly to predator and prey alike. Always set and approach an impaling trap cautiously from behind and use only in an emergency in remote areas, where another human or domestic animals are not going to blunder past. Make certain the horizontal thrust of the spear is at a level that will impale the body of the game sought. Bird Traps Birds can be much easier to trap than mammals and should be among your first targets for a meal.

Tie a rock to a thin cord and pass the cord through the hole in the pole, then make a slip noose that drapes over the perch. Step Three Tie an overhand knot in the cord in back of the slip noose and place the stick against the hole. When a bird flies down and perches, it will displace the stick, the rock will fall, and its feet will be caught as the loop quickly slides through the hole. Fish TrapsFish swim next to banks at night or move from deep holes into shallow water to feed.
Close the entrance to the trap, roil the water, then either spear the fish or net them with a seine made by tying a shirt or other cloth between two stout poles. Making Stone PointsPoints and blades chipped from cryptocrystalline rocks such as chert, flint, and obsidian make the sharpest knives, arrowheads, and spear tips, although efficiently using the latter two requires lots of practice.
Step TwoPlace the tip of an antler tine or bone point against the flake and apply a twisting push toward the edge of the stone. Continue flaking off small cones near the edge until the point of the stone is evenly chipped and razor sharp.

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