When in a winter survival situation, you might soon realize that you’re not going to get out of the situation you’re in before nightfall.
Whether or not you are an experienced outdoorsman, there is one need that everyone has and that is the need to be sheltered from the weather. As you can see, next to oxygen, shelter is the second highest on the list of priorities. Regardless of why you find yourself in a winter survival situation, you must find a way to provide adequate shelter for yourself and for those who may be with you. Obviously, the best winter survival shelter is one you don’t have to exert unnecessary energy to build.
If you cannot find a natural or man-made shelter in which to spend the night in or wait out a coming storm, you must make one. If you are new to self-reliance you may think that a tent is an ideal way to take shelter with you, but very few people are going to bring a tent along with them everywhere they go. Normally, a tent is used in conjunction with a sleeping bag of the proper temperature rating for the environment it is to be used in.
The best shelter to take and make is the composite lean-to shelter. It consists of very small, lightweight, and portable components carried in a small winter survival kit that can be placed in a pocket or pack when needed. The advantage of the garbage bag is that it can be used as a poncho, to gather debris for insulation, a makeshift hobo pack sack or stuffed with leaves as a ground mat. To insulate your shelter, pile leaves and debris on top of the sheeting (being sure not to puncture it) to a depth of six to eight inches. The front should not have debris piled against it as this is toward your fire and you don’t want to create a dangerous situation for yourself by piling a giant tinder bundle in front of your shelter.
The A-frame composite shelter is built much the same way except that it doesn’t need two trees to start with. Tip 3: Find a meal that has a good balance of vegetables, healthy carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. Amanda Adams is an international fitness cover model, blogger, and co-author of the #AABikiniBody Program. Students at WJ often hear teachers, classmates, guidance counselors and family members offering advice on topics ranging from how to survive the college search process to how to make the most of the high school experience. I know that it may seem ridiculous to be looking at colleges when high school has only just begun, but starting the college search process early will help decrease the stress of junior and senior year.
Every year, usually in January and February, all students are required to sign up for the classes they will take next the following year. A little bit of stress can be a good thing for students while they are taking exams, but not if they allow their stress to careen out of control. High school may not be rocket science (or at least not most of the time), but it has its own challenges for students to conquer. This is senior Marissa Nardella’s third year writing for The Pitch Online as Co-Online Editor-in-Chief. Going off the grid may be enticing to a few, but some of us are perfectly content camping out in the comfort and safety of modern campgrounds and their amenities.
Sometimes we scurry out the door so fast we forget to pack snacks for our hike or camping trip. For all of those pescetarians out there who prefer surf over turf if given the option, this next tip is for you. Remember how we said it wasn’t likely that you’d just happen upon cord or rope while out in the wilderness? Cell phones are lifesavers in more ways than one, even when they’re dead or broken they still may mean the difference between surviving and succumbing.
This entry was posted in Do It and tagged backpacking, how to, nature, outdoors, survival guide, tips on April 4, 2013 by PocketRanger. When we first booked the tickets to go visit family out west, we thought, “What a great rate we’re getting! That’s what all delusional parents such as ourselves later discover isn’t true when our unrealistic expectations jarringly meet with reality.

Our red-eye flight served as one of many reminders that as fun as family travel can be, it also has its challenges.
Whether it’s a red-eye flight, multi-day road trip, or the cramped quarters of a hotel room, certain travel situations have the ability to bring out the worst in us. Ted and I connect best through the regular habits and shared activities we have in place at home.
If you haven’t had a chance, check out Winter Survival - Part 1 and Winter Survival - Part 2. This means you will have to spend the night outside and will need a warm and dry place to sleep.
Such as a cave, a rock shelter, a cabin or trail shelter, even an outhouse built by the forest service are all options that should be considered before expending precious calories to make something in which to shelter. And even if you have a tent, it only provides two of the three basic needs. It will shelter you from wind and precipitation but provides little if any insulation from the cold and you cannot have a fire close enough to feel the heat without endangering the fabric of the tent. The composite lean-to shelter uses the same configuration as a standard lean-to with an insulated top and sides and partially blocked front. To build an insulated lean-to shelter you will need the following items. To keep the debris from blowing away, pile several branches on top of the debris. Next, cut small poles of the proper length to match the grade on the sides of the lean-to.
Try to make the front weave as tight as you can, using green pine branches if possible. On the inside of your shelter, pile leaves and debris or small pine branches several inches thick to lie on.
The never-ending bread baskets, the over-sized portions, the perfectly made sugary cocktails! That’s why I teach girls in the #AABikiniBody program how to enjoy foods and events they love without feeling guilty, all while staying on track with their goals!
Students don’t have to decide for sure what they want to study just yet, but they should start trying to figure out some of the criteria that they are looking for in a school.
Within the next few weeks, many students will probably hear their friends telling them all about their crazy classes and how they plan to take even harder classes next year. It is next to impossible to completely avoid stress and have a life that is entirely stress-free, but it is possible for students to manage stress.
There is no singular defined path through it because there are countless different ways to spend the famous high school experience.
She is very excited to be part of the effort to increase the website’s audience alongside her co-editors Evan and Amanda. As a result of our playing it safe we miss out on the chance to test out all of those crazy survival tricks and techniques you see in on backpackers blogs and in scout manuals. If you find yourself with a case of the rumbles that few wild berries or mushrooms won’t satisfy, you might want to consider taking up small game hunting as your new favorite hobby.
This pine needle brush is an all-in-one breath and teeth saver, with scrubbing powers and a sweet, piney scent that will tame wild mountain breath.
This Grit List guide shows us how to use an out-of-commission cellular device as a means of survival in ways beyond that of texting or dialing out. Budget airline seats, crying babies, and men who snort and cough louder than you knew was humanly possible.
The best idea is to have two garbage bags and one mylar survival blanket as well, but this is winter survival and you have to choose what to bring, as you can’t carry everything. Sharpen the bottom of the poles and drive them into the ground on the sides of your shelter approximately six to eight inches apart. In case you can’t tell, eating at restaurants is by far one of my favorite things to do. Also, you’ll probably be consuming a good amount of sodium with your restaurant meal. Making sure you do get to indulge, but within reason, helps you enjoy yourself without risking the type of overindulging that results in a mini pity party.

Because seriously, there’s no way I can go through life without enjoying Red Lobster’s cheese biscuits along the way! Do they want to go to college in a major metropolis, as opposed to one that is in a more rural area or in a small town?
And no, that does not mean they shouldn’t do their homework and they shouldn’t study for the test(s) that they have the next day (even if it is supposed to snow overnight). However, I can say from personal experience that these tips actually work, and I am sure that they will consistently get students through the maze they call high school. Marissa is also involved in Pep Band, Peer Counseling, and Together to End Hunger Club at WJ. Survival Magazine shows us how to fashion cordage out  of hardwood fibers, which looks it might actually be fun to do if your life wasn’t depending on it!
From circuit board spears to magnetic compasses, you’ll be surprised to see what busted phone parts can become in the wild. In my opinion, students should try to take at least one or two non-academic classes that they think they might enjoy, such as art or physical education. I am sure that some students’ parents probably expect them to get straight A’s and never get C’s. However, when it comes to high school, it is infinitely better for students to focus on doing what is best for themselves than to focus on doing the same things that their BFF is doing merely because they want to be like them or because they are too afraid to be different. She lifeguards during the summer and enjoys reading, writing, swimming, and spending time with friends. Any backpacker or outdoor enthusiast knows that rope is one of the most versatile and handy things to have on you while voyaging through the unknown, so while making your own may seem a little cuckoo, it’s nice to know you could if it came down to it. Ted and I understand that each of us will have at least one, if not more, bad moments … and we poise ourselves to be quick to both repent and forgive.
Students can challenge themselves, but should be careful to not push themselves so hard that they do not perform well in the classes they choose. Whether that means playing their favorite video games, reading a book, exercising, or hanging out with friends, they should make sure that they carve some time out of their busy schedules to relax.
Made entirely of scavenged materials, this field arrow is relatively easy to procure and assemble, and the end result is rather sturdy and effective as a primitive hunting tool or plaything. Are they even looking at colleges in the U.S., or are they hoping to go abroad for college? We make a point of reminding ourselves and each other, that those everyday comfortable interactions will soon be back in place. They are thinking about the future, and they want their kids to perform as well as possible academically so that they have as many career options as possible to choose from. At some point in their high school careers, every student must decide what their priorities will generally be. Again, the list of colleges that they want to apply to doesn’t have to be set in stone, but starting to look at their options now will help later on in narrowing down their list of schools. If students feel that their parents are putting extreme and unnecessary pressure on them, they can also try sitting down and talking to them about how they feel. In the meantime, students should focus on getting the best grades they can in school- because let’s face it: grades matter, or teachers probably wouldn’t give them out at all.

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