It depends on your area, but if you have rivers, creeks and lakes around, yeah, fishing is a good source. I have a telescoping fishing pole and spinning real in my preps (along with an extra spool of line - for fishing or ???) plus an assortment of hooks, sinkers, spinners, plugs, flies, etc.
Something I learned at "Fish Camp" when I was a kid (I have never really been much of a fisherman) is that using a fishing pole to catch frogs, crabs, and even birds is easier then catching a small mouth bass! Assuming you want an actual rod, telescoping, Emmrod, full size, etc rather than a stick, what type of reel makes the most sense considering reliability, usability, and versatility in use for SHTF? I've always used spinning reels for my personal non-SHTF use, so don't know much about the other types.

A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip. Considered a value steel, 8Cr13 steel provides adequate corrosion resistance but with slightly more carbon than AUS-8, it will sharpen up and hold an edge better. How in the world Schrade was able to offer up all this, at this price, is mind boggling, but here it is. I deeply HATE the fact that it is made in china (that's why I had to rate it as a 4 instead of a 5).
An awesomely designed fixed blade, quality plastic belt sheath, and an included mini pry bar for popping tops off bottles is probably all you need for a short weekend camping trip and here it is in one package.

The mini pry tool features a hex driver, screwdriver, safety cutter, and bottle opener in a compact tool that tucks into the knife handle in a very unobtrusive way.
Taylor Brands is also renowned for their specialty items and custom designed pieces such as the Texas Ranger Commemorative Knives celebrating the 180th Anniversary of Texas Rangers.Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and, most recently, law enforcement and fire safety professionals utilize Taylor Brands products.

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