Sportsman Survival Kit - 72 Hour Food SupplyFood - Fire - Filter - First AidDesigned with the avid hunter or outdoorsman in mind, this kit will help you face any emergency or just enjoy a quick and simply meal camping. Shop Safe and Secure at King's Camo - PCI Compliant, SSL Encryption and Hacker ScannedCopyright 2016 King's Camo LC. Emergencies happen when you least expect them, so make sure you have a food supply at the ready with these vegetarian dry mix meals.
For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates!
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. If you want your emergency kit water to be portable, you have two options.  Carry water, or find and purify water.

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Six multi-serving pouches of  nutrition-dense meals that prepare quickly and easily form the basis of this kit that also includes essential equipment to cook and survive. Designed to feed two adults for 72 hours, these 17 meal pouches produce 80 servings, and provide 2350 calories per day. Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters.
It features food and water that is sufficient for 4 people and have a five year shelf-life.

For the house, rain barrels, a large filter system, water bricks, and many other containers of water large and small. They are similar to military-issued MREs, cook in eight to 10 minutes with just water, have a shelf life up to 20 years, and are easily transported. For our Git Home Bag, we carry one 16 oz bottle of water, 6 purification tabs, a metal water bottle that we can boil water in, and a life straw.
For our car kits, 4 bottles of water (one per person per normal car load) 12 purification tabs, a Sawyer mini water filter and two water bags that can attach to the mini and two metal water bottles. For the main bug out bags one of us has a Katadyn hand pump and the other a larger Sawyer complete system with water bags, Life straws, purification tabs, pool shock, small bottles of bleach with eye droppers, coffee filters, and various water bottles or canteens.

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