This 4 person, 72-hour survival contains essential emergency supplies for emergency situations. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Quick, a disaster has occurred and you only have sixty seconds to pick up items for your survival! When a disaster strikes, Your Survival Tools are What-You-Know, What-You-Have-on-You, or what you can reach. We can begin with a one-weeks food supply and gradually build it to a one month’s supply and then to three months. Five or Six cans of wheat in the home are better than than a bushel in the Welfare Granary.
If you are prepared and have the proper supplies on hand then it will help to eliminate some of the stress while you are trying to recuperate from an emergency situation.
This means having your own food, water, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least three days. Building Your Family’s 72 Hour Kits This page is intended to help you prepare for disasters (large and small) before they happen.
Recent events, however, have shown that your kit should be capable of supporting you and your family for at least 6 days! Decide where you will store supplies (food may be packed together in a single container or kept on shelves for easy rotation.
So where should you Store These Emergency Kits?  Store grab-and-go food and water container where easy to access in case you are advised to evacuate.  Children and adults keep their emergency kits in there bedrooms. Let the children have responsibility for their own backpack and have the older children buddy-up and take care of younger brothers or sister.
I would recommend a big backpack with all of this so if things are bad you can just grab it and go and not spend 3 hours rummaging around boxes in the attic to find the camping container “you know is up here somewhere”. It collapses down to 5″ for easy transportation and storage and includes a durable and convenient storage bag. These are things that would be great to have near your 72 hour kit, but are too big to fit inside a backpack. The Fine Print This policy is valid from 19 February 2010 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by us.
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A 1-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in a gallon size zip-lock bag designed for students. Keeping Emergency Survival Kits at school for students and administrators is an essential part of maintaining a safe school. But don't waste your time and money constantly replacing unreliable store-bought items when you can get a kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to last and be ready when you need it. The 1-Person Basic ER™ Survival Kit provides both piece-of-mind and safety at school. Many people don't realize that store-bought items such as canned food and bottled water don't store safely for longer than 6 months; and even less when exposed to extreme temperatures. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market.
Following a catastrophic disaster during school hours, students and school administrators may be stranded on campus for days to weeks until roads are cleared for safe driving. Not only do you want to keep your students to be safe, but also it is your responsibility to take measures to protect your students from forgeable dangers such as natural disasters. School ER™ Survival Kits are designed to contain everything students and administrators need to survive for 3 days when confronted with an emergency disaster situation at school. Includes emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to keep you and your family safe in the event of a disaster. Never- the- less we pay for insurance to cover a catastrophe,  should it occur.  We ought to do the same with reference to family welfare.
Does your family know what to do before, during and after an earthquake or other emergency situation? If a water line was ruptures during an earthquake, do you know how to shut off the main water line to your house?
Do you have duplicate keys and copies of important insurance and other papers stored outside your home? If you and your family had to evacuate your home, have you identified an outside meeting place? Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone immediately.
Basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and telephones may be cut off for days, or even a week or longer.
A disaster supplies kit is a collection of basic items that members of a household may need in the event of a disaster.

Using this procedure, your family can assemble a 72 hour and emergency evacuation kit in small steps over a six month period. The Volcano 3 can cook with Propane, Charcoal or Wood; allowing you several options of how you can make the perfect meal. The Volcano 3 has a patented heat-chamber that requires less fuel making it highly efficient and allows the grill to be used on a table-top or tailgate.
Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest. Make Personalized Cards For Every Occasion, Trendy T-Shirts and Accessories For the Entire Family + Lots More Ideas!
This comprehensive emergency survival kit contains the most effective emergency supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, and shelter supplies to prepare for all disasters. It contains a 72-hour survival supply for 1 person including US Coast Guard Approved 5-year shelf-life food and water.
If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference. And, if the school building suffers structural damage, students may be forced to shelter outdoors and endure the elements. Failure to maintain standards of protection opens administrators up to liability if losses or injuries occur because of their failure to act. The kit comes packaged in a 5 gallon container with a twist-on lid that keeps the contents more secure than the traditional snap-on lid. If an emergency lasted for 3 days (72 hours) before help was available to you and your family. Supplies may be stored all together in a large plastic garbage can or food may be kept on kitchen or pantry shelves.
If a senior citizen resides with the family, also buddy-up and help them for they move slower and a backpack may be too heavy for them to carry. For every little person who is going to be a Big Brother or Big Sister, This Delightful Book Explains How To Prepare For Baby!

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