Bhubaneswar, May 5: A suggestion from a civil defence volunteer to use one water facility for dual purposes has set the government into action mode. In November last, the volunteer, Gourahari Nanda, had sent a proposal to the state government for setting up a water hydrant system at Kargil Road to tackle fire mishaps and supply drinking water to residents during summer. Though so far, he has received only one acknowledgement letter regarding his proposal, the urban development department has already sought the views of concerned departments and government agencies over the feasibility of the project. Nanda, whose firm Odisha Rescue Team is involved in post-disaster management activities, said he had written to the government about his plan that would help in better fire disaster management in the city.
In case of any fire incident in the locality, the pump house would pump off water and the volunteers would use it through the hydrant and the hose to put out the fire. The civil defence volunteer said the project would not cost much as his firm would take it up completely and maintain for lifetime. A state government official said they had gone through the letter and would visit the spot before taking a decision on the issue.
Housing and urban development department under secretary Belalsen Behera confirmed that his department had got the letter from Nanda. Moreover, he said, the public health organisation had instructed its superintending engineer, Bhubaneswar circle, for carrying out a field study.
The local fire brigade officials, who had also got a letter from Nanda, said they forwarded it to their higher officials. The 6th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair was held October 8th, 2013 at Fire Station 87 in Granada Hills. We’d like to give huge thanks and acknowledgement to Mark Hovater for the video and Adam VanGerpen for the photos of the event. D H C S I N F O R M A T I O N P R I V A C Y & S E C U R I T Y P R I V A C Y & S E C U R I T Y T R A I N I N G D H C S I N F O R M A T I O N P R I V A C. INTRODUCTION As one of the largest health plans in the country, Medi-Cal is responsible for the health records of over 7 million beneficiaries. H I P A A The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)was enacted by Congress in 1996 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our health care system by standardizing the electronic exchange and protection of administrative, financial, and health data. PRIVACY & SECURITY The HIPAA PRIVACY RULE provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered entities and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information. COVERED ENTITIES HIPAA applies to covered entities which include: HEALTH PLANS HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS HEALTH CARE CLEARINGHOUSES BUSINESS ASSOCIATES (BAs) - any entity that handles protected health information during the normal course of doing business for a covered entity. PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION Information protected under HIPAA is called P H I or Protected Health Information. DIRECT IDENTIFIERS HIPAA describes a list of 18 direct identifiers that, along with a name, constitute individually identifiable information. NOTICE of PRIVACY PRACTICES HIPAA requires that a covered entity provide a NOTICE of PRIVACY PRACTICES (NPP) to its members. STATE LAW State law (the Information Practices Act) differs from Federal Law (HIPAA) in that it is more expansive. State law establishes requirements for DHCS on the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of Personal Information. Information maintained by the Department that is exempt from disclosure under the provisions of the California Public Records Act or other applicable state or federal laws is considered Confidential Information. Sensitive Information is information maintained by the department that requires an assurance of accuracy and completeness, as well as special precautions to protect from unauthorized use, access, disclosure, modification, loss, or deletion. Safeguards are used to protect PHI, PI, Confidential Information, and Sensitive Information. ADMINISTRATIVE SAFEGUARDS HEALTH ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL Administrative Safeguards are identified in the Health Administrative Manual (HAM), which incorporates the Departments information privacy and security policies and requirements of the State Administrative Manual (SAM).

ADMINISTRATIVE SAFEGUARDS DATA POLICY State and federal law, as well as Department policy, require that privacy and confidentiality of all personal, confidential and sensitive information, in whatever medium (oral, paper or electronic), be protected. ADMINISTRATIVE SAFEGUARDS DATA POLICY (continued) The Departments data release policy requires that a fully approved data release form be completed for all releases of confidential data to any entity outside DHCS. Contents published on this website are managed and maintained by District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, India.
I am pleased to be sending you this first edition of Resilience a€“ a regular newsletter from the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services team. Emergency preparedness is one of the strategic priorities for the Red Cross Emergency services team. The REDiPlan Partnership with Councils project is being rolled out across the Onkaparinga and Mt Barker councils. The ability to effectively mobilise, engage and empower our Emergency Services volunteers is fundamental to Red Crossa€™ capacity to support disaster affected communities.
Late last year, CEO Robert Tickner was invited to join a roundtable of CEOs from leading Australian businesses to consider if there is a better way to manage the economic and social cost of natural disasters in Australia. Information is one of the key tools in helping people to take control and prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. Certificates, Retry, Encryption, Decryption, Message Acknowledgement, Load Balancing, Duplicate Checks is all configurable and handled by MOND Cloud. Once the first-of-its-kind system starts operating here, it will help tackle fire disasters in nearby areas such as Pokhariput, Bhimtangi, Palaspali, aerodrome and the slum itself.
Even the fire tenders can use the water, and the volunteers would help them in extinguishing the fire, he said.
The government would only have to provide land and the local civic body to dig the borewells and lay the pipelines. We will build tanks that can hold up to over six lakh litres of water, which can be used for fire fighting.
Superintending engineer Chitta Ranjan Jena, too, said he had got the letter earlier this month and would take a decision on it. Assistant fire officer Ramesh Majhi, who is in charge of Kalpana fire station, was informed about it. This training is an annual requirement for all DHCS staff, as mandated by state and federal laws. This training discusses state and federal laws that regulate the privacy and protection of information, as necessary to carry out the Departments workforce functions.
You must complete all of the modules before you log off or you will have to restart the training from the beginning. An Atlanta truck driver lost his job in early 1998 after his employer learned from his insurance company that he had sought treatment for a drinking problem. Medical Identity Theft is a crime in which the thief uses someones identity to get access to medical services or goods.
At the same time, it permits the disclosure of personal health information needed for patient care and other important purposes. If you have any one of these identifiers in your health information dataset, along with a name, you have PHI and it must be safeguarded appropriately. The NPP tells the members what rights they have under HIPAA, including the right to access their records, and how their information may be disclosed.
It covers more than Protected Health Information (PHI) and includes all Personal Information (PI). Personal Information (PI) means any information that is not public and maintained by an agency that identifies or describes an individual.

Before releasing information that falls in these categories to an outside entity, check with the DHCS Privacy Officer to be sure the release is legally permitted. The Department considers all information about individuals private, unless such information is determined to be a public record. The invitation for Australian Red Cross to be involved represents a significant acknowledgement of our reputation and expertise in emergency management.
I hope that the government will take up the matter and allow me to go ahead with the project," said Nanda.
As a train line passes nearby, it would also help control fires on trains, mostly the coal-laden ones that frequently catch fire en route. We have sent the letter to the urban public health department for their views," said Behera. QUIZZES – After each of the training modules, you will be asked to complete quiz questions. The late tennis star Arthur Ashes positive HIV status was disclosed by a healthcare worker and published by a newspaper without his permission. The HIPAA SECURITY RULE specifies a series of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for covered entities to use to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information.
Under state and federal Medicaid law, information can only be disclosed for purposes directly related to the administration of the Medi-Cal Program. Examples of sensitive information include: Departments financial transactions, Budget Change Proposals, and regulatory actions.
It is Department policy to protect privacy and prevent the loss of information through accident, misuse, sabotage, criminal activity, or natural disaster. Every division has a Data Release Coordinator who is responsible for completing the forms and getting the signatures of the Division Chief, Privacy Officer, Information Security Officer and Data Owner. We see time and again through our emergency recovery work that being prepared for a disaster can help people get back on their feet more quickly. The water reservoir to be built at the spot will also help providing drinking water to residents during summer, he said. You must answer each question correctly before receiving your Training Certificate and Acknowledgement Form.
Musician Tammy Wynettes medical records were sold to National Enquirer by a hospital employee for $2,610.
The data policy also requires that when confidential data in physical form is received or sent to a different location, it must be logged on chain of custody logs.
RESOURCES AND WEBSITE LINKS - There is a resource list provided at the end of the training with all the links and other resources used in this training. Medical Identity Theft has a significantly higher average cost per victim than other types of identity theft. CERTIFICATE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM – Before logging out of the training, print the Training Certificate and the Security and Confidentiality Acknowledgement form. The average victim deals with more than $20,000 in costs associated with the crime and may have to pay out- of-pocket costs to have their health insurance restored.

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