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I know that the gun issue is passionate, but invoking the Nazis is no way to stimulate debate.
The latest episode occurred yesterday when The Drudge Report - the toxic online bulletin board of the Republican right - told its audience that Obama might decide to do something about guns via an executive order (at least according to Joe Biden). The gun debate, in the aftermath of Newtown, is sufficiently sensitive without that kind of garbage in the mix.
Hitler decreed that citizens turn in their guns, "surrender them to the local police authority." There isn't the remotest chance in heck that Obama (with or without Congress) will confiscate anybody's weapons. To fully appreciate the foolishness of the Hitler trope, think back to the 1950s, when we embarked on the construction of our interstate highway system.
Speaking of guns, here's the latest news about our vigilant Second Amendment Well-Regulated Militia.

Some features of this website (and others) may not work correctly with Internet Explorer 8 and below. To illustrate the story, Drudge dutifully posted a photo of Hitler wearing his trademark twisted spider.
Hitler popped up again earlier this year when "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher - one of John McCain's laughable legacies - ran for Congress (unsuccessfully) with the help of a campaign ad which warned that gun control could be the first step toward a neo-Nazi Holocaust, just like when Hitler disarmed and killed the Jews.
Yes, Hitler cracked down on gun ownership -  he merely expanded the tough gun restriction laws that had been enacted by the democratic Weimar government - as part of his master plan for fascist dominance at home and abroad. Rest assured - and sane people know this already - that the likelist post-Newtown reforms will be modest to the point of timidity. Imagine if a loose affiliation of paranoids had said, "Hitler built the autobahn, the German highway system, which later allowed him to speedily transport his troops during World War II. But let's leave Hitler in his bunker, rather than invoke him yet again and dishonor ourselves. It cheapens our discourse, and dishonors the tens of millions who were beaten, tortured, bombed, and reduced to ash. Stalin got second billing, because it's the Obama-as-Hitler analogy that plays best with the paranoids. A Fox News personality, Judge Andrew Napolitano, has made similar arguments - as has radio host-hysteric Alex Jones, who, just the other night, harangued CNN host Piers Morgan, pointing out how Hitler used gun control as an instrument of Nazi oppression.

But only the truly unhinged can possibly believe that Obama is plotting to restrict guns as the first step toward totalitarianism. Federal agents aren't going to morph into the Gestapo and storm into suburban McMansions in search of legally owned Bushmasters.
National InterestCruz control and the rising odds of Republican chaos National InterestBernie Sanders' desperately oily smear National Interest What hypocrisy! I receive viral emails alleging such things, and they prompt me to question people's sanity.
The Drudge Report and Alex Jones, among others, insult the memory of Holocaust victims when they draw fatuous parallels between the two eras. Theerfore, if Ike OKs those interstates, he'd be doing what Hitler did." You see the problem.

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