Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new zombie posts by email. Since 2006, artist Rob Sacchetto has created THOUSANDS of custom illustrated zombie portraits. Chicago, IL—I remember a strange case in 1976 where witnesses claim they saw a lone Chicago cop get out of his marked squad and engage an armed suspect in a gun fight.
The department pulled out all the stops to find the officer who violated department policy by his flight.
One significant benefit of the officer’s flight was avoiding the old, Office of Professional Standards and a lots of paper related misery.
A real factor in determining whether to prosecute cops for murder and manslaughter surrounds eye witness statements. With the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals trashing the administrative rights concept protecting officers in the case of Officer William Cozzi, there is are no good reasons for cops to stick around after shooting dangerous suspects ever!
If officers can’t flee they need to refuse any statements without having a defense lawyer present.
Chicago, IL—In the case against Chicago police officer William Cozzi, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals today has nullified longstanding agreements that protect officers from statements made in administrative proceedings. Every American other than police officers has an absolute right to remain silent when under investigation.
The police agencies have determined a way to obtain their officer’s cooperation during internal investigations through immunization agreements that preclude those statements from being used in court against the officers. Because of the Cozzi opinion any officers who cooperates with the department during an internal investigation are fools that can expect to see whatever they say used against them anyway. Any officer that has to for example, use any force whatsoever is crazy to make a written report or submit to an interview.
This really means that if cops simply don’t make arrests, they will never need to use or explain why they used force to make an arrest. Chicago, IL—In Chicago the ghetto rats know the cops are too ineffective to even begin to controlling them. Chicago, IL—In the otherwise boring but high profile trial of former Governor Rod Blagojevich great pains were made by prosecutors and Judge James Zagel to protect every member of the Obama Mafia from exposure or attention. Frustrated by the constant over-protection of the Obama Crime Organization and convicted criminals associated with those Whitehouse occupants, Adam found a great solution. Adam wanted to jury to know that he was not permitted to bring in or examine the Whitehouse Mafia members.

The jury here has not been in a vacuum and contrary to instructions can’t really avoid media reports especially when they involve material they were not supposed to hear. Soon the Communists and Socialists within our own government began obstructing and aiding our enemies. Millions of non-Communists were murdered in the holocaust that we allowed to take place after.
The real benefit was the officer made no statement whatsoever which is his right as an American citizen.
The problem is that often eye witnesses to police shooting are the offender or his friends, family or accomplices. They are so pre-programmed to cooperate they never stop to read the Miranda warning they all carry. The direct deposit of funds into bank accounts allows those on the dole to live anywhere in the world as they collect from as many as 50 states. Police agencies have the difficult job of sorting out events to determine if their officers are acting within the law and established department policies.
Adam is no fool he ran with that football for a major touchdown by suggesting he’d go to jail if necessary to inform the jury.
The jury did hear that the Obama mafia has escaped any and all scrutiny and the jury has been denied hearing all the evidence. The vast majority of people on jury duty are bored, and for excitement they violate absolutely every court order on avoiding published or broadcast materials regarding the cases they are deciding.
If we are to fight a war we must do what it takes to win it and our government does not want to happen.
I’m working on another zombie art tutorial which, this time, will show the differing ways the same illustration can be interpreted by using different tools and art techniques.
It was a justifiable shooting and the officer leaving and avoiding any and all investigation was no crime. The law-abiding people in the community are not allowed to help beyond snitching and they have no reasonable means for self-defense when the thugs retaliate.
Judge Zagel put his massive foot right on Adam’s throat threatening him in the process. The very first thing a surprising number of people do on jury duty is a Google search on the names of the key players. I’ll be taking a rough sketch and showing you how, by using these different methods to illustrate it, you may find a style that you would like to try and use for your own art.

To take control of Chicago’s streets police need a cooperative effort between armed, law-abiding citizens and police.
Like clockwork this woman went to the mailbox when the entitlement checks rolled in collecting them.
The First Amendment allows anyone to publish anything they wish before cases are to be tried or court orders are issued.
I learned later she created sham residences in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana and pulled the same stunt in those states. A pre-litigation documentary film setting out the facts away from the constraints of the courtroom is an incredible public relations tool to help any litigant or criminal defendant. Thanks for stopping by, ‘hope that you liked today’s post, see you all next time! She complained that her trips to get the checks and cashing them locally were exhausting and interfered with her winter travel to the Bahamas.
The woman spent a lot of time gathering and cashing checks she’d never have to deal with today. If blood is to be spilled, let it start here since the survival of liberty and free enterprise requires that. They are lawful and will create the needed partnership to control violence and keep the peace. You cannot expect disarmed and helpless people to risk their lives helping police or even informing on the dangerous thugs that rule the ghettos. Effective narration could inform the viewers in a credible way what the real causes of the event were and or any theories.
Documents, photographs, video effortlessly and lawfully can be published to jurors that judges will never allow during a trial. With the new 15 minute length YouTube just offered their users is just perfect for pre-litigation documentaries designed to expose the truth. I’ve been blessed with many years as an investigative TV news producer to make the perfect documentary for most litigants.

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