Dark Country, and check out Dark Country on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Dark Country is a 2009 psychological crime thriller directed by and starring Thomas Jane in his directorial debut.
Newly weds Dick (Thomas Jane) and Gina (Lauren German) decide to head across the Nevada desert for their honeymoon, driving at night to beat the heat.
Driving with the lights off, he loses them, but a short while later he finds a swarm of insects, losing control and rolling the car.
I called Mel Gibson and he talked to me on the phone for an hour, and said that when he was getting ready to direct and star in his first film, he was nervous and he called Clint Eastwood.
The idea for making Dark Country came after Jane had read the short story by the film's writer Tab Murphy.[3] After working for a year on the story, Jane and Murphy brought it to Lionsgate, who purchased the script.
Before filming began, Jane, together with his storyboard artist, story boarded every shot, approaching the film like they were doing a live-action graphic novel. For the filming of scenes in 3D, Jane wished for the effect to vary in intensity and be impactful. Dark Country was released on DVD on October 6, 2009 in North America by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Stage 6 Films.
Upon its release Dark Country received mixed reviews, though many reviewers praised Jane's acting and directing style.
Conversely David Nusair of Reel Film Reviews gave the film 1 out of 4 stars, stating that "It's clear right from the opening frames that Jane is going for a hyper-stylized throwback to the film noir thrillers of the 1950s, yet, despite his best efforts, the first-time filmmaker is simply unable to transform the two protagonists into figures worthy of the viewer's interest and sympathy. A Haunting in Salem, and check out A Haunting in Salem on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. KTLA reviewer spoke toward the film's DVD release, writing that the film was a "mixed bag", in that "Nothing is particularly good (there is certainly nothing that would be considered great) and much is quite bad." The reviewer took issue with the acting, offering that even the simplest lines felt hammed up, with the cast giving performances at a level with community theater. Rock102online gave a positive review saying, "A Haunting In Salem bills itself as a spine-tingling, haunted chiller in the tradition of The Amityville Horror and The Shining and, much like those classics, it succeeded in delivering numerous jumps and scares that kept me thinking about them long after the final credits rolled. Horrortalk also gave a positive review saying, "A Haunting in Salem is nowhere near the bottom of their catalog of The Asylum's offerings" and praise the direction of Shane Van Dyke to give the film short time to hit its stride as a quality genre piece. Burger Beard is a pirate who is in search of the final page of a magical book that makes any evil plan he writes in it come true, which happens to be the Krabby Patty secret formula. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn is a 1983 cult science fiction film starring Jeffrey Byron, Michael Preston, Tim Thomerson, Kelly Preston and Richard Moll. The movie portrays the story of a space ranger named Dogen (played by Jeffrey Byron), who is in search of an intergalactic criminal with supernatural powers named Jared-Syn (played by Michael Preston).
The movie opens with Dogen attacked by a "skybike" (a one-man, open-cockpit flying machine), piloted by a nomad.
Dhyana takes Dogen to Zax (Marty Zagon) who tests the crystal and identifies it as a lifeforce storage device.
On the way Dogen and Dhyana are blocked by an attacking group of vehicles driven by nomads commanded by Baal, who sprays Dogen with the green liquid, paralyzing him.
Syn announces that the warrior is here to stop the people from achieving their goals, but Dogen states that he has only come for Syn.
We're sorry, but there's no news about "Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn" right now.
Before they head off, a stranger warns Dick to be careful, as couples have been known to get lost, and to stick to the Interstate.
He asks Gina for a cigarette, advises her to leave her husband and becomes increasingly erratic, finally attempting to strangle Dick and almost causing the car to crash.
In the back of the police car, he rides with the deputy to a crime scene, where police are excavating murder victims from a mass grave surrounded by abandoned vehicles.

Clint Eastwood talked to Mel for a long time and told Mel that he was really nervous and he called Don Siegel, who had directed Clint in a bunch of movies, and Don told Clint, 'Dona€™t sell yourself short. David Ray Carter of Pop Matters said of the film, "Dark Country throws its whole body into its final sucker punch only to miss by a mile. It seems that in the town of Salem therea€™s a special house for the sheriff to live in for free. He also found flaw with Shane Van Dyke's directing, in that while his use of "shock tactics and very predictable setups for the scares can be forgiven", the director never connected with his audience.
It was directed and produced by Charles Band who is possibly better known for his other, rather low-budget science fiction and horror films such as the Puppet Master and Trancers series. Dhyana tells them about the ancient Cyclopians who once used such devices and says the only power against it is a magic mask located in their lost city. Dhyana drives them off, and cares for Dogen, who in the dream world finds Syn and Baal looming over him. Syn orders Hurok to kill Dogen but Hurok refuses and demands that Dogen be allowed to speak.
Shortly afterward, the couple realize they are heading the wrong way and turn off the highway onto another road.
Gina stops the car and the two men tumble out, continuing to fight until Dick beats the stranger to death with a rock.
Some time later, Dick wakes to find himself in the back of his own car, listening to himself and Gina argue, and realizes that he was the mysterious stranger that he fought with and murdered earlier in the evening, screaming at this.
Spend as much time on yourselfa€”your own shotsa€”as you do on every other actor, on every other aspect of production. Shannon Benna was stereographer and is credited as "Hollywoods'd First Female Feature Stereographer" for her work on this film.
The reviewer did have positive response for actress Jenna Stone, and that the "cheesy" and "carnival spook house" type monsters did not have much actual screen time or were seen from a distance.
Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, and Plankton need to go on a quest that takes them to the surface. The story is a space-age western which combines themes of esoteric sorcery and high technology. The planet's human population lives in scattered mining towns, gathering valuable crystals which seem to be the basis for their technology and economy. Zax affirms this and directs Dogen to find a prospector named Rhodes in the nearby mining town of Zhor. Dogen locates a large statue with a single eye and finds the crystal mask the legend foretold. Dogen looks over the mask, then places it over his face and finds himself in the dream world with a burning tree. Dick turns off the car headlights to drive by starlight and Gina masturbates herself to orgasm as they head across the desert. Dick convinces his wife they need to dispose of the body, and together they bury it in a shallow grave. The story isna€™t groundbreaking and again Ia€™ll mention The Twilight Zone, but the acting is top notch from Jane, the style of the film is very much grounded in the comic world, and several scenes are over the top awesome.
Even with a brief 88 minute running time, Dark Country feels like it's taking excessively long to get to its climax and by the end, what should be an ironic wallop is more of a shoulder shrug." While ultimately praising the performances of Jane and German, he concluded that "Dark Country is a noble effort that takes too many wrong turns and ends up getting lost. In order to get back the recipe and save their city, the gang must retrieve the book and transform themselves into superheroes.
Syn has posed as the leader of a strange group of nomadic humanoids called the "One Eyes" a€“ so named because they symbolically gouge out one of their eyes a€“ who are descendants of a vanished culture called the Cyclopians.

Dogen next finds a murdered prospector, whose young daughter Dhyana (Kelly Preston) saw him killed by Baal (R. Dogen awakes, but Dhyana is suddenly teleported away and a summoned monster appears in her place and fires electric bolts at him. Suddenly attacked by snake-like creatures, they escape, until they are accosted by a group of nomad warriors.
Syn tells her the crystal gets its power from the souls he captures, including that of her father.
Dogen and Dhyana leave the camp, walking down a road on foot, but soon encounter Rhodes in Dogen's truck. Eventually Dick turns the lights back on, immediately swerving to avoid a figure in the middle of the road.
As he watches on from the back of the police car, a deputy exhumes Gina's body and finds Dick's watch. Their leader Hurok (Richard Moll) grabs the mask from Dogen and accuses them of trespassing on their sacred land a€“ a crime punishable by death. Dick kicks his way out of the patrol car and escapes in one of the nearby vehicles, leading the squad of police in a chase across the desert. Syn has instigated this crusade, but Dogen knows that Syn's plan is really to enslave them all and seeks to stop him at all cost. Baal sprayed the man with a green liquid that caused a nightmare dream-state, in which Syn appeared and executed him with a crystal. Rhodes cites nomad law stating that a warrior can fight for his freedom, so Dogen is put into a dueling pit with Hurok. Unable to get a phone signal, they decide to drive him to a hospital themselves, only for the road to come to a sudden end a few miles ahead. They tidy themselves up and argue until Dick discovers he lost his watch while they were burying the stranger.
Syn equips his nomads with strange red crystals that drain the life out of touched victims.
Suddenly, they are attacked by Baal, who rushes up extending his robotic arm to spray Dogen, but Rhodes pushes him out of the way and is knocked out, and Dogen, struggling with Baal, rips the robotic limb from his shoulder. Refusing to go back, Gina waits at the rest stop with the gun while Dick returns to find his watch.
Dogen searches Lemuria's wastelands for Syn's camp, traveling in an armored vehicle which looks like a road-warrioresque SUV. Dogen follows the trail of green fluid leaking from Baal's severed limb, tracking it into Syn's camp. Gunshots ring out across the desert and Dick races back to the rest stop to find Gina is missing. Nearby, he stumbles onto a woman's grave and realizes that the other cars are rusted and covered with dust. He jumps onto another skybike and chases Syn over the mountains and into the desert, but Syn casts another spell, opening an energy portal, and he escapes.

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