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He also throws in a few well-orchestrated and exciting action scenes that should more than satisfy fans of the genre.
While it’s certain possible- maybe even probable- that Eastwood has a political agenda, I think it’s unfair to define the film simply by those terms.
Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) stars as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle who’s considered the most lethal sniper in US military history with 160 confirmed kills.

After seeing footage on TV of the evil perpetrated by the Iraqis, he signs up for the SEALs and is soon deployed to Iraq as a sniper for the first of his four tours of duty. Much like Eastwood’s anti-hero in Unforgiven, Kyle grapples with morals as he tries to justify killing the perceived enemies of his country.
Granted, one-man army Rambo racks up that many kills in a single movie, but Kyle is a real-life person and the 160 kills are spread out over several years. Taut with suspense and filled with vivid imagery, American Sniper ranks among Eastwood’s best work- e.g.
Sadly, his first two kills are a child and his mother trying to throw a grenade at American soldiers.
Kyle doesn’t want to kill a child, but it’s his sworn duty to protect his brothers-in-arms.
For much of the film, he’s part of a team hunting down militant Islamist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his second-in-command “The Butcher”.

At home, he has problems adjusting to civilian life due in large part to the guilt he feels over the lives he was unable to save. He remains distant and aloof from his concerned wife Taya (Miller, Foxcatcher) and their two children. Cooper does an incredible job portraying Kyle, a more complex character than the one-note action heroes that routinely defeat legions of foreign enemies with videogame efficiency.
Some have pointed out that Kyle’s racist tendencies have been omitted in order to make him appear more heroic. It would have added an extra dimension to the character, but would also make him a less sympathetic a figure.

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