Welcome to the latest issue of the NCMF Web Link, an E-newsletter connecting you to news and items of interest on the NCMF Web site. The AFIO Fall Luncheon will be held at The Crowne Plaza, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22102. American Blackout is a fictional account of a 10-day blackout following a cyber attack and is now showing on the National Geographic Channel. American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. Experience an American Blackout in this immersive interactive site that leads you through a catastrophic blackout over ten days. See the trailer for American Blackout, the story of a national power outage, told by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. A catastrophic, prolonged failure of the electrical grid—the sort of event whose effects are  depicted in National Geographic Channel’s upcoming American Blackout, which premieres Sunday—may seem like just apocalyptic science fiction to some viewers.  Unfortunately, though, the possibility of such a breakdown is all too real.
The scenario envisioned by GridEx II is a particularly scary one, in which terrorists or an enemy country stages a combination of cyber attacks and physical attacks that destroy or render inoperable crucial power facilities and take down large sections of the grid. If hackers managed to penetrate utility companies’ electronic defenses, they might be able to give instructions to key pieces of equipment that would cause them to fail. No wonder that former federal counterterrorism advisor Richard Clarke has warned that such an “electronic Pearl Harbor” could cause devastating damage and thousands of deaths across the nation.
Grid failure:   There’s also the possibility that the grid simply could break down on its own.
As you can see by this movie, mankind spends millions of man hours for upkeep and removal in, on, and around our man-made structures, clearly Mother Nature shows us in many ways she will bend to co-exist with us. This plan as you will see will show I believe four different solutions to our current problems in our current civilization. The one man most seen in this discussion is Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy. Iran’s state-run media said on Tuesday that its navy has sent warships to the Atlantic Ocean — a historic first for the Islamic Republic. The navy sent in the Sabalan destroyer and the Khark logistic helicopter carrier, The Associated Press reported.
The Iranian media outlet reported that aboard the ships were 30 or navy academy cadets who were taking part in training exercises, as part of the overall military mission, AP said. Sailing warships to the Atlantic is a first, and it comes less than two years after Iran vowed to do just that.
Seventy-five years ago this week, the media perpetrated a massive hoax on an unsuspecting American audience. A jaded television population may be inclined to disbelieve a seemingly equally unimaginable horror story broadcast on October 27, 2013 by National Geographic.
The film uses simulated cellphone footage to recount how ordinary folks try to cope with the loss of access to food, potable water, medicine, transportation, their bank accounts and telecommunications.
But is an enduring loss of the power essential to operate our critical infrastructure science fiction? Worse yet, it is a certitude that, at some point in the not too distant future, intense solar flaring will cause geomagnetic disturbances that can cause some of the same deadly disruptions to our grid, and the critical infrastructure the relies upon it, as man-caused EMP.
The good news is that, unlike a surprise attack by Martians, there are steps we can take to prevent or greatly reduce the horrifying consequences of long-duration blackouts due to electromagnetic pulse, cyber attacks and terrorism. If we work now to protect our electrical infrastructure against direct physical attack, electromagnetic pulses and cyberwarfare, we can build in the resiliency that is required in a world in which enemies of this country might be tempted to take advantage of the grid’s weaknesses. Whatever the cost, it is trivial compared to the toll that we will have to pay in lives and treasure if we fail to take corrective action before the grid goes – and stays – down.
This site is meant as a resource for education, based upon the values and principles set forth by our founding fathers.

We are a network of patriotic Americans from all walks of life including former members of the military, former federal, state, and local employees of government, analysts, writers, world leaders, and our group extends across the globe. General Vallely is a graduate of the Infantry School, Ranger and Airborne Schools, Jumpmaster School, the Command and General Staff School, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the Army War College. Many thanks to those of you who came out to enjoy the many thought-provoking presentations, as well as those individuals who helped to make them happen!
In a 2006 study, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory demonstrated that an attacker could instruct an electrical generator’s turbine to spin wildly out of control until smoke began pouring out, as this video illustrates.
A 2012 National Academy of Sciences report concurred, envisioning that attackers using a combination of hacking and physical sabotage could cripple the U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said the Energy Department had recently created a new internal cyber council, spanning four offices.
As a result, a powerful electrical current would radiate down to the Earth and create additional currents that would course through manmade electrical circuits as well. A solar storm, which would spew a surge of radiation across the 93million-mile distance between the Sun and our Earth, causing an electromagnetic pulse similar to the one that a high-altitude nuclear blast would trigger–except that it might be even bigger, and have even more devastating effects. I’ve been off the grid for quite some time so I barely understand computers, programs, video game systems, heck I barely understand my phone.
Clearly archeology shows us that civilizations have formed during 5000 yr processes over hundreds of thousands years.
From structures such as the golden gate bridge, the Eiffel Tower, The Hoover Dam, heck even probably every bridge, fence, monument, pretty much any hi-rise building, you name it, Placing externally simply chicken wire and if wished solar paneling and any type of plant from berries, honey suckles, herbs, roses, ivies even stalky, bushy plants, also like berries, nuts, olives, hemp, even vegetables, like beans tomatoes, cucumbers and of course grapes. They told us two years ago they were going to put a task force into the Atlantic, it took a lot longer than they planned, and sure enough, as the story below indicates, they now are heading toward American shores. Below this short report on Iran is his discussion over the recent National Geographic show “American Blackout.” The question again is, why now is the discussion becoming more frequent? The specifics of the military mission and the ports of call — if there were any – were not mentioned in the report. As part of that effort, the nation’s deployed several warships off the coast of Africa in recent months to fight pirates near the Gulf of Aden and to protect ships sailing on commercial reasons. In 2012, the nation vowed it would have warships placed in international waters near the coast of the United States within a few years. A Halloween radio broadcast of Orson Welles’ rendering of the sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds sent the public into a frenzy over seemingly authentic news reports that martians were attacking New Jersey. A docu-drama entitled “American Blackout,” portrays what would happen if the power went out – and stayed out for 10 days – due to a cyber attack on the nation’s electric grid. The nightmare of an America without electricity is at least as frightening as one caused by aliens. William Graham, if the power goes out and stays out for as long as a year – something that is a distinct possibility should a far-reaching EMP event occur – nine out of ten Americans will be dead. For example, hardening the nation’s roughly 2,000 high-power transformers against EMP events is estimated to cost roughly $2 billion.
That is the message of an important new video produced in the wake of National Geographic’s “American Blackout” and in lieu of an exercise known as GridEx II, to be sponsored next month by the electric industry – a drill that is supposed to simulate a widespread disruption of our electric power distribution system, but may fail to do so in a realistic manner. Vallely, (MG US Army Ret), as a multi-media organization that involves publishing, radio, television, speaking engagements, web site, writing articles for publication as well as books. His combat service in Vietnam included positions as infantry company commander, intelligence officer, operations officer, military advisor and aide-de-camp. Donald Goldstein, author and co-author of more than 21 best-sellers, to include At Dawn We Slept: The untold story of Pearl Harbor, which he co-authored with Gordon W. Electrical infrastructure and electronic devices would receive severe shocks, causing severe, widespread damage.

While we’ve known the destructive effects of solar weather on Earth’s electrical infrastructure since the 19th century, the first really clear-cut warning came in 1989, when a moderate-intensity solar storm caused northeastern Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid to fail, leaving millions of people without electricity for nine hours. Heck, with this movie could theorize man-kind could have inhabited and been wiped out and reborn again over 100 times in our planets lifetime without even knowing it, but I have also theorized with this same movie the civilizations that lasted the longest co-existed with nature not to remove it. Second, the employment of farmers and other specialists in altering plant growth so that everything grows up the vines consistently. It could also be seriously damaged, and key components destroyed outright, by everything from terrorism to localized or widespread electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects. Recent experiments suggest that new technology may make it possible to do so for a fraction of that amount.
He retired in 1991 from the US Army as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii.
He has over fifteen (15) years experience in Special Operations, Psychological and Civil-Military Operations. A 2004 Congressional commission warned that such an attack could cause “unprecedented cascading failures.”  But even a localized EMP attack could cause a lot of damage. Yousef Butt, a scientist at Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University, argued in a 2010 article in the online journal Space Review that the likelihood of a devastating EMP from a solar storm is greater than that from an intentional EMP attack. Upon watching above said movie, Life After People, I have hypothesized a solution to the problems we are all doing completely wrong. Third migratory birds increase per food source provided and providing more waste and fertilizer. General Vallely graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguishing career of 32 years in the Army. One company alone told congressional investigators that it was hit with an astonishing 10,000 attacks in a typical month. A 2008 Congressional Research Service report predicted that an attack on the Washington DC-Baltimore region that only damaged 10 percent of communications systems and the electrical grid and 20 percent of electronic devices would still require a month of recovery time and inflict as much as $34 billion in economic losses.
Fourth, finally over a period of time, less than a decade probably, more layering of chicken wire, the external structure will begins to reinforce and expand around the structures. Such pulses can be generated by short-range radio frequency weapons or over very long distances by a nuclear weapon detonated high above the earth. Goldstein's presentation will include insights into the Japanese outlook on the Pearl Harbor attack.
You’re in a situation where it’s more likely that the next failure is going to happen because the last failure already happened. You’ll see monuments, like the Washington Monument growing into a pyramid not unlike the Egyptians.
That’s the idea of cascading failure…Everything in the power system is protected so it doesn’t fry when something goes wrong. The top of the structure being what’s left of monument and the bottom where the vine growth is allowed to grow outward as well as upward, 10, 20, 30 years into the future will become a leafy, mound of earth. The same could be said true about oil rigs, railroad tracks, I believe even hi-rise buildings could all be altered and modified by using our earth to co-exist with our earth to remain on our earth, and to save our earth.

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