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Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Low prices on the Ruger American Ranch Rifle in .300BLK start at Champion Firearms- "The Road Not Taken" is a narrative poem by Robert Frost that symbolizes life's complex and difficult choices, and the Ruger American is a perfect example of this principle in action. It enables the user to blackout the unit(s) they are running with the push of a button, and bring them on with the touch of the same button again. With so many hunting rifles on the market today, a quick glance at the American's price tag will undoubtedly leave some skeptical about its true capabilities and overall quality. While not all of our inventory is listed, the items contained on our website represent some of the most popular products we carry.Our staff has worked hard and done their best to ensure the accuracy of every listing.
Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. In the event an error has been made, Champion Firearms asks your understanding while we make it right.From all of us here at Champion Firearms, thanks for visiting our store.
With the flood of cheap (and I don't mean affordable) bolt action hunting rifles that have hit the market in recent years, it's no wonder buyers have grown weary of bargain basement guns that sometimes only shoot "minute-of-pie-plate" size groups at 100- yards. To the company's credit, Ruger chose another path and in this instance, the road not taken was the decision to avoid sacrificing quality for the sake of economy. See details Qty: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Calculate Shipping This Merchant does not ship to the location you've requested.
Instead, they set out to build a very nice rifle that just happened to be inexpensive-- which is the very reason the series has been so successful. Sturm, Ruger and Company was founded in 1949 by business partners Alexander ("Alex") McCormick Sturm and William ("Bill") Batterman Ruger.

It would serve as the basis for launching the company when Ruger ingeniously combined the looks of a German 9mm Luger with rimfire engineering from the Colt Woodsman and the operating mechanism of the Nambu.
Bill Ruger and Alex Sturm rented a small machine shop in Southport, Connecticut and immediately introduced the world to the greatest rimfire pistol in history-- the legendary MK-I, which still continues to this day in its third generation.
Alex Sturm was married to the granddaughter of President Teddy Roosevelt, was a Yale graduate, a talented artist and business entrepreneur that supplied the capital investment to start the fledgling company. In addition, he personally designed the famous Germanic heraldic red eagle that still serves as Ruger's company logo. Bill Ruger supplied the business acumen plus technical-know-how as a skilled gunsmith and celebrated inventor. Tragically in 1951, Alex Sturm fell seriously ill and died at the age of 28 just as the company was beginning to gain traction.
After Sturm's passing, Bill Ruger mourned the loss of his old friend and business partner by permanently changing the company's distinctive red eagle logo to solid black (or white, shrouded in black), where it remains to this day in remembrance.
All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Bill Ruger would go on to lead the company to world prominence, becoming the largest manufacturer of firearms in the United States. A pioneering legend in American industry until his death in 2002, Ruger had a hand in the design and styling of every single gun the company produced while under his direction. To date, Sturm Ruger has manufactured more than 30-million firearms, while also becoming a leading supplier of precision investment castings in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive and even golf clubs.Unlike many "price point" models, the Ruger American is a handsome rifle with sleek lines, a well designed stock, an excellent trigger and a very accurate barrel whose combined synergy have resulted in a high performance package. Close Close United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom Spain Australia Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore Visit our global site Close Get $5 FREE Cashback* with your first order! The 4140 chrome-moly receiver starts out as a 6- pound block of bar stock steel that is then milled to precise tolerances.

A triple lugged bolt offers strong, tight lock-up, while dual cocking cams allow the shooter to more easily cycle the bolt while shouldered. Ejection is by way of a standard push feed plunger, where extraction takes place via a conventional sliding blade design. The action is then mated to stainless steel V-blocks molded into the stock, and a set of Allen head screws secure everything in place.
Exacting tolerances guarantee the Ruger American action will index and seat consistently each time the screws are securely torqued down.Barely noticeable is a nut which attaches receiver to barrel. During assembly, a collet grabs the barrel nut and applies the proper amount of torque without marring parts. This is a great way to set minimum headspace quickly and efficiently, while also increasing accuracy.
All metal parts are then finished in a corrosion resistant black oxide that is expertly applied. There is a two-position, top tang safety located just behind the bolt shroud, which is easily accessible under all shooting conditions. The safety does not actually lock the action closed, so to unload the chamber, you can still cycle the bolt while the gun remains on "Safe".

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