Allow me to demystify something for you–if you have any kind of blog or social presence dedicated to prepping, you get invites to prepper tv show casting calls. But this time, they told me that they wanted to use a clip from a video I had already made. But as the day wore on, I thought about it a couple more times and realized that it would actually be a pretty incredible opportunity, and I would only have to come back from the hunting trip a night early (Sunday night vs. The trip was EPIC (yes it’s an overused word, but the shoe seriously fits this time).
American Blackout does a really good job of showing just how chaotic a large scale power outage could be in the United States. It does this by weaving together the stories of 5 different families that are hit by the power outage.
Get 1 Idea A Day.THE DAILY PREP sends 1 brief idea to help you be more self sufficient, 5 days a week. Our logistics team will e-mail or call you with a tracking number along with the customer service number of the carrier within 48 hours. Hi everyone, New member here, found this forum searching the net for RARR aftermarket bolt handles.

So you can imagine that when I was contacted by a production company last spring about the movie American Blackout, I didn’t think anything of it. Since last spring, my long time friend and I had had a deer hunt planned, which I wouldn’t be back from until late Monday night. In the first day of the disaster, he loads up his family and bugs out to their cabin in the hills (wearing camo the whole time of course). An order confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours giving an update on the status of your order.
I purchased my RARR last week and put a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on it and can't wait to get it out to the range. There he has an underground bunker, surveillance cameras, and keeps a nightly guard roving the property 24 hours a day. Qualityflooring4less is an actual brick and mortar flooring retailer so you receive the best warranty with your purchase. Anyone tried a red dot on it yet?Im going to be using it with 220gr subs at >50yds for wild pigs and also want to try 130gr supers out to 100yds but need to figure out hold over and decide the best optic options. Ohhhh I wish it was a fixed 6x SWFA.I keep fighting the urge to get one of their 3x15 scopes .

I may also replace that ridiculous looking piece of styrofoam in the stock with something better looking and more substantial - I know it's inconsequential to the weight and performance but now that I know it's in there and what it looks like it's going to bother me.
I made sure the texture I added doesn't snag fabrics but is enough to keep it steady on the shoulder so it won't slip.
I know I dont need that much magnification for the 300 blackout but I think more magnification would'nt be a bad thing for my tired old eyes . It's not quite as clean looking as I had hoped it would turn out, but my tools were limited to a Dremel with sanding drums and a soldering iron, so I did the best I could with what I had. I know I dont need that much magnification for the 300 blackout but I think more magnification would'nt be a bad thing for my tired old eyes .Too much can make you shoot terribly.
I think 3-15 is a great range, but I'd bet you'd never benefit from over 10x with 300 BLK.probably not . I get by with my 2.5 x 8 mk4 pretty well , But life would be boring if we just stayed in the same rut all the time .

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