First responders, journalists, shop owners, those inside the pressure-packed control center of Con Edison on West End Avenue, and other New Yorkers tell about what happened when the lights went out on July 13, 1977.
Postwar New York City and the global economic order told through the story of the World Trade Center. From Joseph Smith's discovery of gold tablets to persecution, migration, and settlement in Utah, the film explores the history of the most American of religions.
Between 1854 and 1929 more than 100,000 abused or orphaned children were sent by train to the Midwest to begin new lives in foster families. The evolution of rhythm and blues through the careers of singers Ruth Brown and Charles Brown, with contemporary performances by both. John Scopes' free speech trial pitted science against religion after the teacher presented Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in a Tennessee school.

The 1968 Democratic National Convention saw a clash of political visions on the convention floor and violence outside on the streets of Chicago. American-based watchmaker Luminox spawned during the late ’80s following a need for an affordable self-illuminating watch system and has since become a favorite among the military elite as well as the common urbanite. The legendary Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi heads into summer 2012 with another limited edition color offering exclusive to Japan. In the days after the blackout, the chances of Radio Clinic’s survival looked pretty grim.
Now 20 years wiser, the timepiece manufacturer presents its latest militaristic offering: the Navy SEAL Blackout 3001 Watch. In the wake of a large-scale disaster the precipitous event might be over; the fires put out and the hurricane waters receded.

Traveling back in time to offer consumers the Original Navy SEAL 3000 series that was first introduced in 1994, this bold blackout edition features a sophisticated quartz movement, a 200m water resistant 43mm casing, a self-powered illumination system that will last up to 25 years, and a PU rubber strap.
But for the small business owners whose stores were destroyed, the fight to survive was just beginning. Available at select Luminox stockists, the Navy SEAL Blackout 3001 Watch is retailing for the reasonable price of $335 USD.

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