Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco (L) and Lana Gomez attend 2014 American Comedy Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on April 26, 2014 in New York City. Fred Willard — one of this generation’s most gifted comic actors and a favorite of Johnny Carson while serving as host of “The Tonight Show” — will be the recipient of the Johnny Carson Comedy Legend award at this summer’s Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk, Neb. Willard will be on hand in Norfolk to receive the award during the Saturday, June 18, festival gala at the Johnny Carson Theatre.
The festival began in 2008 as a way to pay tribute to the legacy of Johnny Carson, who grew up in Norfolk. Jeff Sotzing, who serves as president of Carson Entertainment and will be on hand for this year’s festival as part of a panel discussion on “The Tonight Show,” was pleased to learn of Willard’s selection.
A four-time Emmy nominee, Fred Willard is an alumnus of The Second City and a founding member of the classic improv group, the Ace Trucking Company. The 20 professional comedians who have accepted invitations to be part of this summer’s Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk are talented, diverse and, most of all, funny, said Brill, who serves as the festival’s artistic director. The “funny twenty” — as they collectively are known — will take to the stage of the Johnny Carson Theater on Thursday, June 16, and Friday, June 17, and perform six minute of material each in hopes of advancing to the gala finale of the festival on Saturday, June 18. A panel of professional judges will have the task of selecting four comedians each night to make up the group of eight performers on Saturday.Brill said it should come as no surprise that the talent level of the comedians at the festival continues to increase. While the festival’s headliners bring name recognition and star power to the annual comedy event, it’s the 20 comedians who are the heart and soul of the festival, Brill said. Comedian Rocky LaPorte will serve as the headliner for the Thursday and Friday performances. The 90-minute discussion will allow the three producers to share stories and anecdotes, show video clips, answer audience member questions and more. The Great American Comedy Festival debuted in Norfolk in 2008 as a way to pay tribute to Carson’s legacy. In continuing Carson’s tradition of giving up-and-coming stand-up comics a chance to shine, the festival also features 20 comedians on the cusp of stardom who audition for the chance to participate in the festival before Eddie Brill, the festival’s artistic director and former warm-up comic for David Letterman.
The festival also features a family magic show, reflecting Carson’s lifelong interest in magic. An all-star lineup of comedians will be coming to Norfolk in June to headline the 2016 Great American Comedy Festival. Tom Cotter will be returning to the comedy festival to headline the festival’s gala finale on Saturday, June 18. Tom Cotter, who has performed at the festival twice in the past, was the first comedian to ever reach the finals of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” finishing as runner-up. Rounding out the 2016 festival lineup is Tony V, who was among the top comedians at last year’s festival in Norfolk and is returning this year to serve as the host for the professional competition. Along with being a popular headliner at clubs and colleges across the nation.
In its ninth year, the festival – which has been voted in the past as Nebraska’s top tourism event – continues its mission of paying tribute to the legacy of Johnny Carson, who grew up in Norfolk. The festival will again feature a comedy-magic show on Wednesday, June 15, for persons of all ages; and comedy showcases on Thursday, June 16, and Friday, June 17, featuring performances by 20 up-and-coming comedians from across the nation.
The Saturday, June 18, finale also will feature the presentation of the annual Johnny Carson Comedy Legend award. “It’s going to be another funny, special year for the festival,” said Michael Brogan, festival chairman. Calling all young, aspiring magicians: A Nebraska-based comedy and magic festival has an opportunity that may be too magical to believe. Prior to the performance, the young magicians will be given the opportunity to perform their favorite trick for those attending the festival. The “Magic & More” performance set for Wednesday, June 15, kicks off the 2016 Great American Comedy Festival, and there’s plenty more to come.
The festival features 20 up-and-coming comedians from across the United States who will compete for the festival’s top prize. The festival will take place Wednesday, June 15, through Saturday, June 18, primarily at the Johnny Carson Theatre in Norfolk.
Richard Barrett, manager of the famed Comedy and Magic Club in Los Angeles, again selected the lineup of performers for this year’s show. “I’m really excited about the show this year,” he said. Scheduled to perform are Chipper Lowell, Les Arnold & Dazzle, and a return visit from Derek Hughes. Les Arnold & Dazzle are universally respected and admired in the magic community, Barrett said.
Chipper Lowell is a master of many skills – magic, juggling, comedy, illusions and circus tricks.

Continuing the festival’s tradition of engaging young people in the art of magic, the festival is inviting aspiring magicians ages 10-18 to audition for the chance to perform their best trick to those attending the “Magic & More” show and meet with the professional magicians.
The Great American Comedy Festival will present its ninth year in June, with performances from Wednesday, June 15, through Saturday, June 18.
The Great American Comedy Festival is happy to provide this Johnny Carson Curriculum for educators. All magic class materials will be provided for those registering to take home with them.  The registration cost is $25 and there is a limit of 20 participants in each class.
While those classes will feature actual magic, other parts of the festival will feature  events that will be magical, or special, in their own way.
Pollak will be on hand to receive the award during the Saturday, June 20, finale of this summer’s Great American Comedy Festival, presented by Nucor Steel. Pollak has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his range of both dramatic and comedic roles.
It was Pollak’s role in Rob Reiner’s “A Few Good Men” that proved his ability to stand out while sharing the big screen with dramatic heavyweights Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson.
In its own way, the festival seeks to do the same thing by auditioning and inviting 20 comedians to perform in Norfolk at the Johnny Carson Theatre, Brill said. This year, Brill said, was, once again, extremely challenging to narrow the list of invitees to 20.
Ten will take to the stage of the Johnny Carson Theatre on Thursday, June 18, and the other 10 on Friday, June 19. Comedian Louie Anderson will serve as the headliner for the Thursday and Friday performances. We discovered that the American Comedy Awards, which is an awards show presented annually recognizing performances and performers in the field of main stream comedy, with an emphasis on television comedy and comedy films, is going to be postponed this year with a possibility of returning in 2016! Last year the show was broadcast on NBC after the last edition was presented on Comedy Central. If you are unfamiliar with Schlatter, he Executive Produced and created and the American Comedy Awards which originally aired on ABC, then moved to Comedy Central for 13 years, which was finally broadcast last year on NBC. As of this writing, there was no date given for 2016 but we were assured that the show would come back. In His Own Words-Comedian Dave Lester Confronts Another Comedian Wearing A KKK Hood On Stage And Whips Him With A Belt!
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Wally’s Will Filmmaker Attending‘Wally’s Will’ is a dark comedy set in a fictional world where our protagonist is an old and very eccentric aristocratic woman. Tom Cotter will serve as the headliner that evening and host the finals of the festival’s stand-up competition. The festival annual presents the Johnny Carson Comedy Legend award, one of only two awards in existence that bear Carson’s name.
In his movie career, Willard’s work in “Waiting For Guffman” earned him an American Comedy Award nod for Funniest Supporting Actor. That’s because the festival was created to pay tribute to the legacy of Johnny Carson, and Carson liked nothing more than to give comedians on the cusp of stardom a chance to perform on “The Tonight Show.” In its own way, the festival seeks to do the same thing by auditioning and inviting comedians to perform in Norfolk, he said. Tony V — who was a finalist in last year’s professional stand-up competition in Norfolk — will be the host for both evenings.
To bring producers from three different eras of the show together on one stage promises to be a memorable event,” said Kent Warneke, founder and past chairman of the Great American Comedy Festival, an annual summer event since 2008 in Carson’s hometown.
In 2013, he wrote and directed a series of comedic shorts to raise money and awareness for the charity Water.Org. Sotzing now serves as president of Carson Entertainment and also sits as an adviser to the John W. He has written a book, called Behind the Curtain: An Insider’s View of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.
It has since become one of the nation’s leading comedy festival, attracting headlining performers like Brian Regan, Drew Carey, Robert Klein, Paula Poundstone and Louie Anderson.
Past recipients have included David Steinberg, Dick Cavett, Stephen Wright, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and Kevin Pollak.

He’ll be joined in Norfolk by Rocky LaPorte, who will headline the festival shows on Thursday, June 16, and Friday, June 17. In addition to being the host of “The Tonight Show” for 30 years, Carson got his start as a magician and continued his interest in magic throughout his life.
They’ll have the chance to meet the professional magicians and get some pointers from Hughes. Also on hand will be Richard Barrett, manager of the famed Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, Calif. The information can be mailed to Susan Warneke, Great American Comedy Festival, Box 2435, Norfolk, NE 68702. They’ll be provided tickets to the festival performance and be given the opportunity to meet with the professional magicians.
They’ll be joined by headliners Tom Cotter and Rocky LaPorte, whose stand-up comedy qualified them as finalists on “America’s Got Talent” and “Last Comic Standing,” respectively. Designed to have the feel of a Hollywood red­carpet event, all of the comedians and  talent participating in the festival, as well as local and area dignitaries, have been invited to  participate.
He’ll interrupt his work on a new movie to make the trip to Norfolk for the eighth annual festival that began in 2008 to pay tribute to Carson. In Norfolk for the 2015 Great American Comedy Festival presented by Nucor Steel. Fugelsang is one of the 20 stand-up comedians invited to take part in the eighth-annual festival set for Wednesday, June 17, through Saturday, June 20. He conducted auditions in cities across the nation and reviewed video clips submitted by hundreds more wanting to be part of the Norfolk event. The top four from each night — as selected by a panel of comedy professional judges — will advance to the finals of the festival’s stand-up competition on Saturday, June 14. Brian Kiley of Los Angeles — who won the professional stand-up competition at last year’s festival — will be the host for both evenings. We also feature articles on Hollywood actors who we see all the time but just don’t know their name yet.
Together with her loyal servant, Doofus, she will have to fight to uphold her crumbling old-money empire against friends, enemies and some unexpected conspiracies. For his performance in “Best in Show,” he won the Boston Film Critics Award, the American Comedy Award and a tribute from the American Film Institute. Stars featured in the shorts included Matt Damon, Jessica Biel, Sir Richard Branson, and Bono.
Prior to his work with Leno, Berg was a producer for “The O’Reilly Factor,” a writer for NBC News and the Los Angeles bureau chief for CNBC.
And Tony V – a finalist at last year’s festival – will return to host the Thursday and Friday performances.
I’ve really tried to book acts that are appropriate for kids but still appealing to adults. The act is fun, upbeat, playful and timeless,” he said. What appears to be the typical magician with an assistant are actually two superior entertainers equally skilled at delighting audiences, he said. Chipper’s energetic and engaging persona whips the crowd into a frenzy each time,” Barrett said. They’ll be dropped off by limousines and town cars in front of the theater where local  media personalities will be on hand to interview them, take photos and broadcast live. He hosts his own Internet talk show — called Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show — and does a comedy podcast called Talkin Walkin, which features him speaking only in the voice of actor Christopher Walken.
The Humor Mill Magazine features comedy, music and movie news, while we also discuss some important issues. Many of the comedians who performed at the festival are expected to attend, giving  Norfolk and area residents a chance to visit with them and relive that evening’s show.
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