The late singer’s soul-stirring life lessons, tragedies and triumphs over the course of her career and life’s journey are shown through director Mika Kaurismaki’s Mama Africa.
Variations of the festival will travel around the world – from Kansas to Cameroon – and spread the unique and varied experiences of the myriad of those with roots in the Diaspora.
Makeba remains an icon in her native South Africa and her entire home continent five years after her death.
Mama Africa displays Makeba’s loves, her life and her fight for the freedom of her people and a right to return home.
For more than half a century Makeba bravely shared her message of freedom, equality, justice and peace as her native South Africa practiced overt and brutal form of racial segregation that rivaled the slavery and Jim Crow segregation tactics of the United States. After being introduced to the world, she found herself without a homeland in 1959 as a result of her involvement in the documentary indictment of the apartheid system in South Africa.

She found herself in the sights of the FBI following her marriage to Black Panther leader and black activist Stokely Carmichael in 1968. Mama Africa is a beautifully woven collection of archives and post scripts that showcases her unyielding passion for music, freedom and equality – both in her native South Africa and around the world – and illustrates her continuing legacy.
Audiences will be introduced to her unique artistic style and how she used her gift for music as a catalyst to do her part to change the world.
The 6th Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival will take place on Friday, March 1 – Sun. The documentary will serve as a focal point for the 6th Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival next weekend at the Missouri History Museum. Sadly, her outspoken views and battle against apartheid had to be fought from beyond the border because of her 30-year banishment.

The film creates a colorful and insightful portrait of a woman brave enough to sacrifice popularity and personal safety for the sake of lending her voice to a political movement.
And she went on to shine her own light on injustices against people of color – particular her own experiences with Apartheid.
She decided to live and settle in Guinea, West Africa where she continued to fight the minority white apartheid regime in her native land. The Missouri History Museum will serve as host as they present nearly a dozen films – most notably Mama Africa.

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