Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine, star of the classic train movie “Emperor of the North”, hosts this remarkable examination of the uniquely America Hobo.
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After a successful performance at Sundance, there’s some massive buzz behind American Teen, and it looks like director Nanette Burstein (The Kid Stays in the Picture, On the Ropes) has created a film that celebrates non-fiction filmmaking while embracing a mainstream accessibility that just might make this high school doc one of the top grossing non-fiction films of the year. In this biting cinema verte, director Nanette Burstein follows a group of four Indiana high school seniors as they navigate the social mazes of adolescence, prepare for graduation, and generally deal with the often surprising and strange situations that arise simply from being 17. Filmmaker Scott Hicks (SHINE) documents an eventful year in the career and personal life of distinguished composer Philip Glass as he interacts with a number of friends and collaborators, including Chuck Close, Ravi Shankar and Woody Allen. Funny how the documentary poster looks way more hollywood than the original fictional film poster.
Incorporating intimate footage, interviews, and animation, Burstein reveals all the gritty details about life as a teenager in Midwestern America, from drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure, to cliques, first love, and heartbreak.

This trailer, along with a clever movie poster (pictured above) successfully exploits our weakness for nostalgia. He’s one of the best living composers of our time and has provided many great film scores throughout his career. People would be trashing it left and right, if it would even have been allowed by marketing peeps to have a poster like that. Sargent Shriver, who created and led the innovative anti-poverty programs of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, with a discussion including former U.S.
And of course, his working relationship with Errol Morris is definitely an interesting aspect of this film.
I’m not sure how I feel about a film riding on the coattails (albeit tongue-in-cheek as the case may be) of a completely unrelated film. Television journalist and former LBJ aide Bill Moyers calls him “the best all-around politician I’ve ever seen.” Yet, Shriver remains unknown to most Americans today.

During his tenure in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Shriver created the Peace Corps, directed the War on Poverty, and served as U.S. The programs he created—including the Peace Corps, Head Start, Legal Services for the Poor, VISTA, Job Corps, Foster Grandparents, and Special Olympics—have improved the lives of millions.
Sarge’s story offers both a guiding paradigm and a source of inspiration for those who wish to serve.

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