Many states have embraced competition for the supply of the electricity that you may use in your home and business. You now have a choice other than your utility for the generation and transmission of portion of your bill. The goal of competitive electricity supply is to offer customers low rates and more choices. Great American Power believes in the power of healthy competitive markets that benefit consumers by providing great choices.

The kilowatt (kWh) hours that you use to light your room or run your airconditioner is produced at power plants 1 and delivered to your local utility company over high voltage transmission wires. The local utility still reads your meter, sends your monthly bill, and processes your payments. 2 3 The local utility uses their local distribution wires to complete the delivery of your electricity. The portion of your bill related to electricity supply (sometimes referred to as generation) and transmission will show the charges from Great American Power, your electricity supplier.

Before electric competition in Pennsylvania rates were 15% above the national average, and have recently been about 5% lower than the national average.

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