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How to PlayClick the green button to start and enter the correct answers belowThanks to Brian White for making the pic. You see these opening logos every time you go to the movies, but have you ever wondered who is the boy on the moon in the DreamWorks logo? It disgusts me to no end that people find an article about companies who wish to control your freedom of speech and fracture the very medium on which you present this information to be amusing. The 22 stars in the Paramount logo represent satillite offices from which the prints of the movies were distributed to the theater chains via bicycle. The logo was to be a computer generated image of a man on the moon, fishing, but Visual Effects Supervisor Dennis Muren of Industrial Light and Magic, who has worked on many of Spielberg's films, suggested that a hand-painted logo might look better. Muren asked his friend, artist Robert Hunt to paint it.Hunt also sent along an alternative version of the logo, which included a young boy on a crescent moon, fishing. It was Hunt's son, William.The DreamWorks logo that you see in the movies was made at ILM from paintings by Robert Hunt, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Films (designers of the original storyboards), Dave Carson (director), and Clint Goldman (producer) at ILM.
Fox logo was originally produced in 1991 by ILM and failed to be released because it was deemed a failure. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM): Leo The LionIn 1924, studio publicist Howard Dietz designed the "Leo The Lion" logo for Samuel Goldwyn's Goldwyn Picture Corporation.

He based it on the athletic team of his alma mater Columbia University, the Lions. Mayer Pictures, the newly formed MGM retained the logo.Since then, there have been five lions playing the role of "Leo The Lion".
The first was Slats, who graced the openings of MGM's silent films from 1924 to 1928.
The next lion, Jackie, was the first MGM lion whose roar was heard by the audience.
Though the movies were silent, Jackie's famous growl-roar-growl sequence was played over the phonograph as the logo appeared on screen. He was also the first lion to appear in Technicolor in 1932.The third lion and probably most famous was Tanner (though at the time Jackie was still used concurrently for MGM's black and white films). After the merger, Kosa simply replaced "Pictures, Inc." with "Fox" to make the current logo. Hodkinson during a meeting with Zukor, based on the Ben Lomond Mountain from his childhood in Utah (the live action logo made later is probably Peru's Artesonraju). It is the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo.The original logo has 24 stars, which symbolized Paramount's then 24 contracted movie stars (it's now 22 stars, though no one could tell me why they reduced the number of stars).
The original matte painting has also been replaced with a computer generated mountain and stars.

Logo History - see the full details at CLG WikiIf you're interested in WB cartoons, you can't go wrong with Dave Mackey's Field guide: Link6. Columbia Pictures: The Torch LadyColumbia Pictures was founded in 1919 by the brothers Harry and Jack Cohn, and Joe Brandt as Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales.
Many of the studio's early productions were low-budget affairs, so it got nicknamed "Corned Beef and Cabbage." In 1924, the brothers Cohn bought out Brandt and renamed their studio Columbia Pictures Corporation in effort to improve its image. Vintage Columbia Pictures Logo (Source: Reel Classics)The studio's logo is Columbia, the female personification of America.
It was designed in 1924 and the identity of the "Torch Lady" model was never conclusively determined (though more than a dozen women had claimed to be "it.")In her 1962 autobiography, Bette Davis claimed that Claudia Dell was the model, whereas in 1987 People Magazine named model and Columbia bit-actress Amelia Batchler as the girl. In 2001, the Chicago Sun-Times named a local woman who worked as an extra at Columbia named Jane Bartholomew as the model. Given how the logo has changed over the years, it may just be that all three were right! Deas, who was commissioned by Sony Pictures Entertainment to return the lady to her "classic" look.Though people thought that actress Annette Bening was the model, it was actually a Louisiana homemaker and muralist named Jenny Joseph that modeled the Torch Lady for Deas.

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