Blaxploitation is a sub-genre of black cinema, which incorporates the culture of Blacks in America and world wide.
OK this one is just good fun – this film make you just want to grab the pig skin and start throwing it around . This is a beautiful movie about a 30 year old bartender that goes no where until he finds that his beloved football team is offering the chance to anyone to come try out for the team.when he makes a good impression on the coaches everything changes for him and he is living his dream. Its a story about a juvenile detention center with kids that have no future and no sense of responsibility . Grant Taylor in all his six years of coaching a small town high school football team has never had a wining season. Nice TV movie about military boys that try to fool everybody but ends up fooling themselves.
In 1892 Lars Rockne and family migrate to Chicago his son then at age 4 was in his mind and Lars stared to save money so he could send him to college.after many years he was able to send him to notre dame university. Coach Steve Williams is trying to get custody of his daughter after a bad divorce while fighting a college recruitment scandal in his football team where he is trying to bring back from the dead and turn the little catholic college football team in to a success.

A teenage kid troublemaker has a chance to turn his life around when he joins a local high school football team with a hard case coach. The L.A rams quarterback is killed and then taken away to heaven by an angel only to find out he was not ready to die just yet. Black History Month is upon us, and we're kicking it off by paying homage to some of the best lines from our favorite Black films. Unsurprisingly, Boomerang and Coming to America were the most quotable films, with Love Jones and The Color Purple close behind.
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Generally most blaxploitation movies were filmed in the 70s, but the research at blaxploitation pride has found that blaxploitation is not a simple as "blacks" being "exploitated" thus earning the title as blaxploitation.
We asked dozens of stars, from Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry to Sheryl Lee Ralph and Mike Tyson, to name theirs.

Some stars, like Jenifer Lewis, hilariously chose to quote themselves while others recalled their favorite moments from other's performances. The 70's was a Golden Age on so many levels and the influence echoes around the world in present day. Blaxploitation is a science that needs to be properly broken down and delivered in a manner where one can distinguish between blaxploitation and black cinema. Blax-Pride is here to help clear any confusion and offer a wealth of information on blaxploitation and black cinema. Touching on the most sensitive material in America at its time and exploiting them on the big screen or the vinyls in your record player produced for a glorified genre that nobody will ever be able to duplicate. Our mission at Blax-Pride is to educate those who are unfamiliar with this era and combine knowledge with those who are familiar.

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