It was written by William Bickley, Joe Camp, and Michael Warren, directed by Joe Camp,[1] and produced by Mulberry Square Productions.
The embodiment of the American Dream where every underdog can strive for glory, Rocky is a well-constructed romance wrapped into a boxing drama.
To celebrate America's bicentennial, world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) and promoter George Jergens (Thayer David) decide to give an unknown fighter a shot at the title, and they choose Balboa. Talia Shire is almost silent as Adrian, her shyness hindering her just as much as Rocky's lack of focus has burdened his potential. Burt Young provides a forcefully brusque counterpoint to Rocky, a man unhappy with his lot and waiting for things to happen and others to help, instead of taking any sort of initiative. Rocky is the story of life through dedication, and it's among the rare films that get the priorities straight: the determination needed to love is much more important than the grit required to fight. Family Plot, and check out Family Plot on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The story involves two couples; one couple are amateur petty criminals, the other couple are smooth professionals.
A fake psychic, Blanche Tyler (Barbara Harris), and her boyfriend, George Lumley (Bruce Dern), attempt to locate the nephew of a wealthy and guilt-ridden elderly woman, Julia Rainbird (Cathleen Nesbitt).
Shoebridge murdered his adoptive parents, faked his own death and is now a successful jeweler in San Francisco known as Arthur Adamson (William Devane).
Arthur enlists Maloney, who had helped murder his adoptive parents, to kill Blanche and George. At Maloney's funeral, his wife (Katherine Helmond) confesses to George that Shoebridge's name is now Arthur Adamson. Arthur and Fran are bundling a kidnapped Bishop Wood (William Prince), into their car when Blanche rings their doorbell. Searching for Blanche, George finds her car outside Arthur and Fran's house, but no-one answers the door. Blanche then goes into a "trance", climbs the stairs into the house and halfway up the next stairs, where she points at the huge diamond hidden in the chandelier. The film was adapted for the screen by Ernest Lehman, based on Victor Canning's 1972 novel The Rainbird Pattern. The novel on which the film is based had earlier been rejected by Lehman, to whom it had been submitted as a potential project for him to either produce or direct, or both. Hitchcock, who often liked to specify the locales of his films by using on-screen titles or by using recognizable landmarks, deliberately left the story's location unspecific, using sites in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Following Family Plot, Hitchcock worked on the script for a projected spy thriller, The Short Night. Hitchcock considered such actors as Burt Reynolds and Roy Scheider (for Adamson), Al Pacino (for George), Faye Dunaway (for Fran), and Beverly Sills and Goldie Hawn (for Blanche) for the film. William Devane was Hitchcock's first choice for the role of nefarious jeweler Arthur Adamson, but Devane was unavailable when the film went into production. The film was the only Hitchcock production to be scored by John Williams, a rising staff composer at Universal who had recently won an Oscar for Steven Spielberg's Jaws. Barbara Harris was nominated for Best Actress a€“ Motion Picture Comedy or Musical at the 34th Golden Globe Awards.
Summer of the Monkeys, and check out Summer of the Monkeys on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Under the direction of his grandfather, Jay Berry contacts the circus and is advised to attempt to befriend Jimbo. Daisy discovers a fairy ring, and believing it capable of granting wishes, secretly wishes that her brother may be able to buy the pony and rifle that he has long desired.
The book was made into a direct to video movie in 1998 by Walt Disney Home Video, a subsidiary of Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. Sybil (1976 film), and check out Sybil (1976 film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Sybil is a 1976 American mystery drama film that originally aired as a made-for-television miniseries.
Vanessa invites Richard and his son Matthew to have Christmas dinner, after which Richard spends the night in Sybil's apartment. Wilbur goes in search of Sybil's father, who mentions that Sybil's mother Hattie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but denies that she ever abused Sybil. Peggy: A nine-year-old girl who believes she is still in the small town in which Sybil grew up.
Vicky: a very sophisticated and mature twelve-year-old girl who is aware of all the other personalities and knows everything the others do, though Sybil is not. Vanessa: A young, vibrant red-haired girl about twelve years old, she is outgoing and full of "joie de vivre". Marcia: a young girl obsessed with thoughts of death and suicide, who tries to kill herself (and thus Sybil) on several occasions.
Nancy: A product of Sybil's father's religious fanaticism, Nancy fears the end of the world and God's punishment.
Sid: Younger and a little more taciturn than Mike, he also enjoys building things, as well as sports. Sally Field stars in the title role, with Joanne Woodward playing the part of Sybil's psychiatrist, Cornelia B. The film, originally 198 minutes long, was initially shown over the course of two nights on NBC in 1976. Multiple Personality Controversies Links to many articles about the real Sybil, Shirley Mason.
AdiA?s Amigo, and check out AdiA?s Amigo on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. AdiA?s Amigo (1976) is an American comedy-Western starring Fred Williamson and Richard Pryor.
The idea for the project came from Pryor's initial frustration of being rejected from starring in Mel Brooks's Blazing Saddles after collaborating with him on the screenplay, and Williamson's dislike of the finished film, which he considered silly. Despite the negative opinions of its stars, the film was able to obtain a positive review from Gene Siskel.
The Dos Equis beer brand's Most Interesting Man in the World pitchman is taking his show on the road. Alice in Wonderland (1976 film), and check out Alice in Wonderland (1976 film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Alice in Wonderland (sometimes listed as Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy) is a 1976 American musical fantasy adult erotic film, loosely based on Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The film initially received an X-rating in 1976 and subsequently, an R-rating a year later with three minutes cut from the film.
After offending her boyfriend William by rejecting his advances, mousy librarian Alice falls asleep reading Alice in Wonderland. The film was circulated as an R-rated version in VHS format by Media Home Entertainment, while the hardcore version was also available on VHS. In December 2007, underground film company Subversive Cinema released a DVD containing the original X-rated and hardcore versions, fully restored,[9] and available through mainstream DVD retail outlets. In 2007, an Off-Broadway musical based on this Alice in Wonderland was staged at the Kirk Theatre in New York City. Victory at Entebbe, and check out Victory at Entebbe on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Victory at Entebbe is a made-for-television film from 1976 based on an actual event: Operation Entebbe and the freeing of Israeli hostages at Entebbe Airport (now Entebbe International Airport) in Uganda.

The film starred Anthony Hopkins, Burt Lancaster, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Dreyfuss and Kirk Douglas, and was directed by Marvin J. It was filmed on videotape at The Burbank Studios, California and later transferred to film for distribution around the world, giving the film the slightly stilted visual style of a studio-bound TV drama but with a film-like look and big Hollywood names in the cast.
This gripping tale has already been told in numerous books, feature films and documentaries. The raid has been dramatized in films such as Victory at Entebbe (1976) directed by Marvin J. Yonatan Netanyahu In a€?Victory at Entebbea€? (1976), the based-on-fact TV movie about the Israeli commandos who freed hostages from Palestinian-terrorist hijackers, Dreyfuss played the team's leader. He was on the set of a movie in which he was playing Ugandan dictator Idi Amin for an ABC TV film, Victory at Entebbe.
The film carries added poignancy for rocketing Sylvester Stallone into instantaneous superstardom, the dream coming true in real life through a rich work of fiction. Having never dedicated himself to the sport, Rocky is not quite giving up on his dream but gradually realizing that at 30 years old, he may be getting too old to succeed. With just five weeks to train, Rocky dedicates himself to get in shape and embarks on a gruelling fitness regime with the help of his old manager Mickey (Burgess Meredith).
Rocky is the role he wrote and was born to play, and in his first incarnation as the down-and-almost-out boxer, Stallone is a mix of realism, resignation and remote hope.
Avildsen gives Rocky's world a forlorn look, the dank and derelict corners of Philadelphia playing a prominent role in portraying a life at the crossroads. Shire speaks volumes without saying much, and her early scenes are a beautiful study of a tormented introvert as she can't even make eye contact with Rocky, let alone carry on a meaningful conversation. And when Rocky does begin to turn his life around, Paulie can mostly just offer resentment. The film was based on Victor Canning's novel The Rainbird Pattern, which Ernest Lehman adapted for the screen. Julia's deceased sister gave the baby boy up for adoption, but Julia now wants to make him her heir, and will pay Blanche $10,000 if the heir, Edward Shoebridge, can be found.
He and his live-in girlfriend, Fran (Karen Black), kidnap millionaires and dignitaries, returning them in exchange for ransoms in the form of valuable gemstones. Lehman wanted the film to be sweeping, dark, and dramatic but Hitchcock kept pushing him toward lightness and comedy. Hitchcock's other collaboration with the screenwriter, North by Northwest (1959), was followed by several aborted projects. The chase scene in the movie, which writer Donald Spoto called a spoof on car chases prevalent in films at the time, was filmed on the extensive Universal backlot.
His declining health prevented the filming of the screenplay, which was published in a book during Hitchcock's last years. Cybill Shepherd wrote in her memoir that she had hoped to play the part of Fran, which eventually went to Karen Black.
Williams has stated that Hitchcock wanted choir voices for Madame Blanche to make her seem psychic towards the beginning. Few themes from the film were released on John Williams and Alfred Hitchcock compilation albums. Upon returning to the monkeys' grove, he finds them around a hidden still; the drunken monkeys indeed befriend him, but their gesture of friendship is a gift of whiskey that leaves Jay Berry drunken. Soon afterward, a fierce storm frightens the monkeys into accompanying Jay Berry into captivity, and he quickly returns them to the circus for his reward. It was directed by Michael Anderson and starred Corey Sevier as Jay Berry Lee and Wilford Brimley as Grandpa. After suffering a small breakdown in front of her students, she is given a neurological examination by Dr.
Wilbur receives a late night call from someone who identifies herself as Vickie and says Sybil is about to jump out a hotel window. Vickie, who knows everything about the other personalities, tells Wilbur about some of them, including Marcia, who is suicidal and wants to kill Sybil, and Vanessa, who plays the piano although Sybil has not played in years and swears she forgot how to play piano. At the same time, the personality Vanessa falls in love with a charming neighbor named Richard.
As proof, Wilbur plays the session's tape to allow Sybil to hear their voices, but when a voice that sounds like Sybil's mother Hattie speaks, an infant personality named Ruthie emerges.
Wilbur takes Sybil for a drive, during which Peggy spills out the horrific abuse she suffered at her mother's hands. Peggy holds the rage Sybil felt at her mother's abuse and frequently expresses her anger through temper tantrums and breaking glass. Vicky speaks French and claims to have grown up in Paris with many brothers and sisters and loving parents.
When Sybil's grandmother, the only person Sybil felt loved her, died, Sybil was so bereft that she created Mary as an internalized version of Grandma. He builds bookshelves and a partition wall for Sybil's apartment, frightening her badly when she doesn't know how they got there. Due to high public interest, the VHS version of Sybil was released in the 1980s, with one version running 122 minutes and another, extended version running 132 minutes.
The film was also written, produced and directed by Williamson, his second directorial outing after Mean Johnny Barrows. The goal was to make a comedy that would still be realistic to its Western setting, and which would allow Pryor to work without restraint. During a Sneak Previews "Dog of the Week" segment, often devoted to low-budget films cashing in on name star appearances, Siskel mentioned approaching Adios Amigo as a potential "dog" but instead cited it "not a dog" and praised the comic performances of both leads. After nine years, beer company Dos Equis is ending it's legendary Most Interesting Man in the World ad campaign. It was later re-released on VHS with a somewhat grandiose title roll preceding the movie noting that quite a bit of hardcore footage had originally been shot, but "could not be included" at the time. Osco chose to make, as his next project, an adult musical version of the Lewis Carroll novel, finding that the story rights were in the public domain.
The airport is Uganda's main airport and is situated near the capital city of Kampala, Uganda. Shooting on video shortened the production time, allowing the film to be ready for television less than six months after the event that inspired it. Chomsky, Raid On Entebbe (1977) directed by Irvin Kershner, and Academy Award-nominated Operation Thunderbolt (1977) directed by Manahem Golan. He makes ends meet by accepting muscleman assignments from loan shark Tony Gazzo (Joe Spinnell). With the fight approaching, romance blossoms between Rocky and Adrian, while strains develop in the friendship with Paulie. Finding physical mannerisms to convey inner edginess, Stallone has Rocky looking back at what may have been a better career and looking forward to what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
The bleak one-room apartment that counts as Rocky's home is not any better than what lies outside, while the slightly larger unit occupied by Adrian and Paulie is only marginally more liveable. George Lumley discovers that Shoebridge is thought to be dead, but he tracks down another criminal, Joseph Maloney (Ed Lauter), who paid for the tombstone over an empty grave. He cuts the brake line of Blanche's car, but the couple manage to survive a dangerous high-speed descent. Lehman had incurred the director's anger by declining an offer to write the screenplay for No Bail for the Judge, a thriller set in London intended to star Audrey Hepburn, Laurence Harvey and actor John Williams. The restaurant used in the film was also built on the backlot and was shown on studio tours in 1975.

Universal chose not to film the script with another director, although it did authorize sequels to Hitchcock's Psycho. Williams also stated that Hitchcock was at the scoring sessions most of the time and would often give him suggestions.
For years afterwards, the original soundtrack was not available, spawning many bootleg copies of the complete scoring sessions of the film over the internet.
Born to Missouri sharecroppers, he moves with his family to Oklahoma after his grandfather offers them free land.
After returning to his shocked family, he goes with his grandfather to a nearby town to visit a library and discover alternate methods of monkey-catching. Although he considers buying a pony and rifle, he chooses instead to finance his sister's surgery.
Wilbur is unable to communicate with the pre-verbal child and must wait until Sybil returns. The doctor gives Wilbur a frightening account of extensive scarring he found while treating Sybil for a bladder problem. After Peggy exhausts herself, Sybil emerges, remembering everything that Peggy has just said.
Sybil, who has always been frightened of Peggy, meets her at last and is surprised that she is only a little girl. He and Sid both believe that they will grow penises and be able "to give a girl a baby" when they're older.
Woodward herself had starred in The Three Faces of Eve, in which she portrayed a woman with three personalities, winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role.[1] Based on the book Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber, the movie dramatizes the life of a shy young graduate student, Sybil Dorsett (in real life, Shirley Ardell Mason), suffering from dissociative identity disorder as a result of the psychological trauma she suffered as a child. Several key scenes, including Sybil's final climactic "introduction" to her other personalities, are missing in both versions. The initial script was only 12 pages, with Williamson encouraging Pryor to ad-lib scenarios in a suggested scene. You know what they say about comedians - that you can just open the refrigerator door and the light comes on, the jokes roll on out. The story loosely follows Carroll's original plot, and includes many of his characters, but with considerable sexual license. The result was an X-rated feature which was picked up by 20th Century Fox, who cut three minutes to obtain an R-Rating.
Julius Harris portrayed Idi Amin, following the fatal heart attack suffered by the actor originally cast in the role, Godfrey Cambridge.
Rocky is good friends with the bearish Paulie (Burt Young), a butcher who works in the freezer of a large meat processing plant. But to the credit of Stallone the writer, Rocky spends most of his time in the present making a big effort to nurture a romance with Adrian, Rocky intrinsically becoming aware that until he finds personal happiness not much is going to matter in his boxing career. It's clear what kind of life awaits Rocky if his current trajectory continues; only he can make the commitment to try a change for the better.
Maloney then tries to run them over, but another vehicle causes him to lose control and drive off a cliff. Blanche sees the unconscious bishop, and swears she will not tell, but Arthur drugs her, leaving her in the cellar while they drop the bishop off for ransom. He calls the police to collect the reward for capturing the kidnappers and finding the jewels. Although Hitchcock eventually had a fine screenplay and pre-production (location scouting and costumes) was at an advanced stage, the film was never made; Hepburn became pregnant and Hitchcock turned to another project, Psycho (1960), instead.
Although Liza Minnelli was among the stars recommended to Hitchcock, he was especially delighted to work with Barbara Harris as the medium. Later, Thinnes confronted Hitchcock in a restaurant and asked the director why he was fired. For the scene in which Maloney suddenly disappears from Adamson's office, Hitchcock suggested that Williams stop the music when the camera cuts to the open window to indicate to the audience that Maloney has left through it.[8] Hitchcock then went on to say, "Mr. Daisy, his twin, has a crippled leg, and her family devotes much effort to gaining enough money to pay for reconstructive surgery. By the conclusion, Jay Berry and his grandfather have accumulated enough money to buy him a paint pony.
The film featured Canadian Pacific Railway 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive #2024, the Circus train in the film. Finally, Wilbur visits the old Dorsett house, where she discovers the green kitchen Sybil's selves have described many times. She fears hands, dishtowels, music, and the colors green and purple, all triggers to specific instances of abuse. With the help of her psychiatrist, Sybil gradually recalls the severe child abuse that led to the development of 16 different personalities.[1] Field's portrayal of Sybil won much critical acclaim, as well as an Emmy Award.
The film is shown frequently on television, often with scenes restored or deleted to adjust for time constraints and the varying sensitivity of viewers. Well, Richard's light didn't come on," said Williamson.[1] Pryor, in an interview with Ebony magazine shortly after the movie came out, said "Tell them I apologize. On June 27, 1976, an Air France plane carrying 248 passengers was hijacked en route to Paris from Tel Aviv, Israel and diverted to Entebbe.
Rocky is also trying to attract the attention of Paulie's painfully shy sister Adrian (Talia Shire), a clerk at the local pet store. Clay (Edith Atwater) offers to let Blanche leave a note, but Blanche says she is Arthur's friend and asks for his address. Williams, murder can be fun", when he suggested that he should conduct the music lightly for a darker scene of the film.
One day, while looking for the family's lost milk cow, Jay Berry discovers monkeys in a nearby river bottom. Daisy was able to gather enough money to get Jay Berry a .22 gun while she was in the city. Once again confronted with her diagnosis, Sybil attempts to convince Wilbur that she has in fact been faking all of the other personalities the entire time and denies that multiple personalities exist within her. Arthur and Fran enter to carry Blanche out to the car, but she darts out and George locks the kidnappers in. Visiting his grandfather's store, he learns that the monkeys have escaped from a travelling circus, which has offered a vast reward for their capture: $100 for the chief monkey, "Jimbo", and $2 per monkey for the others.
Wilbur theorizes that the incidents are a kind of hysteria, all related to a deeper problem. This little girl introduces herself as Peggy, and Wilbur realizes that Sybil is suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
Vickie relates a memory of a time Sybil's mother locked young Sybil in the wheat bin in the barn.
Wilbur explains that after this incident, Sybil recovered her memories and went on to live a full and happy life. Jay Berry makes multiple attempts to capture the monkeys using traps and a net borrowed from his grandfather, but he gains only scratches and bites from the hostile Jimbo and his minions. Thinking she was smothering, Sybil used her purple crayon to scratch on the inside of the bin so someone would know she had been there.

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