This was because mock turtle soup (for those who couldn’t afford to have real turtle soup) was generally made from veal. After escaping the disturbing Queen of Hearts, she finds that she has ended up on the other side of the looking glass in Looking Glass Land and that there is a mind-created Jabberwocky after her. With the advice of a wise owl and royal chess pieces on her mind, she ventures home, vowing to grow up in this two-part movie which remains most faithful to the original stories written by Lewis Carroll. Nothing is quite right since Alice chased a very unusual White Rabbit and stumbled into an adventure that grows curiouser and curiouser.
Kline known as production illustrator (as Marty Kline) Joseph Musso known as production illustrator James F. I couldspend the next several lines explaining what went wrong and what wentright, but I won’t.
Ifyou watch this expecting great acting performances and great cinematicmoments with inspiring music then you are a fool. It was never meant tobe anything more than a delightfully fun experience with great moments.(Sammy Davis Jr. Even if you don’t recognize many of the nameson the cast list you should watch it anyways.
Several faces will befamiliar without your knowing their names.My major criticism (and warning) many of the songs are very hokey. Its up to you to sit through themusical numbers you don’t like and enjoy the rest of the film.
I did find Sally Struthers as the obnoxious Tiger Lilyrather humorous (especially after her "correspondence school" commercials,iirc that she had out during that time too!

I am very grateful to the local library who carriedpart 2, and allowed me to renew my acquaintance with this gem onceagain.DeeReplyMeredith P. This is quite possibly the best version ofAlice ever, and one of the rare versions that includes Through the LookingGlass. This is not only a surprise because of thephenomenal cast line up, but the artistic and complex visuals andcostume design. This is definitely a must see for all Alice InWonderland enthusiasts, children, or fans of children’s movies.
As in aprevious comment about this movie, I also was able to find Through theLooking Glass (the second half of the movie) much easier (and, Idaresay cheaper).
I recently came upon the movie on DVD on ebay, whichis a lot cheaper as you get both the first and second half, for aboutthe price of the second half on VHS. As with all the ALICE IN WONDERLAND versions, this used a specialguest cast (and an impressive one, at that). However, unlike other versions,the script was tailored to suit the guest stars, although they were perfectin their parts.
Even the 1933 version had each character actor in Hollywooddoing his act for the camera under the guise of the main story.
The 1999version was the same deal-all the stars doing their acts for the camera,with no regards to the story! This is the way Alicewas meant to be, confusing, a little scary and amusing rolled into onea must see a real winner! Of course it doesn’t hurt that theMock Turtle is played by none other than Ringo Starr.

Children of all ages will delight in thisfun-filled adventure, from the crying baby that turns into a pig to SallyStruthers playing a loud mouthed Flower, it can’t get any better. The Firsthalf of the 3 hour plus film, is the best part, but the giant chess boardand underlying story in the second half is just as delightful.
I wanted to dance with a caterpillar and float down ariver of my own tears!!This movie combines colors, music, imagery, and a lively cast to create theperfect children’s movie. The songs were easy to singto, and Alice presented a lovely little girl who just wanted to be grown-up.I hope that, someday, they replay this movie so that the children of theworld can fall in love all over again with their imaginations.
Anythingthey create today, anything they create TOMORROW will never even come closeto the magic of this movie. I will admit that if you did notwatch this movie when it first aired on CBS back in christmas of ’85 thatyou might not like it nearly as much as I did and still do. I honestly stillknow the songs even though I have not seen it since probably the lateeighties. I even remember there was an electrical storm that night inLos Angeles so my copy had interference from the lightning! I have not seen the 1999 version that aired on NBC, but Idon’t think that one would be quite as memorable as this one was. The castwere all well known celebrities, most of whom have either passed on or areno longer considered to be popular any longer.

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