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Your doll can attend meetings with you when she dresses in this Girl's Club outfit like a Brownie. Your 18 inch doll will definitely be doing flips over this amazing gymnastics set that comes with a long sleeve navy blue leotard with a fun red design and a coordinating thick foldable tumbling mat.
These plain white tees come in packs of 5 for your craft projects, fund raisers or party favors. It's always tough to move to a brand new school, especially when the year is already half over.

The Kanani Akina doll was released in 2011 and was available for only one year before retirement. This outfit comes with a comfy coral color top sporting the Emily Rose logo, coordinating coral colored pajama pants with fun white polka dots and adorable soft fluffy bunny slippers! This outfit will make sure she is ready!This outfit comes with a white t-shirt with club badge, green skirt, sash with embroidered badges and matching green socks.
And along with the accompanying books and films, they have helped portray important episodes in American history, from the Great Depression to World War II.
This adorable play house is not only great for your 18 inch dolls, but many little ones can also join inside for the fun!

Strung on cord; necklace ties with ribbon and is loose enough to be slipped on without untying.
McKenna comes in her original leotard and pants as well as her special edition track suit jacket and pants.
Periwinkle, pink, and blue flower patch with blue sequins on the petals attached to the left side of bodice.

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