I felt raped by Brandoby LINA DASLast updated at 22:45 19 July 2007As the star of Last Tango In Paris, Maria Schneider took part in the most infamous sex scene ever. Now Last Tango In Paris is being re-released to mark the 35th anniversary of Bernardo Bertolucci's iconic movie.
PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness look blissfully happy as they frolic in the sea on 20th anniversary trip to St.
Storyline: The needy teenager Rena Grubb lives with her dysfunctional family of losers in a trailer park. If the American Girl Place is your child's fantasy land, they'll go crazy for the new American Girl movie, which is coming to video this summer.
If you aren't familiar with Isabelle, here's a little background: She's the ultimate girlie girl. Scientists can now predict when you’re going to dieScientists have collaborated with insurance companies to create a “death clock” that predicts when customers are going to die.
10 things to know about ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Everybody’s favorite Bravo franchise is back and tackling a new location. Police investigating laser shined at plane over LoganAuthorities are investigating an incident of a laser being shined at a plane headed to Logan airport on Monday night. Top 5 ‘Voice’ knockout performances of Season 10The competition heats up as the remaining artists take the stage to give a knockout performance.
Man arrested trying to bring loaded gun onto plane: TSA A man was arrested trying to bring a gun onto a plane at John F. Big Philly names mourn the loss of Ed SniderYesterday 6:52 pm After news broke that billionaire entrepreneur Ed Snider, founder of the Philadelphia Flyers, had lost his long battle with bladder cancer Monday morning at the age of 83, voices came out of the woodwork to offer condolences. Police investigating laser shined at plane over LoganYesterday 9:52 pm Authorities are investigating an incident of a laser being shined at a plane headed to Logan airport on Monday night. In this rare interview she reveals the devastating consequences Last Tango In Paris was undoubtedly one of the most influential - and controversial - films of the last century. Despite its notoriety, the film won Oscar nominations for both Bertolucci and Brando and catapulted Schneider to worldwide fame.

I've made 50 films in my career and Last Tango is 35 years old, but it's still the one that everyone asks me about," she says.
The most popular boy in her school is dating her only for sex, and does not want to be seen with her. Felicity (Shailene Woodley) loves horses, and though her parents plead with her to remain indoors, she years to ride the open plains. If you're a parent in the know, we don't have to tell you that Isabelle Palmer is American Girl's 2014 "Girl of the Year." Now, she's getting her own movie. The University of East Anglia, UK, is spending the next four years examining databases of medical data to determine life expectancy and long-term illness. If you’re not familiar with the new film, this is the story of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), a wizard from Hogwarts back in the 1920s, who goes to New York on an adventure. Vincent and more on the song that changed them foreverBob Boilen’s NPR podcast “All Songs Considered” is one of iTunes' most popular music podcasts and his mini jam sessions at his cubicle, Tiny Desk Jams, is like a cooler Carpool Karaoke. Brooke Pumroy a player at center of controversyIt has been five days since Tyler Summitt resigned as the head women's basketball coach at Louisiana Tech after admitting to an "inappropriate relationship." Numerous media outlets have said that Summitt resigned due to an affair with one of his players.
Thirty-two artists go into the Knockout rounds but only 20 make it out, leaving each coach with five artists in the Live Playoffs. Kennedy international airport through the X-ray machine, officials have announced.  The suspect, of Wallkill, New York, was caught with the weapon on April 7, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Monday.
Starring Marlon Brando, then aged 48 and exuding aggressive masculinity, and Maria Schneider, a 19-year-old French unknown, it featured one of the most infamous movie sex scenes ever filmed. Schneider lives in Paris, and at 55, retains the enviable figure that she so magnificently paraded, mostly nude, in Last Tango.
She has a passion for writing, & dreams of having something of hers put in the local paper someday. When Felicity comes into contact with a beautiful mare which has suffered at the hands of its callous owner, she takes it upon herself to care for the creature, and in the process learns a series of important life lessons.
In her new movie, "American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into The Spotlight," - which features real actors and is not animated - Isabelle competes for a lead ballerina part in her school's production of "The Nutcraker," but struggles with being in her sister's shadow and overcoming the cattiness of some of the other girls.

Now, Boilen is sharing snippets from some of his biggest interviews in his new book, “Your Song Changed My Life,” out today.
The Federal Aviation Administration said that the plane from Toronto was 3,000 feet above the ground and about 10 miles north of the airport when the incident occurred.
Several media outlets have said that Summitt impregnated one of his players, but that has not yet been confirmed.
With Miley Cyrus assisting as a mentor, many of the contestants were more ready than ever to showcase their talent. Denounced as obscene, the film - a tale of lust between an older man and younger woman who meet for anonymous and increasingly racy sexual encounters -was banned in many countries, including areas of Britain. Yet, while Last Tango brought Schneider immediate recognition, the fall-out from the movie for the young actress was spectacular.
The baby-faced prettiness is still there, if a little more knowing these days, her long, curly hair is pinned up and her face devoid of make-up. Rena is asking her mother to go to the annual picnic with her beloved missing low-fife father John Grubb, who is in prison sentenced to two life sentences. If she does well in the production, she will be rewarded with a spot in an exclusive New York City ballet program, so the stakes are high. The chapters revolve around the title’s sentiment, and many of the artists’ picks are surprising.
Unprepared for the worldwide attention the film brought, she soon embarked on a path of self-destruction with fraught romantic entanglements, suicide attempts and a lapse into drug addiction.
When Madge decides to go with her family to the picnic, and along the day, the family finds how mean and nasty John is, shattering the dreams of Rena with her father. People today are used to such things but when the film opened in 1972, it was scandalous." Watching the film now with its over-wrought score, its scenes replete with meaningful silences and its sexual content, much of Last Tango, unlike Schneider, has aged.

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