As senior year draws to a close and the ever-important senior prom approaches, high-school husband and wife Gwen and Holden couldn't be happier. But after a major-league slip and the machinations of Gwen's conniving rival, Hilary, the young couple's marriage turns south. This year, 14 American high school students visited Finland under the auspices of this prestigious scholarship program. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. As many of these students are interested in international careers, their exchange program ended in Helsinki with high-level meetings with Finnish decision makers, visits to historical sites and a briefing with Embassy officials about the mission of the U.S. Every year we further along our planet's destruction, our morals slip further and interspecies violence rises. I'd like to think that if some higher power decided to punish humanity for our wicked ways, well, he'd show us American High School.

I think the filmmakers tried to say that "American" was the name of the school, but it wasn't really emphasized.
I mean yeah, that's the supposedly funny point of the movie, but plausibility can only be stretched so far. What kind of school lets students drop F-bombs during assembly speeches, or allows the male nurse to blatantly harass the female students?
Upon seeing that a meager 15 minutes had passed, and that I had about another hour and 15 to go, I about cried. And it is called American High School, the worst piece of unfunny, unsexy, poorly acted, badly shot, implausible, unlikable, intelligence-insulting, bottom-feeding piece of garbage that has ever had the blatant nerve to call itself a movie. The crew didn't try to make a good film, why should I try to look for redeeming factors that just don't exist? The picture is vibrant and fluid, showcasing a solid color palette and no real grain or artifacting to speak of.

The commentators themselves seem bored and they constantly disregard the movie, making for some mildly amusing banter. Not really any meat here, but if you liked the movie to care enough to listen in the first place, you'll enjoy it. I love a good sex comedy as much as anyone, and seeing a slew of hot babes can't hurt either, but this film didn't even attempt to be good.

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