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While at the liquor store I was in the holiday spirit and decided to risk life and liver to bring you the promised Honey Whiskey Showdown! In the interest of science I also made a suicide shot of equal parts of all the honey whiskeys.
I actually love JD enough to have it tattooed on me so you could say I’m biased however it is quite the different flavor when mixed with honey.
As lovely as your hippie thought is, expressing my opinions of the merits and deficiencies of different brands is kind of the whole point of a review site.
I never thought anyone would read this blog, much less be interested enough to donate real money to it. Actually, the whole honey infused liquor isn’t a recent or sudden discovery by any means. It’s existence may not be recent, but it is certainly a trend that has been on the upswing.
IMO the beauty of the best honey whiskeys was the balance of sweetness with the whiskey flavor. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new kickass posts by email.

Keep the American Honey flavor going all year long by winning an American Honey Calendar that you see to your left, enter to win on this link. I grabbed every mini bottle of honey whiskey my local store had and flew home to rate this quadruple-header.
I am from here on out enacting a new term: Post-Traumatic Tennessee Honey Disorder (PTTHD). It had a definite honey flavor without it being very sweet, a very muted whiskey flavor, and without a better way to describe it, a certain richness to it. You could taste the honey and the whiskey, but they complimented each other rather than having a hobo death match.
Not much for mixed drinks although I’ve aquired a taste (or tolerance) for a few of them. My aim is to steer people who are on the fence about trying something in (hopefully) the right direction.
My main problem is the local ABC having minis of everything so I’m not spending $100 on this shit.
Which I guess you could counter with the fact that honey is very sweet, but, as with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, the weird Evany flavor ruined the party. But here is a picture of it anyways, with the honey whiskeys ordered in accordance with my rankings.

Going through the aisles of local ABC store, happened onto the Seagram’s 7 Dark Honey. I buy this when I have a bad cold and Evan Williams Honey Reserve is the best cure with the most affordable price-tag. I took half the bottle as a shot, then reserved the other half for sipping in case of questions or discrepancies.
Also I really like JD honey the first time I tried it (I was pretty smashed) but when compared to the other honey flavored whiskeys it did not even hold a candle.
Needless to say, the cold was kicked to the curb first night, and I now have a new favorite sipping whiskey.
And so I looked around to see what others might be thinking & saying about it and came upon this nice web site. And as I read the comments and comparisons – different people favoring this one or that one, I cannot help the the thought that while different strokes are what make the world go round, why would anyone want to make such a fuss over the merits or deficiencies of each brand, when it seems to me that the easiest and most satisfying way to get the drink you want would be to first choose the whiskey you prefer, pour a shot and then add small quantities of some good quality honey to the whiskey until you found the right recipe.

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