The depiction of nurses on film has changed greatly over the years: from the heroic candy-stripers of WWII-era flicks, through the bawdy sex comedies of the 1960s and 1970s, to the more heroic characters of the early 90s. Classic comedy-horror An American Werewolf in London is mainly memorable for two things: David Naughton’s incredible transformation sequence (accomplished solely through the prosthetics of effects legend Rick Baker) and the rather comely Nurse Alex, played by Jenny Agutter. Lambasted by critics for its lack of dramatic tension, acting and historical accuracy, at least Pearl Harbor boasted Kate Beckinsdale. Stern, gravel-voiced Nurse Diesel isn’t all she appears in this 1977 Hitchcock spoof; in fact, she’s a murderous maniac with an unhealthy interest in witchcraft (pretty appropriate, considering her appearance). Forget the diminishing returns which came with its sequels: Meet the Parents still stands up as a fresh and original comedy. In the Harry Potter books, Madam Pomfrey is the best kind of nurse a magic school could have: stern, a skilled healer, but possessing a heart of pure, magical gold.
A modern take on the heroic nurse character shows up in the 2005 horror movie Fragile, starring Calista Flockhart. The Carry On films came to typify the bawdy English comedy of the 1950s onwards, and one of the gang’s classic settings for hijinks was the hospital.
Annie Wilkes from the movie Misery is a loner, a former maternity nurse and an obsessed fan of the popular writer Paul Sheldon. Today we have a look at a new teaser trailer and while it isn't exactly loaded with chaos, it does offer just enough to pique our interest. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reprising their iconic television roles as Mulder and Scully, respectively. In addition to Mulder and Scully, other characters making their triumphant returns in 2016 include FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner and the so-called a€?Cigarette Smoking Man'. Chew on the brand new teaser trailer below and stay tuned, this is a thrilling enough event that we may just have to provide you with episode-by-episode coverage!
Not for nothing has the image of the nurse become associated with naughty Halloween costumes rather than medicine, which make the rare depictions that move beyond the stereotype even more memorable.

Agutter portrays the character as a damaged but caring everywoman who, even though she’s out of her depth dealing with a supernatural werewolf, certainly gives it a good try. Here she plays Evelyn Johnson, a suspiciously attractive Naval Nurse working in America during WWII. She and her lover Dr Montague are the driving force behind most of the events occurring at the psychiatric ward, including the framing of a Doctor, several murders, and many, many more events that satirize the works of the master of suspense.
Male nurse “Greg” Focker (Ben Stiller) is a normal guy who just happens to have an embarrassing name, until he meets his girlfriend’s ultra-paranoid ex-CIA father and everything goes swiftly downhill. Icy Head Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) runs her mental health ward like a police state in the 1975 classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. While the movie would have arguably been a success regardless, no small amount of its appeal came from Houlihan – to say nothing of the fact that most of the comedy in the early part of the film derived from surgeons Hawkeye and Duke’s plots to drive her completely hysterical.
The film version is equally dedicated to her profession, taking care of dragon bites, petrification and various other magical illnesses with equal skill. The plot concerns a young woman who is transferred to work on an understaffed and decaying maternity ward. Carry On Matron, released in 1972, features a “cunning” gang of thieves’ attempt to steal a maternity ward’s contraceptives by disguising one of their members as a nurse – in typically hilarious unfeminine drag (clearly they’d never heard of male nursing in the 1970s). At the beginning of the flick, she “rescues” him from a car wreck and forces him to bring his most famous character back from the dead – with the threat of increasingly painful forms of bodily mutilation if he refuses.
If you're a fan of A science fiction and horror, and you were watching television in the 90s, you most certainly tuned in to the long running drama. The show returns the very next night for the second episode, the subsequent four hitting Fox on Monday nights at 8pm. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. She represents the more positive aspects of the UK and London, as a counterweight to the culture clash which the Americans experience in other scenes.

The English actress manages to pull off a credible American accent and fares far better than her fellow actors involved in the love triangle (which takes up most of the movie’s rather long running time). We suppose Mel Brooks thought it would be ironic to have a staff member at a psychiatric hospital being psychopathic herself – although it’s hardly promoting a positive image of the nursing profession! The movie was fairly ahead of its time both for featuring a male nurse as a major character and for portraying the discrimination which non-female members of the profession face (there’s a memorably awkward dinner party scene where Greg tells everyone what he does for a living).
Although she never raises her voice, her contempt for her patients shows in her every look and action, and she’s such a control freak that she spends most of the movie trying to break down Randle McMurphy for his independence and desire to resist the system.
Yet, while she was a rather two-dimensional character in the film, she quickly became a more sympathetic foil for the other characters in the TV series.
Being a nurse is a very difficult job in reality, so it must be even tougher in a school where wounds from Sphinxes and falling off broomsticks are an everyday occurrence. As if that weren’t trouble enough, she’s also faced with a malicious spirit that wants to hurt the children under her care. Other funny medical characters in the film include Hattie Jacques’ formidable Matron and Kenneth Williams’ shrill and uptight head of the hospital – who believes he is turning into a woman. Despite being a middle-aged recluse, she makes most of Stephen King’s supernatural villains look tame through the sheer force of her craziness.
Sadly the movie series was also the beginning of Robert De Niro’s decline as an actor, though male nurses everywhere should still be thankful that it came along and brought them into the public eye in a pretty positive way. Her crowning moment of nastiness is when she prompts the neurotic Billy Bibbit to kill himself by playing on his fear of his mother, purely because she’s afraid of losing her grip on the patients under her care. It’s a welcome counterweight to flicks like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, where medical personnel are portrayed as soulless villains, and it’s also a classic traditional horror movie as well.

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