It’s rather uncommon for a television show to become so intertwined to a certain location later into its run as AMERICAN HORROR STORY has to New Orleans since its third season, COVEN. Yet this all were fleeting observations compared to our final destination in New Orleans: Buckner Mansion, located in the heart of the Garden District. While unexplained noises, cold spots and flickering lights are among the most common aspects of any patented ghost story, Buckner Mansion had its own little mythos to its haunted nature, with the most noted aspect being that of the ghost of Miss Josephine. After our ghoulish entry into the building, we were seated for the actual fan event, which set us alongside many of the costumes and props from the series itself. While the press was sent away for their time with the talent, the fans were taken on a comprehensive Mansion tour, learning more about the history of Buckner Mansion, the props from COVEN and tales of witchcraft in the New Orleans area.
As a whole, FOX truly went above and beyond to make the most out of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY fan event. Most television shows, such as THE WALKING DEAD and DEXTER, often incorporate their shooting location into the aesthetics of the show, which helps define their narrative voices. Even the forested areas of New Orleans feel like a culture clash of old and new vegetation, which is one of the defining features of New Orleans cuisine and fashion.

This 20,000 acre mammoth of New Orleans History was breathtaking at first sight, but upon further investigation, a stark familiarity fell over this writer as I remembered that the Mansion served as Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies during COVEN.
A house slave who devoted herself to the duties of the mansion, rumors are that Miss Josephine took to the dark arts later in life in order to serve her masters even beyond death.
After a brief introduction by the host, the organizers brought out AMERICAN HORROR STORY actress Jamie Brewer, who appeared in both MURDER HOUSE and COVEN, as well as longtime series costume designer Lou Eyrich.
After the episode wrapped, there was one last surprise before the Mansion tour began: Naomi Grossman, who played Pepper on ASYLUM and FREAK SHOW, came out, talking briefly about FREAK SHOW and thanking the fans again for their continued support.
Yet perhaps the creepiest moment of all happened after we left Buckner Mansion: as the press and fans exited the building, the beautiful New Orlean sky became grey with clouds which commenced an incredible flash storm. From the location to the costumes to the talent themselves, fans and press alike were given an interactive look into how the culture and art of New Orleans have bled so considerably into COVEN and FREAK SHOW. However, with AMERICAN HORROR STORY, it took the phenomenal atmosphere and architecture of New Orleans to realize COVEN, which has since helped define the old-fashioned aura of FREAK SHOW as well. And with a series that played around with time so often, it wasn’t long before I realized how important New Orleans is as a location to establish that feeling among the cast and crew of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

So as we had our affairs taken care of, the owners of Buckner Mansion came out to introduce us to the Mansion, all the while informing us on the history and the alleged supernatural element of the Mansion. And to that point, the house historians explained to us that cold spots would often follow strange brushing noises, slamming doors or inexplicably swinging chandeliers, which was often attributed to Miss Josephine’s presence. Look for more AMERICAN HORROR STORY interviews, including ones with Brewer, Eyrich and Grossman from this event, in the very near future.
He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. So it was no surprise to FANGORIA that if AMERICAN HORROR STORY were to set up their definitive fan event, it would be nowhere else but The Big Easy… and in the historically creepy Buckner Mansion, no less. However, we were assured that this was likely only a small hint of the darkly magical going-on’s during the early years of Buckner Mansion.

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