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The show components fascinating or outstanding cases, for example, the homicide of Selena, Scarsdale Diet specialist kill, the Hillside Stranglers, Matthew Shepard, and the Wells Fargo heist, with the stories told by key players, for example, police, legal advisors, casualties, and the culprits themselves. Jack perjalanan ke kota perbatasan Texas dan mengajarkan sheriff korup (John Schneider) merek nya keadilan mematikan.
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The tragedy of the story of Michael Brown is that it’s not much different from the stories of the other men—young, unarmed, and black—who have been gunned down by the police. Na forum mamy tez dzialy tematyczne przeznaczone do rozmow na rozne tematy i rozwiazywania problemow naszych uzytkownikow.
But after last night’s militarized reaction to the protests in Ferguson, it’s worth considering whether the typical ending to the story, wherein the outrage of the community is met with silence on the part of the authorities, has changed for the worse. On April 17, 1964, in Harlem, New York City, a young salesman, father of two, left a customer’s apartment and went into the streets. There was a great commotion in the streets, which, especially since it was a spring day, involved many people, including running, frightened, little boys. Other people, in windows, left their windows, in terror of the police because the police had their guns out, and were aiming the guns at the roofs. Then the salesman noticed that two of the policemen were beating up a kid: “So I spoke up and asked them, ‘why are you beating him like that?’ Police jump up and start swinging on me. Then they took the young salesman, whose hands had been handcuffed behind his back, along with four others, much younger than the salesman, who were handcuffed in the same way, to the police station.

There: “About thirty-five I’d say came into the room, and started beating, punching us in the jaw, in the stomach, in the chest, beating us with a padded club—spit on us, call us niggers, dogs, animals—they call us dogs and animals when I don’t see why we are the dogs and animals the way they are beating us. I thought he was dead over there.” If you take out the date, there is little in this passage that anchors it to any particular moment in the past century.
Department of Defense’s Excess Property Program, along with grants from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, funnel money and materiel—including firearms, explosives, tactical vests, and vehicles—to state and local law enforcement. For many in this country, the scene from Baldwin’s essay has become so familiar that it now reads as unremarkable. But have we also become anesthetized to images of police in armored vehicles and full military gear? And has the proliferation of images on news and social-media sites made them seem any more normal? Anyone who stayed up late watching the police action in Missouri unfold saw things that did not seem, at least in theory, American. It’s long past time to ask what happens when we raise the threshold of what seems reasonable in a police deployment. If the next Ferguson looks no more militarized than the scene last night, will we excuse it?

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