The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this week, and we're headed to Park City, UT, to check out the festival's newest crop of indie movies. SEVERAL OF THE BEST MOVIES of the last year presented the American experience— especially the African-American experience—in all of its dramatic, sometimes harsh but ultimately liberating beauty.
Sadly as usual, I was unable to screen a handful of last-minute holiday movies (The Wolf of Wall Street, August: Osage County, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Her) before press time. Countless genre fans rely on Netflix to provide them a monthly dose of enjoyable macabre cinema. American Mary: Wea€™ve dealt this film so much praise ita€™s difficult finding something new to say about it. John Dies at the End: One of 2012a€™s finest, John Dies at the End went largely unrecognized when it came to annual acknowledgments. The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3): If youa€™re hungry for a horror binge, wea€™ve got a few recommendations for you.
Supernatural (Seasons 1-8): Never in a million years would I have pegged Supernatural for a killer ongoing series. The Two Faces of January is a 2014 American thriller film written and directed by screenwriter Hossein Amini in his directorial debut. From John and Yoko to Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz to David LaChapelle, the cover of Rolling Stone has always been an art form in its own right. This year's slate is packed with plenty of star power, including Kristen Stewart as a soldier and Ryan Reynolds as a guy who can talk to his pets. LGBT stories, of which there were a higher-than-usual number of domestic and international releases, were definitely part of these cinematic history lessons.
Also, I’ve linked together a few films of equal critical assessment and related themes, so you’ll find more than the traditional critic’s top ten on my list below. Both proved dramatic behind the scenes as well, once Blue’s lead actresses began feuding publicly with the director and Aftermath’s lead actor received death threats over his participation in the film. It will send a powerful message if the film is not only nominated but ultimately wins the Oscar. Dubbed “the Brokeback Mountain of Israeli film,” it is an impressive feature debut bydirector and co-writer Michael Mayer.
However, I did get a kick out of the flick, as there are a couple segments that definitely stun.
The guy is a wizard in front of the camera, toying and controlling comedy like a century-old vet. Everyone, their mothers, their cousins and their pets watched it, and everyone was enamored.
First off, ita€™s a CW show, and thata€™s almost a guarantee that ita€™s a steaming pile of shit.
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A harrowing true story of a modern-day pirate hijacking, with Tom Hanks giving one of his best performances as the title skipper trying to protect his crew.
Matthew McConaughey is stunning as Ron Woodroof, a bigoted straight man infected with HIV in the early 1980s who became Texas’s greatest crusader for life-saving medical care of both gay and straight patients alike. A pair of great, if disturbing, documentaries dealing with the destruction wrought by anti-gay American evangelists spreading their gospel of hate in Africa.
Critics were divided over Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s typically flamboyant adaptation—in 3D no less—of F. Besides, how can anyone not love a movie in which the always-hilarious Jennifer Coolidge plays the prim and proper title resort’s sauciest guest?
A dreary Southern Gothic tale, written by recently-out Wentworth Miller, that largely wastes a talented cast including Nicole Kidman. The tragic death of a young gay man, Tom Bridegroom, is given a mawkishly sentimental, one-sided recounting by his surviving boyfriend and TV writer-producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. This unnecessary sequel to 2011’s superior ghost story should have been more accurately titled Insipid.
A gorgeous-looking movie about gorgeous longtime friends, played by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, who improbably have lengthy romantic and sexual relationships with one another’s barely-adult sons. Auteur Terrence Malick’s follow-up to his Oscar-nominated Tree of Life is less focused, even more confounding and seemingly endless, with a wooden performance by male lead Ben Affleck.
Okay, the truth of the matter is Zombie Ass doesna€™t offer as many laughs as would be expected (based on title alone), but it has its moments. If hea€™s affixed to a production ita€™s wise to look into said production, therea€™s a strong chance youa€™re a€“ at the very least a€“ in for one wild performance. No one involved in this production ever carried any false sense of entitlement; they knew they were making a hokey flick designed to be valued for its outlandish ideas and sequences, and little more. A few days remained on the calendar year when this one dropped, and the flick got stuck in this in between place in which it was too late to draw a€?best ofa€? nods from most outlets, and it missed the 2013 boat because, well, it wasna€™t released on VOD and DVD in 2013.
Featuring amazing performances from Corey Haim, Gary Busey and Everett McGill, Silver Bullet proved to be one of the greatest werewolf features to hit the market. The first three seasons are available on Netflix right now, and therea€™s no reason to avoid watching these gems commercial free. After you have registered for free, you can set your favorite channels at the top of the page so as to not having to search for them later.
The site offers a wide variety of images streamed , you can look directly into a live program . Director Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Ultimatum) directs with his usual you-are-there flair, which works particularly well here in the isolated middle of the sea.
Sometimes ita€™s the film youa€™ve been itching to see that arrives, and sometimes ita€™s the obscure vintage piece you all but forgot about. Youa€™re not likely to find your next favorite genre piece here, but you just might stumble upon a sequence or two that stands out in your mind. Doghouse happens to boast a handful of kick ass characters and thespians, and it moves fast enough to keep eyes glued to the screen. Ita€™s an absolute embarrassment on all fronts, and that somehow transformed the flick into something endearing and special.

None of this business was fair treatment, because John Dies at the End was an amazing film.
Surpassed only by An American Werewolf in London and The Howling (arguably), this is a shining moment for King when it comes to celluloid transfer. Wea€™ve got weeks ahead of us before Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and the rest of the crew return to AMC, but this should hold you over while the wait wanes. And finally a rebellious duo tracking and taming supernatural entities isna€™t the most original idea conceivable. The film premiered in February 2014 in the Berlinale Special Galas section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. I found it to be both dramatically and visually engrossing, indeed the first accessible movie version of the book. Therea€™s so much crazy shit going on it becomes a little challenging in keeping up with the chaos.
But ita€™s true in his case, Maniac was a genius blend of animalistic shocks and dreadful atmosphere, and Elijah Wooda€™s work fronting the film is just genius. Without a doubt the coolest women-turned-cannibal flick ever shot (are there many of those?), this is one piece of work with serious bite. Ita€™s good for big laughs, and if you happen to be an Ed Wood fan (I am, admittedly), youa€™ll probably feel an awkward sense of nostalgia.
From the performances to the special effects to the screenwriting to the editing, this is a riveting film that commands place in the personal collection. Winter will be gone before we know it, you may as well enjoy this one now, while the mood is proper.
Thanks to this and its Jay Z-supervised soundtrack, high school English students will actually want to watch Luhrmann’s film for years to come. And wea€™re out to make sure youa€™ve got a solid guide to some of the more enjoyable flicks available right now. It may not have earned the wide release and acclaim it deserved on the commercial market, but Maniac is a near-perfect flick that stuns from the jump. If you havena€™t seen it yet, Netflix is giving you an opportunity to sample the goods before purchase.
I gotta tell you, John Dies at the End had it all, and ita€™s a true must-see for genre fans.
Despite the detracting points, ita€™s a supremely enjoyable show that offers a wide variety of awesome monstrosities.
It isna€™t perfect, but if youa€™re a fan horror westerns, youa€™ll get a kick or two from this one.

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