Storyline: CIA agent Sean Davidson and his sidekick Carl are sent into the stronghold of sadistic British ex-soldier Mulgrew to rescue some Delta Force commandoes who have been captured and tortured.
Synopsis: When a scientists daughter is kidnapped, American Ninja (David Bradley), attempts to find her, but this time he teams up with a youngster he has trained in the ways of the ninja. When four Delta Force commandos are captured by an elite Ninja force in an African forest, two top secrete operatives are sent to free them.
Rescue lies in the hands of a retired ex-operative who needs some persuasion until the sinister enemy's ultimate scheme of nuclear terrorism indestructible Super Ninja is unleashed for an ultimate showdown.
In this sequel, CIA operative Sean Davidson (David Bradley) must foil the deadly scheme of Mulgrew (James Booth), a former British soldier who's out to destroy the U.S.
Storyline: Joe Armstrong, an orphaned drifter will little respect for much other than martial arts, finds himself on an American Army base in The Philippines after a judge gives him a choice of enlistment or prison.

When Sean, Carl and pretty doctor Sarah run into some problems, Peace Corps vet Joe Armstrong is lured out of retirement to stop Mulgrew’s plan to explode a nuclear device in New York City.
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Working with an Arab terrorist, Mulgrew intends to blow up New York City in its entirety, and he has recruited a band of ninjas to help execute the plan.
On one of his first missions driving a convoy, his platoon is attacked by a group of rebels who try to steal the weapons the platoon is transporting and kidnap Patricia, the base colonel’s daughter, who happens to be along for the ride. When Davidson runs into trouble with Mulgrew's forces, commando Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) is enlisted to rescue Davidson and aid him in completing the mission. Joe rescues Patricia and gets her safely back to the base, but everyone else in the platoon is killed, leading his superiors to conclude that Joe is guilty of cowardice, collaboration or simple incompetence.

At the same time, the rebel leader vows revenge against the serviceman who disrupted his plans, and sends an army of ninjas to assassinate him and bring back Patricia. If he wants to survive and save the girl, Joe’s going to have to draw on every last ounce of his training.

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