Hi everyone, Max from Impassionedcinema and Clair from Cinematic Delights are back to talk about another trilogy.
Claire: Every now and then a film comes along that you should definitely not watch with your parents! American Pie follows the usual codes and conventions that we have now come to expect from a teen film. Jim, Finch and Kevin are still currently single though Oz is still seeing Heather (Mean Suvari).
From what I remember, the hilarity continues as two of the gang, Jim and Michelle, get married.
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American Pie 2 is a 2001 American satire film and the continuation of the 1999 film American Pie and the second film in the American Pie film arrangement. If you haven’t seen the antics of the five teenage soon-to-be college students from East Great Falls then you’re in the minority, and for those that have, then you will share my pain remembering the shameful spin-offs that tarnished the first three American Pie movies and agree that the forthcoming American Pie is needed not only to rescue the franchise but to close it and send it off in the fashion that it deserves. All the gang return, including the main characters, but also the likes of the ‘Shermanator’ and the foxy Stifler’s Mom, which leaves the movie open to so many potential funny story lines as it is hard not to smirk when you think about the imminent release. In 1999, that film was Paul and Chris Weitz’s American Pie, starring Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Seann William Scott. There are all the usual characters that you’d expect to see, including the Jock (Klein) and the Band Geek (Alyson Hannigan). After their first year of college all the men return home and realize not much has changed in their lives.
Class clown Stifler (Seann William Scott) tags along as the boys need one more person in order to cover the cost. In fact, I think I’ve only seen it all the way through once, and that was a long time ago – I would have bought a copy in order to write a more thorough review but I’ve been cutting back on my DVD buying and I wasn’t sure when I’d watch it again!

There have been others that have tried sequels to an amazingly successful premier, but have failed miserably (see: The Hangover PtII). While it was enjoyable to see what mishaps the gang got themselves up to post-high school, I found American Pie and the high school setting the most enjoyable. Download American Pie 2 Full Movie 720p HD with Single Click High Speed Downloading Platform.
In the wake of separating for the mid year, the four companions plan to take off to a shoreline house together, where they mean to use the late spring. This series is filled with romance and raunchy comedy, but always manages to bring a smile like good ol’ American Pie. This movie started an iconic series about high school seniors who want to lose their virginity before going away to college. The plot revolves around one main theme: the gang’s pact to lose their virginity before their high school graduation.
At times it can be tough to watch due to the gross out humor, but American Pie always hits all the emotional cords.
When I first watched it I thought it was funny, rude and that all American high schools and students were like this. Stifler (Sean William Scott), the oversexed school comedian has likewise been welcomed along by Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), having worked out that they can just manage the cost of the house on the off chance that they have a fifth part to work alongside them. It’s certainly going to be an interesting one but as the tag line for this movie says: ‘Save the best piece for last’ maybe they just have? The first film is probably my favorite, but they are very equal in quality that any of the films is a great watch. However, looking at it again from a more seasoned film blogger’s point of view, I’ve found that American Pie is actually a very well written and well-crafted film. AsA­ que su A?ltimo recurso se llama Michelle, una integrante de la banda de mA?sica que resulta ser todo un prodigio.
Stifler assumes responsibility of a great part of the sorting out, regularly winding up heading the gathering in their tries. Oz (Chris Klein) is dejected, being far from his lady friend Heather (Mena Suvari) who is in Spain.

Having to watch Stifler (Seann William Scott) kiss Jim or Jim’s unfortunate problem with glue, it continues to be painful to watch.
Let it be known then, that while the other cast members are missed, American Wedding doesn’t disappoint. They move ahead to begin having telephone sex to vent some of their dissatisfaction, which winds up being hindered by Stifler. This time Jim really comes out of the background into the featured character in the series. It continues the high standard of raunchy comedy the franchise maintained over the previous films. Heather later appears ahead of schedule to the gathering, closure the short storyline that Oz is included in.In the wake of touching base in Grand Harbor they figure out how to discover function canvas a house (focused around the Tuition Painters establishment) in the region together, confused the holders for lesbians. You’ll see plenty of uncomfortable moments with beer cups and apple pies, that I can guarantee. He discovers that he is in love with Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), who had an exciting one-night stand with after prom in the first film. Oz and Kevin alternate viewing up a step and listening on the walkie-talkie likewise in the room.
This was the first film in the American Pie franchise that I saw and it inspired me to see the rest.
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