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He will join Alyson Hannigan(American Pie, Date Movie), Seann William Scott(American Wedding, Mr. They are cheap, fast, cash-ins, on the success and the name of the earlier movies and are incredibly simplistic and immature ones. Teenagers will most probably still have fun with this movie, especially when they watch it with a couple of friends and a couple of cold ones, if they are old enough for that of course.

The story is all over the place and is being filled with some highly unlikely events and characters. Really, if all schools and fraternities were like this, society would have crumbled down by now. And it’s also obviously not being very realistic and actually a quite annoying thing how all of the girls are perfectly pretty ones and the guys all are well toned and can basically get every willing girl with a snap of their finger. These sort of movies probably feel more like an extended television series episode, with only some more nudity added to it than anything else really.
Which makes you think; why haven’t they attempted it yet to make a television series out of the American Pie franchise?

After all, Yes, it was my choice to read through, nonetheless I really thought you would have something useful to talk about.

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