The African-American Romance genre promises sexy, emotional, heartfelt, and romantic stories that reflect the values and dreams of African-American culture. The spectacular courtship flight of the American woodcock will be one of the featured elements of spring woodcock walks at Maumee Bay State Park on April 16 and April 30.
If you think chivalry is dead and the wooing of a mate is something to be done with an app or an online matchmaking service, you might want to reconsider that perspective. Maumee Bay State Park is holding two sessions this month to showcase the spectacular courtship flight of the American woodcock. There is also a night hike at the 226 acre Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve in western Lucas County on April 23 from 7-9 p.m.

The Maumee Bay State Park hikers will learn that while nature is rich in elaborate courtship rituals, the two Woodcock Walk events will give the hikers great seats to observe this avian Casanova at work. Stefan Dangos (Brian Donlevy) immigrates to America from the Czech Republic and works his way up from the iron mines and steel mills to become a great American success story as an industrialist.
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February is both Black History Month and the month of love as Valentine's Day sits right around the corner.
This tiny cousin of the sandpiper is the Don Juan of the sky when it comes to its efforts to impress a female partner, but the only way to witness his aerial acrobatics is to be present near the takeoff area in the early spring.

With that in mind, BET takes a look at some of the most amorous and breathtaking romance novels within the African-American literary canon. In all, nearly 20 different locations around the state are taking part in the spring hikes program.

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