So this has film has just been released in cinemas nationwide and looks to be quite a good romantic film! To kick start your summer film fest properly, why not go to say the romantic flick “What’s Your Number?” starring Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto (starred as Spock in the 2009 film Star Trek) and Ryan Phillippe. This is another romantic summer film which has been released in the UK sooner than expected. If by mid July you aren’t all sick and tired of romance and happy ever afters then on the 22nd you may feel like going to see the film Friends With Benefits. Don’t worry, if you are far too busy jetting away in your hols and enjoying the great outdoors this summer, you can always catch some great films slightly later in the year too!
Brown Paper Dolls have been working on the project for “over 3 years,” and say that it will be available on all platforms, not just the web (TV, mobile and more). Previous post: Do Black Parents Have A Responsibility To Buy Their Little Girls Black Dolls? You see, a man will not watch a romantic chick flick unless it’s funny, has some shooting, maybe a car-chase, and some girls in bikinis.
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Get up to date black entertainment news and thought provoking editorials from the most insightful and knowledgeable sources online. The Electronic Urban Report not only has the hottest trending headlines, but rich original content with a unique perspective. Make sure to browse the Electronic Urban Report daily to get your fill of the urban news you need to know. Usually I am planning on jetting off somewhere hot and exciting for my holidays like Thailand or Egypt but the reality this year is that as a graduate, the pennies aren’t in the piggy bank so to speak.
I am gonna fill my summer with true, heart wrenching and emotional romance – just of the cinematic kind and not the real stuff!
Based on the acclaimed number-one bestselling book, the story is told from the point of view of Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson), a “ninety or ninety-three year old man” living in a nursing home.
The movie hits our cinema screens on 29th April, starting your romantic movie summer marathon! It focuses on two warring friends and bridesmaids who battle over how their friends wedding should be planned. The film wasn’t originally due to be released until 10th June however, the film seems to have made an early appearance!
When celebs decide to work hard they seem to be constantly on our screens for a year or so don’t they! It follows a couple who hook up on the night of their college graduation and then proceed to meet up once a year for the next twenty years.

I have to say that a) I’m too young to remember it and b) Kevin Bacon has always kind of freaked me out – so I haven’t seen the original. Coming your way this November (rumoured release) is the highly anticipated Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
If it doesn’t contain that he will find the movie boring and his mind will wander away easily. Overboard (1987) is a funny movie where Kurt Russel as a carpenter takes revenge on being mistreated by Goldie Hawn which plays a very rich woman, by taking advantage of her memory loss to make her believe he is her husband. Romancing the Stone (1984), this movie contains a lot of adventure and action, yet romance between Michael Douglas as American swashbuckling hero, and Kathleen Turner as a romance novelist from New York. Always (1989) a Steven Spielberg movie where Richard Dreyfuss plays a ghost who has to see how his friend is falling in love with a girl that was his girlfriend when he was alive.
The Proposal (2009) a hilarious movie where Sandra Bullock as a Canadian editor for a NY publishing company is forcing herself to marry her assistant played by Ryan Reynolds, or else she will get kicked out US because of her expired visa.
Wedding Crashers (2005), Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as divorce mediators share a strange hobby where they crash all kinds of weddings which gives them a lot of fun and a lot of girls until one of them falls in love.
Elizabethtown (2005) Orlando Bloom as a depressed designer meets a quick-witted flight attendant played by Kirsten Dunst, and they fall in love with each other at the end. Punch-Drunk Love (2002) a mentally ill businessman played by Adam Sandler goes on a romantic journey with a mysterious woman. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) a romantic fantasy movie where a couple played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet is trying to erase each other from the memory when their relationship gets bad. All four of them try to rectify their romantic lives and futures while their biological clocks tick away. The division distributes feature films, comedy specials, staged plays, documentaries and music content targeting the African-American consumer. From black celebrity news and gossip to the latest in the political world, health and international affairs, you can trust the EUR to provide you with the latest information and opinions on today’s biggest stories.
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So I have settled for little family breaks throughout the year and I will be holidaying in and around the UK. It looks back to him as a veterinary student being told that his parents have been killed and he jumps on a train only to learn it belongs to the circus. The film is set in Massachusetts and follows Delilah (Anna’s character) as she realises she has slept with double the amount of men compared to the national average number. This probably makes you immediately think of last years film Bride Wars except this film is a lot edgier. Based on the book of the same name, Ginnifer Goodwin plays an attorney who is single and miserable and makes the mistake of sleeping with her best friend’s fiance who she has secretly always liked. Anyhoo, it also stars Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Tom Hardy (Inception) – two ridiculously good looking men so that’s reason enough to make this summer tome viewing I say!
The photo stills have started to be released and I can’t hide the fact that I am a massive fan of this franchise and can’t wait for the release.

This film sees an all new cast with the exception of Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher who play new characters making it not a sequel at all but more like a second bash at it – weird! But no worries ladies, I have found a list of romantic films that your man will actually enjoy watching with you.
It’s not very romantic, has a lot of humor and hooking up with girls which is a plus.
Through the process of erasing they realize what they are missing and how important they are to each other.
Zooey Deschanel as a young woman who doesn’t believe in love, but then a guy played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt falls for her. For many of its titles, the Company has exclusive audio and broadcast rights, as well as digital download rights to over 2,100 video programs and approximately 400 audio titles containing more than 6,000 individual tracks. So I have picked out my top 10 of must sees this year and thought you might like to know what they are…..
The film sees her re-visit these 20 past encounters so she can see if she has “overlooked” anyone special along the way in her attempt to find Mr.Right. It’s getting positive first reviews from critics and is even being dubbed “the female version of the hangover”. If you also kind of want to know what the plot is…two lifelong best friends fall in love with the same woman and wage an epic city wrecking battle against each other to win her. The first part of this two part film sees the characters Bella and Edward get married and conceive a little half child vampire – nice! This time it follows the lives of several couples and singles in New York, as they intertwine over the course of New Year’s Eve. The woman that is played by Drew Barrymore has a short term memory loss, so every date with one guy is like her first one.
Updated with the hottest urban news, African American culture updates, black celebrity news, sports and more daily! The good news is that it stars Anne Hathaway as the lead gal but the downside is that she tries to do a Yorkshire accent! Two unknown professional dancers have been cast in the lead roles (Zac Efron pulled out of the project as he didn’t want to make his millionth musical) and will feature new songs. So seeing work colleagues and friends book their get aways to Greece, Spain, Europe and the like just makes me depressed. It has been described as like When Harry Met Sally, except in England, Scotland and France…aaw makes me want to see it after all.

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