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Blanche Ring (April 24, 1871 a€“ January 13, 1961), was an American singer and actress in Broadway theatre productions, musicals, and Hollywood motion pictures. Her final stage performance was in New York in 1938, a role in Madame Capet, which starred Eva Le Gallienne. Her sister Frances Ring (July 4, 1882 - January 15, 1951),[1] was married in 1909 to Thomas Meighan, the popular stage and later silent film actor. The Ring sisters' younger brother, Cyril Ring, was the first husband of actress Charlotte Greenwood (1916a€“1922). In 1940, Ring appeared as one of the featured vaudeville greats in the Bing Crosby picture, If I Had My Way (1940). In the film Somewhere in Time (1980), Christopher Reeve plays a journalist who researches a fictional Edwardian actress in a hotel's library, and finds some theatrical photos.
1907 The Gay White Way, a musical revue whose title meant something quite different in that innocent era, opens at the Casino Theatre for a then-healthy run of 105 performances. One features Teresa Brewer in the 1960s, another is an original version from 1909 by Blanche Ring.
Il titolo A? Come Josephine in My Flying Machine, ed era stata incisa e pubblicata nel 1910 dalla cantante americana Blanche Ring.
Patrons lined up to watch The Big Sky in October 1952 at the Kentucky Theatre on Main Street in downtown Lexington. This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Marin Sais (August 2, 1890 – December 31, 1971) was an American motion picture actress whose career was most prolific during the silent film era of the 1910s and 1920s.
Born in San Rafael, California into a family that was allegedly descended from one of the earliest Spanish families to settle in California, Marin Sais began her acting career as a teenager after travelling to New York City where she appeared in vaudeville. In 1910, at the age of twenty, Sais made her screen debut for New York City's Vitagraph Studios in the short film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night opposite the notable actors Florence Turner and Julia Swayne Gordon. Throughout the 1910s, Sais' career as an actress continued to build momentum and the actress showed her versatility by appearing in such varied genres as comedy shorts, Westerns, dramas, and beginning in 1915 she began appearing in a James W. In December 1915, Sais was filming a lead role on location in the Mojave Desert when a sudden sandstorm blew in.
By 1918 Sais was a highly popular and publicly recognizable film personality and was chosen by Japanese silent film matinee idol Sessue Hayakawa to appear opposite him in a series of film collaborations, the first being the 1918 racial drama The City of Dim Faces followed by His Birthright, released the same year and also starring Hayakawa's actress wife Tsuru Aoki. In 1920, Sais married silent Western actor Jack Hoxie whom she met on the set of the 1916 film Tigers Unchained.

By the mid-1920s Marin Sais' career was declining and she began appearing in a number of lower budget Westerns. Sais' acting career continued throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s, often in bit parts or in uncredited roles in poorly received, low budget Westerns. As a star in her 20s, prior to the end of World War I, Sais' home was in Glendale, California. Lincoln, Nebraska Sunday Star, Movie Players Brave a Desert Sandstorm For Stingaree Film, Sunday, December 12, 1915, Page 7.
News » Published months ago Can Christian Bale return to box office winner with Enzo Ferrari biopic? In John Parker's Who's Who In The Theatre (eleventh edition) she listed 1877 as the year of her birth rather than 1871, which was correct. She acted in the motion picture It's the Old Army Game (directed by her nephew Eddie Sutherland) with W.C. Sais' acting career spanned over four decades and she is possibly best recalled for appearing in Western themed films. Sais would go on to star in a number of well-received comedy shorts for Kalem Company opposite actors Ruth Roland, Marshall Neilan and Edward Coxen. Horne directed Kalem Company Nancy Drew-style mystery serial The Girl Detective, with such titles as: The Riddle of the Rings, The Secret Code, The Disappearing Necklace and The Vanishing Vases.
Sais' collaboration with Hayakawa ended with the 1919 film Bonds of Honor and the same year Sais appeared with Swedish actress Anna Q. It was a trend that would follow Sais throughout her career into the talkie era of the 1930s and give her the dubious title of "Queen of the B-movie oaters".
Two exceptions were the popular 1945 Sam Newfield directed Western Lightning Raiders, starring Buster Crabbe and her role as The Duchess in the long-running 1949 Red Ryder serials starring Jim Bannon.
In her later years, Marin Sais retired to the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California where she was a resident for many years.
You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL. In 1902 she had great success with "In The Good Old Summertime", and followed this with another hit song, "The Belle of Avenue A", performed in Tommy Rot.
Her impersonations were paired with those of Charles Winninger in the Passing Show of 1919, performed at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City. Her interment was in Holy Cross Cemetery, following a rosary which was recited in the Church of the Good Shepherd, in Beverly Hills, California. Once again directed by Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall, the new production co-stars Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles.

In 1911, Sais made her first appearance in a Western entitled The Ranger's Stratagem - it would become a frequent career choice for the actress and in her later career she would rarely appear in other motion picture genres. She suffered seriously from exposure but recuperated after a few days of rest in Los Angeles, California.
During the 1930s, Sais appeared in approximately twenty films - all Westerns except for an uncredited role as Mrs.
By the early 1950s, she made a tentative foray into the new medium of television with a guest appearance on The Lone Ranger. Blanche Ring was an honorary member of the Ziegfeld Club, though she never worked for Flo Ziegfeld. Yap, part of Micronesia, is a cluster of islands stretching some 600 miles in the Pacific Ocean. Guthrie published The Big Sky, his first novel, in 1947, and two years later published The Way West, which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.
In 1916 she began appearing as the character Barbara Brent in a Horne directed Western series of shorts. Although the couple would divorce seven years later, Sais would rarely appear in films outside of the Western genre from 1920 onward. Sais' last role before retirement was a small part in the made-for-TV movie The Great Jesse James Raid in 1953. She returned to New York to perform in such musicals as Right This Way and Strike Up The Band.
The cast of The Big Sky, which was directed by Howard Hawks, included Kirk Douglas, Arthur Hunnicutt, Dewey Martin and Elizabeth Threatt.
Mitchell directed 1924 film The Hellion, which featured British actor Boris Karloff in one of his first prominent roles. Her recording of the song for Victor Records is listed as one of Billboard's top hits of that year, along with her recordings of "Yip-I-Addy-I-Aye" and "The Billiken Man." Will Rogers spoke his first lines on stage in Ring's play The Wall Street Girl.
In 1910 she recorded "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine," after introducing it in a Broadway show, and the song became one of her biggest hits.

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