The remaining Season 13 contestants took to the stage on Wednesday and sang famous songs from films, with the Top 11 unafraid to tackle some major artists.
American Idol, TV, TV Recaps, Sam Woolf, Jessica Meuse, CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts, Ben Briley, Majesty Rose, Caleb Johnson, M.K. I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors a€” theya€™re not true. German shepherds are still used as war dogs by the American military but the lighter, stubbier Malinois is considered better for the tandem parachute jumping and rappelling operations often undertaken by SEAL teams.
Like their human counterparts, the dog SEALs are highly trained, highly skilled, highly motivated special ops experts, able to perform extraordinary military missions by Sea, Air and Land (thus the acronym).
The dogs, equipped with video cameras, also enter certain danger zones first, allowing their handlers to see what’s ahead before humans follow.
As well, the dogs are faithful, fearless and ferocious – incredibly frightening and efficient attackers. Jim Slater was a canine handler on the Winnipeg Police Force when he crafted a Kevlar protective jacket for his own dog, Olaf, in the mid-1990s. And then there are the special hi-tech add-ons that made the K9 Storm especially appealing to the U.S. Just as the Navy SEALS and other elite special forces are the sharp point of the American military machine, so too are their dogs at the top of a canine military hierarchy.
As for the ethics of sending dogs to war, that’s pretty much a moot point, don’t you think?
It seems you are using a browser that isn't fully supported and some of our features may not work as intended. In the movies, nobody wants their scenes left on the cutting room floor, and the same held true for the top 11 on Wednesday night’s American Idol. Speaking of rock star, Caleb Johnson sort of faked us out last night by bypassing the soundtrack to Rock of Ages and picking Skyfall by Adele. Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds, allowing shooters to make that perfect shot. Ergonomic, lightweight synthetic stock designed for quick, easy handling blends a classic look with modern forend contouring and grip serrations. The one-piece, three-lug bolt with 70° throw provides ample scope clearance and utilizes a full diameter bolt body and dual cocking cams for smooth, easy cycling from the shoulder. I reviewed the Mossberg 100 ATR well over a year ago and my opinion of the rifle hasn’t changed. The next rung up would be the Ruger American Rifle, which I reviewed in .30-06 Springfield.
Weatherby came out with their Series 2 Vanguard rifles at SHOT Show this year and they have proven to be absolutely wonderful rifles. As for a scope for that bad boy, my default recommendation is the Konus 4×32 Riflescope.
Post tagged for interest… As a southpaw, a right hand AR is passable, but RH bolt actions are a no go. Actually that’s just sub-$500 with a very respectable Nikon BDC 3-9x-40, and the accutrigger. Eh, I actually think RH bolts are better for lefties if you’re shooting supported or from a bench.
I have left handed savage 110c with the clip option from the 60s ultra smooth bolt action and paired with a leopould 3×9 adjustable scope. I never even looked at the Weatherby products because of the name-brand price range issues. I have yet to buy my 1st hunting rifle and been doing a lot of research to see how to get the best bang for my buck, and where I live (mountains of NH) I will rarely if at all have the opportunity to shoot anything over 100 yards because of terrain & vegitation issues so I think taking advatage of dual-use ammo, I am going to buy a Henry lever action chambered in 45LC because I already own a pistol that shoots the same rounds. Deer, moose, and bear in new hampshire have all been taken with this heavy hitting round and Henry lever action rifles have a good solid reputation backed by being in business for over a century. Sanded the stock and forend where they touch the barrel, so that more or less you’ve free floated the barrel.
Savages aren’t the best looking or best feeling out of the box, but what they are is solid and stupid accurate.
You can buy a drop in trigger to lighten the pull up and reduce creep too for another eighty bucks. The LeverEvolution is legit ammo, and makes the .30-30 a 250 -300 yard deer gun, in my opinion.

There are definitely decent bolt guns in the sub $500 category, but buying a used gun would get you better value, and probably a better scope. If your marlin is old enough, you may (MAY) need a new magazine follower to get the last round to feed reliably. About two years ago a buddy and I purchased a Remington 770 and a Mossberg 100 ATR within days of each other. Under $400 will get you a perfect condition Savage with a lesser scope and in the same calibers.
You are wasting your time and money paying for something greater than 1 MOA and in perfect condition. I don’t like tree stands, since I tend to fall asleep in the bush, so I am at ground level. Harris - "Can’t You See"Dexter Roberts - "Sweet Home Alabama"Ben Briley - "Bennie and the Jets"Majesty Rose - "Let It Go"Caleb Johnson - "Skyfall"M.K.
Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought. President Barack Obama went to Fort Campbell, Kentucky earlier for a highly publicized, but very private meeting with the commando team that killed Osama bin Laden, only one of the 81 members of the super-secret SEAL DevGru unit was identified by name: Cairo, the war dog. The dogs carry out a wide range of specialized duties for the military teams to which they are attached: With a sense of smell 40 times greater than a human’s, the dogs are trained to detect and identify both explosive material and hostile or hiding humans. As I mentioned before, SEAL dogs are even trained parachutists, jumping either in tandem with their handlers or solo, if the jump is into water. When the SEAL DevGru team (usually known by its old designation, Team 6) hit bin Laden’s Pakistan compound on May 2, Cairo ‘s feet would have been four of the first on the ground. Soon Slater was making body Armour for other cop dogs, then the Canadian military and soon the world. Navy SEALs, who bought four of K9 Storm Inc.’s top-end Intruder “canine tactical assault suits” last year for $86,000. Meuse has a lovely timbre in her vocals, and pulled off a very nice performance despite the band epically failing her, according to Connick. This was a big choice, what with the song winning an Oscar  and being the favorite anthem of every little girl in America. Johnson brought bombast and drama to the James Bond hit, and quite gave not only one of the strongest performances of the night, but the whole season. The Jon Cryer lookalike tinkered with the melody ever so slightly, but it worked in his favor as it showed off his musicianship and the clarity in his vocals. And while it may be jumping the queue a little bit, its only because this is the exact same question that hunters across the country are asking right now in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. I know about their reputation and would have never dreamed that you could get their quality for under a grand. Cheap enough that by the time it comes by, I might have talked the significant other into it. Then, wrap some (less than you’d think) high temperature electrical tape around the barrel, about 4-6 inches from the muzzle (for historical accuracy, use oiled wool or leather scraps). I’ve spent years and hundreds of dollars trying to get my A-bolt to shrink group size to what I had with my Savage 111. It’s a rubber ballistic tip (I think Hornady makes it) that nearly doubles effective range over standard LRN.
It may put you a bit over the $500 mark with good glass, but good glass is one of the most important things you can have for long range shots. We went to the range and put 100 rounds of 30-06 downrange (Turned my shoulder into pulp) throughout the course of the day and we walked away thinking the ATR was a winner over the 770.
Sure there are people who like to do that, and it is fine by them, but not my personal choice.
The dogs are twice as fast as a fit human, so anyone trying to escape is not likely to outrun Cairo or his buddies.
Last year canine parachute instructor Mike Forsythe and his dog Cara set the world record for highest man-dog parachute deployment, jumping from more than 30,100 feet up – the altitude transoceanic passenger jets fly at.
And like the human SEALs, Cairo was wearing super-strong, flexible body Armour and outfitted with high-tech equipment that included “doggles” – specially designed and fitted dog goggles with night-vision and infrared capability that would even allow Cairo to see human heat forms through concrete walls. Jim and Glori Slater’s Manitoba hi-tech mom-and-pop business, K9 Storm Inc., has a deserved worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing probably the best body Armour available for police and military dogs.

The standard K9 Storm vest also has a load-bearing harness system that makes it ideal for tandem rappelling and parachuting. You can be sure Cairo was wearing one of those four suits when he jumped into bin Laden’s lair. Urban, whose judging is getting better every week, gave her good advice about singing up on the microphone.
Price is a major factor, as I’m not looking to spend more than $500 for rifle + scope.
A better free floating stock, a detachable internal magazine and a FAR superior bedding system make this rifle a definite step up from the Mossberg. At just about $65 MSRP, this thing is just enough glass to get you solid hits out to 250 yards.
Then, at the points where you put in the screws to hold in the reciever to the stock, put brass washers to separate the metal from the wood (for historical accuracy, use brass shims). While looking at the lever actions among the used offerings at my local gun shop I happened across a Marlin XL7 in 30-06. I think most of us make shots on deer in the 250 yard range or closer, depending on the environment. Working dogs in 15 countries around the world are currently protected by their K9 Storm body Armour. Woolf ditched his guitar and utilized more of the stage, but it was a safe performance on a song that needed groove and a dash of sex appeal. Connick  warned the teen that her eclectic choices is confusing him as to who she is an artist. But since that rifle was reviewed, some new players have come onto the field and I have to admit I like all of them more than the 100 ATR.
And while the MSRP is just a hair over your $500 limit, Bud’s has these for about $460 in your caliber of choice.
Anything past that and you may want to consider paying more for a scope than it takes to fill up your tank. The price is right for me, they have a stellar reputation for shooting well, and with a little gunsmithing, I can change the barrel out and have a 308 and a 260 for pretty short money. The first 2 shots are somewhat close to each other, but every shot after that wanders further away until off the target at 50 yards.
I did these mods to my Mosin, and it shoots under 2 inches with S&B soft-point hunting ammo, a little tighter with the match grades.
If you want bells and whistles, proper cheek comb, nice trigger, then you’ll be spending more than $500. Personally I can Say that the Mossberg 100 ATR is a great rifle, but both the Remmy and the ATR have taken down whitetails which is what really matters. Having said this though my two choices are the Savage XP which comes with the Nikon scope or the Weatherby.
In CA unless you are hunting out in the valley with open rolling hills, ranges tend to stay fairly close.
The Malinois breed is similar to German shepherds but smaller and more compact, with an adult male weighing in the 30-kilo range. To be fair, I also have a Smith fiber optic front sight and I did these mods before I took my first shot with the gun, so I can’t say how much this will help you. Milsurplus is hit and miss in my experience, and they are generally heavier than civilian models and tend to have even worse ergonomics.
Interesting enough, both the 770 and ATR 100 use the same scope which is good enough but I replaced it with some better glass at the first chance.
Sure I have to shoot a right handed rifle with the Weatherby, but if I use a bipod, or shoot supported it isn’t a big deal and I am pretty good at it. I don’t know what condition your rifle is in, but this should help at least a little. Some are solid, some are stinkers, so if you want to be sure, the Savage is my recommendation.

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