Dans l'Amerique des annees trente, tandis que la majeure partie du pays souffre de la Grande Depression, la ville de Las Vegas entame quant a elle sa mutation : jeux d'argent, prostitution et corruption lui valent deja son surnom legendaire de « Cite du Peche ». Vampire Dog, and check out Vampire Dog on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. In Lugosi County, somewhere in North America, twelve-year-old Ace and his mother Susan arrive at their new home. Though the current music teacher discourages students and doubts their skills, Susan thinks the right approach will help the kids.
Susan gets a letter from a notary: the father of her late husband has died, and Ace has inherited his old dog Fang. A television program shows an interview regarding a woman from Transylvania and the incident with the dog. After Ace awakens, Fang explains that he is a 600-year-old vampire dog, living on jelly pudding. The Common Sense Media review in 2012 stated that the film had "anti-bullying messages weighed down by predictable plot", further calling it "logic impaired", and giving it two (of five) stars. Today we welcome Sam Stone, award-winning author of The Vampire Gene series to This Is Horror to discuss ten of her favourite vampire films. I love vampire films, and so to be given the opportunity to talk about them was not to be missed. I like subtitled films a lot and there have been in recent years some very interesting ones coming out of Korea, Japan, and Russia.
This is an exciting and action-packed film with a great deal of originality in both its execution and style. I’m not sure that this film necessarily deserves to be ahead of The Lost Boys but it is certainly one of my favourites. As I said earlier I enjoy subtitled films and that’s why I’m pleased to include another in my top list.
Fright Night (1985) is my top vampire movie and nothing has come along since to change my mind. Love at First Bite, Dracula (1979) with Frank Langela, Twins of Evil, Vampire Circus, Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and a final entry from Hammer Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. A brilliant film, one that can be watched again and again, getting a little more each time, so many facets and nuances. Glad to see Near Dark ranked so high, but I still can’t give any credence whatsoever to a top ten list of vampire movies where Let The Right One In is nowhere to be found. When faced with the creation of a list that is MY favourite 10 Vampire Movies I had to go through a process of elimination.
This list is my current favourites and it contains the films that I frequently revisit as I continue to enjoy them.
One point about Night Watch, I am really in two minds as I saw the film initially and really enjoyed it. Interesting about the NIGHT WATCH books MrKev … I enjoyed the first book, and loved the film, but found the subsequent books hard going and ultimately turgid.
I loved 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and I think that might have been in my top 10, plus maybe DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS or TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA … love those two. It’s a pretty interesting look at his approach to composing a striking cover, especially his closing remarks about color choice.
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Quand les corps d'importants businessmans, vides de leur sang, se multiplient aux coins des rues, l'agent McCogan est loin d'imaginer les raisons de cette hecatombe. The movie stars Collin MacKechnie, Julia Sarah Stone, Amy Matysio, Ron Pederson and Jodi Sadowsky. She involves the school in a talent show, which, if they win, will save the school from closure. This list is in no way definitive but is a short exploration of the vampire movies I’ve most enjoyed for the last few years. This one is Korean and the cultural differences are partly why I think this makes for such an interesting story.
Professor Abronsius (MacGowan) and his bumbling assistant, Alfred (Polanski), find themselves in the heart of cold Transylvania battling against a fearsome vampire. Unsuspecting country boy, Caleb Colton (Pasdar), meets the mysterious and cute Mae (Wright) one night.
Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) loves horror movies and his favourite television programme is Fright Night, presented by waning star Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowell). I saw this recently and didn’t enjoy it much, mainly because all of the elements that made the original film so good were absent. Greg, Let The Right One In is a masterpiece and the remake, Let Me In, is surprisingly good too.

However, after reading the 4 utterly mesmerising books, a re-watch of the film felt flatly disappointing. The DAY WATCH film is also not as good as NIGHT WATCH, suffering from some of the flatness of the books for me. Susan gets work as an additional music teacher at the local high school which will be closing after the current year. The current music teacher assigns Ace to play drums, but Ace panics and falls off his stool. Warhol is sure the DNA of the vampire dog will lead to a solution to create a cream which will stop aging of human skin.
Once inside, Fang starts talking and blames Ace for putting him in the sun: he is allergic to sunlight. I have to give a nod to the ultimate Nosferatu (1922) and to the great performance of Bela Lugosi in Dracula (1931), but here are some of my personal favourites. In this film Jonathan Harker (Reeves) takes an assignment to visit Transylvania and the ancient Count Dracula (Oldman). Priest Sang-hyeon (Song Kang-ho) offers himself up for medical experimentation taking place in a monastery and accidentally becomes a vampire as a result. Michael (Patric) and brother Sam (Haim) move to a new town following their mother’s divorce.
Alfred and the Professor are pulled deeper into intrigue when the innkeeper’s beautiful daughter Sarah (Tate) is taken by Count von Krolock back to his castle, and they are forced to follow. Light and Darkness co-exist in a precarious harmony and have done so for hundreds of years.
David Bowie stars as her vampire lover, John, and we see how their unholy union began in flashback scenes. Then the suave Jerry Dandridge moves into the spooky house next door to Charlie and the teenager sees and hears things that make him suspicious of their charming new neighbour. Colin Farrell made no attempt at all to be sexy, though there was a sinister element to his vampire portrayal. Dusk till Dawn, John Carpenter’s Vampires, and an old school one written by Richard Matheson called The Night Stalker.
Dusk till Dawn is good old fashioned fun, Sam, although the less said about the sequels the better. You see, I enjoy so many vampire movies for different reasons (and I have seen a lot of them!). This is recorded by the other students; since Ace is also the son of the new teacher, he is teased and ostracized.
Ace decides not to tell his mother the dog needs jelly pudding to survive, so he smuggles Fang to school each day so the dog can seek pudding in the schools' kitchen and cafeteria. Once there he learns that the Count is not what he seems and is driven mad by the horrors of the castle, while being seduced by the Count’s vampire brides.
Keeping his secret, Sang-hyeon learns to survive by feeding on the patients in a hospital where he works as a visiting priest.
Born of a mother who was attacked during her pregnancy, Blade grows up and is taken under the wing of Whistler (Kristofferson).
I like this film because there is a brilliant juxtaposition between humour and horror that leaves the viewer with a less than comfortable feeling behind the laughs.
It is the job of the Night Watch to police the activities of the Dark others – vampires, shape-shifters and witches are just a few of these powerful beings. I found that I didn’t care about Charlie or Amy, they were missing the spark that enlivened the original film. Despite being grounded, Ace and Skylar visit the pet shelter to save Fang from another kidnap attempt by Warhol and Frank. Meanwhile, his fiancee, Mina Murray (Rider), waits for his return, never realising that the relationship she strikes up with a mysterious Prince is going to cost both her life and soul.
Then he falls in love with Tae-ju (Kim Ok-bin), the daughter-in-law of a local seamstress, Lady Ra (Kim Hae-suk), and the story takes a sinister turn. Caleb soon learns that he has been converted into a vampire by Mae and that she is part of a gang of vicious blood suckers, ruled by Jesse (Lance Henriksen). But the struggle between Light and Dark is rapidly coming to an end and the Dark intends to win. Afraid of being alone, Miriam begins her seduction of a doctor, Sarah (Sarandon), who may be able to help them. Saved by Michael Corvin (Speedman), she feels she owes him a chance to escape his impending execution at the hands of the vampires.
There is a real sense of threat from him and he is as likely to kill you as he is to seduce you into his dark world. Skylar, a genius in chemistry, knows the reason: jelly pudding contains gelatin, which contains collagen, which for Fang, is a substitute for hemoglobin.

Although both Reeves’ and Rider’s performances – and terrible English accents – leave a lot to be desired, I really enjoyed the alternate history and exploration of the loss which Dracula experiences that causes him to become a monster. This is a very long film, one which I would refer to as literary in its execution (think Memoirs of a Geisha) because although the tale unfolds fairly slowly, it is littered with important detail.
Snipes is simply brilliant as the charismatic Blade and Kristofferson makes an incredible side kick.
I love this film because the vampires are both sympathetic and dangerous (just as they should be). When I first saw it as a teenager I didn’t understand the humour which is quite adult at times, but the sense of threat, punctuated by the music, left a very strong impression on me. Anton (Khabenskiy) is a vampire hunter for the Light, and finds himself positioned between Geser (Menshov), the leader of the Light, and Zavulon (Verzhbitskiy), leader of the Dark. This is a very sophisticated and arty film with sensual use of music which accentuates the sense of threat. Susan's class performance is stopped by Principal Hickman, exposing that the drummer is using a drum computer to cheat. It is first and foremost, a vampire film and features content of an extremely violent nature. This story presents yet another, original, background for the vampires and at times it reminds me a little of The Matrix particularly because of the fighting action and use of technology to develop and present a modern, scientific world that is very believable.
Along the way suspicion is thrown on various characters as Sam and Michael try to find out who the king vampire is. As an adult I love the camp element but can still feel that slight tingle of unease at the undertone generated by the monstrous nature of the vampires. He is given a friend to help him, Olga (Tyunina), and they must find a solution to a curse placed on Svetlana (Poroshina) which threatens to destable the balance. Bowie gives a wonderful performance and Deneuve’s portrayal of the vampire is sensual, classy and very sympathetic.
The principal and drummer were bribed by Warhol, to doom the school, so she can build her chemical company on the land. Oldman is superb in the role, and Hopkins is fabulous as the somewhat damaged Professor Van Helsing. This is a fast paced and unusual film that shows a believable dark world that is hidden from the unsuspecting humans – not a wholly original concept but the execution is. I also far preferred McDowall as Peter Vincent to David Tennant – who played the character like a cross between Russell Brand and Doctor Who.
The characters are strong and sympathetic, while the story mixes in elements of fantasy as well as horror. We can both sympathise with and fear them in the way all effective vampires should be portrayed. This is an absolutely beautiful film, even when it is presenting some dark and horrible moments. My favourite moment is her entrance: she drops from the top of a tall building, lands and immediately bounces to a stand and walks away. I recently watched the film with my daughter, who was 18 at the time, and she loved it too.
There was a level of brutality in this film that showed the creatures enjoying what they are.
The Koreans don’t shy away from sexual or violent scenes, and sometimes they openly explore taboos.
This proved to me that it has stood the test of time and has the same appeal to a modern teenager as it did for me when I was that age.
They don’t angst, or feel guilty about their need for blood, yet they enjoy the kill as any good predator would. All ‘others’ – anyone who isn’t human or who has a supernatural talent – must choose between Light and Dark or they are killed. Bill Nighy is excellent as Viktor, the vampire leader, Shane Brolly is suitably vile as Kraven and Scott Speedman is a great choice as Selene’s love interest, Michael Corvin. The corrupt principal is fired, while the former drummer (his nephew Murray Arbuckle) is assigned to the instrument triangle instead of drums. Oldman made it for me and that sets the tone for this list: the lead vampire has to appeal or the film just doesn’t work. Action-packed, violent and original all at the same time, I enjoy revisiting this film for the sheer fun and adventure of it all. Warhol and Frank are arrested by police and declared lunatics after they claim Fang is a vampire dog.

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