Wikipedia says that it doesn't have anything that exactly matches "zombie_apocalypse_(film)". We have teamed up with Virgin Trains’ ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ Google Street View game to offer readers the chance to win ?100 Amazon voucher.
For a chance to win Night of the Living Trekkies just tell us who would win in a fight, zombie Kirk or zombie Picard and why? Win Capcom's latest zombie game, Dead Rising 2, by simply telling us what your ultimate combo weapon would be. At some point, cord is going to be essential for your survival in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow and you’ll be glad you learned how to make your own. With tickets for the Discovery Screen limited to just 42 per day for weekend ticket holders I made sure to get up early and arrived a good hour before the first film.
I managed to pick up tickets for I SELL THE DEAD and COLIN and made it in with a few minutes to spare for THE HORSEMAN. An action-packed, multi-award winning Australian thriller that features a range of powerhouse performances in an unflinching study of grief & retribution. As he travels through rural Queensland to investigate, he picks up Alice (Caroline Marohasy), an awkward young runaway and an unlikely bond develops.
Initial Thoughts – This was surprisingly brilliant and a cracking way to start off Day 2. Not much to do for the hour and a half between THE HORSEMAN and I SELL THE DEAD so grabbed a bit of lunch and headed into my first Discovery Screen film of the festival. 19th century justice has finally caught up to grave robbers Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. Next up was AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON which I have seen before but not for a long time.
John Landis was in attendance and over the course of the next few days I would hear a lot of fans getting all gooey at having just spoken to him. David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne) are two American backpackers attacked on the English moors by a snarling creature that changes their mortal lives forever.
After the film John Landis got back up along with some of the cast and crew and he then proceeded to talk. With 20 minutes before the next film I made a dash to McDonalds and was back in time for the film I was most anticipating for the whole of Frightfest, COLIN. With another 90 minutes to kill before my second zombie film of the day LA HORDE, I wrote up a few notes for the day so far.
Before that though we were then treated to a short preview of SPLICE, the new Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Cypher) film.

In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gansters, four corrupt Parisian cops go on a rampage in a condemned building serving as the mobster’s hideout. Next up was the days’ short PARIS BY NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, my third zombie film of the day!
A couple get married during a zombie apocalypse just before the undead break in and eat the minister.
Two newly weds Adjie and Astrid, along with 3 of their best friends decided to have an interstate road trip as a last attempt to reconcile Adjie with his estranged little sister Ladya.
A disappointing end to Day 2 and on the way home I started to feel incredibly ill and almost had to throw up several times. ZC Barry runs Zombie Command from their HQ in a safely bugged in location somewhere in the UK.
With the help of a jealous girlfriend and a rich goth chick, Vinny and Sebastion take on the mob, angry, geeky, frat-boys, and zombies in the search of the perfect high. This Australian revenge flick comes from directoral debutant Steven Kastrissios and having avoided reading anything about it I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Explore the dark fantasies we all dream up as Christian (Peter Marshall) grieves over the suspicious death of his teenage daughter.
But as the crime is pieced together, an ugly truth is revealed and Christian spirals down a dangerous path.
While at points it does drag on a bit at 110 minute run time it is a brutal revenge chiller with many of the scenes making the crowd winch and flinch (especially the guys).
With the specter of the guillotine looming over him, young Blake confides in visiting clergyman Father Duffy, recounting fifteen years of adventure in the resurrection trade. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this and while the story was original, the filming quite nice to look at and the acting mostly spot on, it still left me wanting something a little different. While it does contain a couple of zombies, which actually have a couple of the funniest scenes, there’s just a spark missing that makes this film hard to recommend. It followed the BEWARE THE MOON documentary on it which I skipped in favour of I SELL THE DEAD and has been remastered in HD for Blu-Ray discs. Nurse Alex Price (Jenny Agutter) lets David move in with her before realizing he’s raoming the West End of London committing brutal murders in werewolf disguise.
If you’re a horror fan you need to see AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, though not so much the second. It looks like it could be interesting but not knowing anything about it I’m still somewhat in the dark. Trapped by their prey, the officers are about to be executed when the unimaginable occurs – hordes of rage-fueled zombies suddenly invade the building, savagely atacking everyone and leaving no prisoners.

Directed by Gregory Morin it was unsurprisingly in French, though with next to no dialogue and filled with nothing but ridiculously awesome set pieces it didn’t really matter.
What happens next is a rollercaster ride of guns, chainsaws, swords, motorbikes, grenades and rocket launchers. I was pretty much expecting this to be horribly cringeworthy and was hoping for something like Ring or Audition more than some of the more recent efforts.
Their trip is however abruptly interrupted when they run into Maya, a strange girl out of nowhere, who wanders aimlessly into their path. While the casting was spot on, especially with the creepy family, there was nothing that made me have to look away from the screen, nothing particularly original about the story, despite being 93 minutes felt like it went on for far too long and instead of gore all we get is red; buckets and buckets of red.
The transistion from such a huge cinema to this more intimate affair was huge and it immediately gave much more of a sense that this was an exploration of film rather than just the freedom to applaud and whoop whenever something cool happened on screen. His tale leads from humble beginnings as a young boy stealing trinkets from corpses, to a partnership with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes as they hunt creatures unwilling to accept their place in the ground.
Third thought, while dragging on too long on a couple of set pieces this is an original and accomplished movie showing many zombie film staples from the view point of the zombie. Back in the main screen there was still no sign of Emma, I began wondering if I had said something to her but figured it was just because she was working. Unexpected alliances are made as both police and gansters fight to get out of the building alive.
The friends unanimously decided to give her a ride to her isolated house by the end of the woods.
The colorful and peculiar history of Grimes and Blake is one filled with adventure, horror, and vicious rivalries that threaten to put all involved in the very graves they’re trying to pilfer.
Maya introduces Adjie and friends to her blue-blooded mother Dara, a woman of ageless enigma and few spoken words. He then drew the raffle winner for tickets to the after-party but as the first winner walked out before it was drawn they never claimed their prize and that went to another ticket holder.
This is where the night turns into a crimson-hell for the 6 friends, who find themselves trapped and hunted down by Dara and her cult-like family of her three deadly proteges, born and raised to systematically eliminate unsuspecting passers-by for one nefarious reason.

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