Build Your Own Small Animal Cages 29-4-8 Whether you need one cage for the family chinchilla or 100 cages for rabbit does, building quality cages is easy with parts and materials from Quality Cage Company.
Pet Rabbit Living Spaces, our e-book for pet rabbit owners, is available for immediate download.Pet Rabbit Living Spaces includes tons of illustrations for building this all-wire cage, various other cage dimensions, and many more options for pet hutches, cages, even a run and a pen.
DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing for Meat & Show Rabbits provides ideas, plans and fully illustrated directions for housing methods well-suited to livestock rabbits. All our rabbit housing e-books contain this all-wire cage plan, but enhanced and liberally illustrated.Get More Info on our rabbit housing E-books:Pet Rabbit Living Spaces DIY Livestock Rabbit HousingBut Wait!
We think we get the most value for our money by building our cages with our rabbit cage plans. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. David's curved retaining wall set on a solid footings, curve created on site using extra panels.

Originating Lab labels each cage to be transferred with a Purple Transfer Card (obtained from the Area Supervisor or located at the Transaction Slip Station located outside of the Area Supervisor's Office). NOTE:  Receiving Lab CANNOT touch, use or move the transferred animals until the Receiving Lab has received an email from OAR stating that the transfer has been approved. Label cages to be moved with a Purple Transfer Card (obtained from the area Supervisor or located at the Transaction Slip Station outside of the Area Supervisor's office). If they are not available, label the cages with a Purple Transfer Card (obtained from the Area Supervisor or located at the "Transaction Slip Station located outside of the Area Supervisor's Office) and leave the Transaction Slip on one of the cages behind the Purple Transfer Card.
After 30 years of building and selling cages, the company has now started selling do-it-yourself materials to individuals, feed stores and others. "We do everything the hard way, making edges smooth and notching corners so they aren't sharp," says Guy Cone, who runs the business with his wife Judith. You can easily look up a specific issue or browse through all of our previous issues at your leisure. But we understand that others may prefer to save time and effort by purchasing cages ready-made.Our Resources page will link you to various rabbit cage manufacturers. We wanted rabbit cage plans that save time by not having to cut wire, and that eliminate wire waste.

Our Animal course is constantly expanding so having something that is easily movable saves on the cost of building a fixed enclosure giving us more variety and flexibility. Doorways have wire trims to stiffen them, and door guards are extruded plastic to give a smooth edge." The Cones build banks of cages for small animal and bird breeders as well as individual cages, which they wholesale in the Pacific Northwest. Be sure you allow at least a 12" - 14" length of cage-front intact, in case you decide to use a J-feeder. And, we use galvanized or powder coated metal trays instead of plastic." Pet owners and animal breeders alike can order cages assembled or knocked down for shipping and ready to be assembled.
For do-it-yourselfers, wire netting or screening is available by the roll in a variety of sizes, lengths, gauges and widths.

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