After heavy rainfall in India in the middle of November, the metropolis of Chennai was flooded for days. This DVD is packed full of new, exciting and novel ideas; based on a repertoire starting with the moves 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e6 3 Nf3 with g3!
Strategy, combinations, attack and defence, sacrifices and marvellous manoeuvres – exciting chess is all about the Najdorf! Enjoy the best moments of recent top tournaments (Wijk, Gibraltar and Zurich) with analysis of top players. The new King's Indian special book is based on 59 000 games from the Engine room plus 67.000 "human" games – predominantly from Mega 2016, rounded out with top games from the correspondence chess database. The FIDE World Chess Championship match between defending champion Viswanathan Anand and his challenger world number one Magnus Carlsen is taking place from November 9 to 28 2013 in the the Hyatt Regency, Chennai, India.
If there is anyone in the world that has the psychological strength to recover from this, it is Anand. Josh is the current US Open Champion and is the first person qualified for the 2014 US Chess Championship. Anyone that can help contact those in the disaster area and inform them of the Satellite resource is encouraged to do so. Two teams from the Indian Institute of Hams (IIH), were at Tamil Nadu and the Andaman and Nicobar islands to provide communication and medical help. The Second Silicon City Ham Meet was held at the Premises of Indian Institute of Hams, at VIP Hall of Sree Kanteereva Outdoor Stadium on 17th Aug 2008.
Sri.Amrit Paul, IPS lighted the lamp and gave his address in which he said he was not aware of so much activity by Hams.
Sri.Amar Kumar Pandey IPS in his Chairman address said he wanted to encourage Ham clubs in at least 100 schools in the coming year and also involve all secretaries of Govt. The main function concluded at 1115 as scheduled, with the vote of thanks by Soma (VU2RO) who brought out the advantages of connectivity by repeaters, working on batteries, and the efforts by Hams.
After tea, there was a technical session on Software Defined Radio by Ravi (VU2IIX), which was attended by a large audience, since it is the future of Radio Communication; Later Yamini (VU2YAM) gave a brief exposition of her expedition with a beautiful presentation on the new LCD projector of IIH. Concurrently brisk sales were conducted by Hams about the components and subassemblies, in as much as six different counters.
Post lunch session was distributing the certificates for the winners of the contest held earlier in the month as Garden City Radio Contests. Bollywood actress katrina kaif is very much worried for the disaster in Chennai due to floods and she has a personal reason to it. Psychologically he might be able to recover, but the damage done in the scoreboard and the obvious fact that his preparation isn't causing Carlsen problems should worry him greatly.

The match is over twelve games, with time controls of 120 minutes for the first 40 moves, 60 minutes for the next 20 moves and then 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 61. If the winner scores 6.5 points in less than 12 games then the closing ceremony will take place on the day after the World Championship has been decided or one day thereafter. The schedule and commentators may be changed before the start of the Championship on November 9th, with long and short castlings possible.
If you are not a member you can download a free Playchess client there and get immediate access.
Should another configuration of AO-51 be identified as providing more benefit to those in the disaster area, AMSAT will adjust AO-51's operating mode accordingly. It was a grand success with more than 170 delegates participating from States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and few from Maharashtra, and with many local Hams. Sathyapal (VU2FI) the Chief Coordinator of the Silicon City Ham meet, gave the purpose of the meet and Ham activity is promoted at Karnataka and what more is to be done.
He thanked the organizers for the opportunity of educating him and said he would become an interested party to this fraternity. When addressing the gathering Sri Suri (VU2MY) gave a gist of how the Ham activity developed in the country with active support of late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi (VU2RG) and we are in apposition to launch our own satellite in space.
This was appreciated by the Chairman and the Chief Guest being IPS officers .He also brought out lack of availability of comparatively less costly equipment of indigenous origin, which a bottleneck for the expansion of the activity, in our country compared to Japan. Many animals are also affected, which is why we have decided to travel to India to support our partner organization Blue Cross of India.
Tomorrow is as rest day, a much needed one for himself and his team as they try to conjure some ideas.
Carlsen seems to be the better player, and even Anand's preparation just failed to do much of anything. The question here is not so much his psychological stability - he has that, he has the experience. Amsat and the Echo Command Team appreciate your help and understanding as we try and lend assistance. Amar Kumar Pandey IPS, commissioner - Youth Services and Sports Government of Karnataka, who is to preside over the function, arrived in time, and all were expecting the Chief Guest Sri. After the invocation by a little cute girl of age Eight (Kumari Rachita) the proceedings was set in motion. This makes it even more important to medically treat and vaccinate the animals as rapidly as possible. Almost immediately he lost the opening advantage, its likely that to have any he should have traded the bishops on e6 as soon as possible.

Major Open tournament victories include: the 2003 Eastern Open, 2005 Berkeley Masters, 2008 National Open, 2009 Edmonton International, 2009 North American Open, 2010 Saint Louis Open, 2010 American Open, 2013 Chicago Open.
AO-51 will be reconfigured at approximately 0305 UTC on 30 DEC 2004 to operate as a Store and Forward PBBS. Chairman - IIH presided over the function held at the VVIP entrance hall, Shree Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium and briefed the role of amateur radio especially in disaster management and emphasised that the central goverment should come forward in supporting this movement.
The audience covered the complete spectrum of age groups from tiny tots to grand old senior Hams, since some of the Hams from outstations and few locals came with their families and children. Panneer Selvam (VU2PCP), who was instrumental in having a VHF repeater at Thrichencode, near Yercaud in Salem Dt.,because of which now Hams of Bangalore have access to places like Coimbatore through VHF with a cross band connection arranged by Subbu (VU2 ZUB) and Jim (VU2JIM) at Bangalore.
He also brought out how Yamini, (VU2YAM) took the bold venture to the expedition to Coco Island and sorted out the administrative problems of the foreign country, where English was not the official language, and made the trip a success. Our disaster relief team is still in action all day long and has provided feed for over 600 animals, including 350 cows yesterday alone.
The PBBS will still be open to general amateur use, but amateur operators should be ready to cease BBS operations at any moment, when we start to receive message traffic. It exposed the popularity of the function, even though no delegate fee was charged, but included the usual hospitality of Tea and a working, but enjoyable lunch thrown in to all invitees. But due an important engagement with the Chief Minister at the last moment and at the same time, he regretted his presence.
The following is the Summary of the proceedings held on that very successful day, when weather god also co-operated as an approval of the intension and purpose.
Even though Bhanumathi (VU2BL) got the Bumper prize she donated the same for redraw by IIH. Sri Sathyapal (VU2FI) briefed about the Call Book and CD and all the help lent by hams of Bangalore after the Tsunami disaster. All the guests and participants enjoyed the eye ball session and the function came to a very satisfying conclusion. This might have encouraged the organizers for further functions and there is proposal to Vote  for All India Hamfest of 2009 at Bangalore, for which co-operation of all was sought.

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