Paul McGuire hosts Apocalypse and the End Times that features Top Prophecy Experts including: Thomas Ice, Bill Salus, Jerry Robinson, Bob Cornuke, Don Perkins, Jonathan Cahn, Brent Miller, David Hamblin, Jonathan Matusitz, Cris Putnam and Dan Goodwin. When the sun rises on December 22, as it surely will, do not expect apologies or even a rethink.
The concluding narrative in a groundbreaking new trilogy about America's craziest court case. DARK MATTER digs deeper into the five days of intense police investigation immediately following the discovery of the British exchange student sharing a house with Amanda Knox.

Nick van der Leek, bestselling author of REEVA IN HER OWN WORDS and co-author (with Lisa Wilson) of AUDACITY, is a prolific and versatile photojournalist.
Interviews with Oscar's former agent, analysis from SA's top legal minds and unanswered questions.
Christopher Ulysses, in a bid to escape a dying, freezing Europe, embarks on an epic journey South. Nick has a client portfolio that includes the Square Kilometre Array (South Africa), John Williams, Mercedes Benz, Harmony Gold, The Free State Provincial Government, The Blue Train and many others.

Nick has written for an incredible portfolio of magazines, from sport (Ironman, Bicycling, Cycling Weekly, Tour de France magazine, Fitness for Him) to travel (Country Life, Go!, Getaway, South, Franschhoek Style, Explore) to high brow publications focused on men's issues, IT, and economics (GQ, Men's Health, Financial Mail, Finweek, Brainstorm, ABSA Capital magazine).

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