Unless you live under a rock you may have heard there’s a freak weather system heading up the east coast. The east coast, New York in particular, could see water levels swell to as much as eight feet over the next few days. Land Rover Discovery Amphibious Edition: The blokes at Land Rover are a visionary group of chaps. CAMI Hydra Terra: Do you have a large family and need to move them around like crazed red headed science teacher tripping on acid? Water Car Python: Ever wonder what a would happen if a Chevrolet Silverado, a boat and Chevrolet Corvette had a threesome in the Playboy mansion’s grotto? Iveco Sea Land: This experimental vehicle is the newest on the list, having been unveiled earlier this month at the Genoa International Boat Show.
Get survival tips for the end of the world from those who've invested countless hours and resources prepping for Doomsday. 2015 predictions: zombie apocalypse virus , Out of the many predictions for 2015, a zombie apocalypse virus probably seems like a bad joke considering the recent ebola epidemic. Zombies coming : zombie apocalypse ( start, A zombie blog question zombie apocalypse start. Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment.

This entry was posted in Year Zero Survival Blog and tagged best movies, how to survive the apocalypse, movies, SHTF, survival education, top movies for survival by staff-writer. Many people mistakenly believe the plague died out in the Middle Ages, but the virus strain is alive and well, and on American soil.
What happens when machines become so intelligent that they supersede our decision-making, run our border patrols and replace regular armies?
She’s already laid waste to Haiti and several small islands flooding everything, and killing a reported 65 people.
Neither did we, but there’s this amphibious vehicle that is exactly all of those three mashed into one go-anywhere-and-look-like-a-douche-mobile. Based in rural Russia they build vehicles to survive winter, and or the impending apocalypse. Until now, they have been dismissed as cranks and crazies, but what if those preppers are right? But how close are we to the next natural -- or worse, man-made -- deadly outbreak of the bubonic plague?
But Sandy is as diabolical as them come and now plans to team up with a massive cold front in an attempt drown the entire east coast in her menopausal rage. So it goes without saying that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning commutes will be more Apocalypse Now than Wall Street.

Their solution was to attach some ballast tanks to their rugged Land Rover Discovery and set sail.
So if you’re a Tribeca resident you can both the 100 ft yacht and the Range Rover with the Iveco Sea Land pictured here.
With rubber tires larger than small children, the Impulse Vikiing is a serious go anywhere vehicle. Which means it has more than enough room to loot Whole Foods for water logged organic produce.
Scientists and even savvy entrepreneurs are reaching out into the universe with messages hoping to start a conversation.
The coolest thing about this is that it’s the only DIY vehicle on this list because Series I Land Rover Discoverys are insanely cheap right now, and so are outboard motors. Aton has just signed a deal to deliver these vehicles to NGO’s operating in remote and geographically hostile locations.

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