Before Dreamworks became a powerhouse with Shrek and Madagascar, the newly founded company recruited an all-star cast for Antz: Woody Allen, Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Danny Glover, Gene Hackman, Christopher Walken and many more. The producers of the DC animated features frequently cherry-pick adaptation of some of the most interesting storylines in contemporary (and vintage) comics, with intriguing results.
Tucked among The Disney Channel’s awful TV lineup is an 11-minute show packed with intersecting plot lines, adventure in suburbia, intrigue and a pet platypus doubling as a super agent.
Set in a post-apocalyptic world governed by an all-powerful forest spirit, Origin uses themes and stock characters common all too common in the form but manages to put them together exceedingly well. France is keeping the hand-drawn film alive with this gorgeous Oscar-nominated film about a black cat at the heart of a jewel robbery. The beautifully crafted stop-motion film ParaNorman is part Something Wicked This Way Comes, part The Goonies. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it—along with fearlessness—make young Despereaux a most unusual mouse.
A bright spot between The Jungle Book, released in 1967 just after Walt Disney’s death and his company’s renaissance with 1989’s The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers took four years and $8 million, time and money reflected in the quality of the production. With The Walking Dead still a ratings juggernaut and Mad Max: Fury Road having pulled in $124 million worldwide, our culture’s fascination with what happens after it all hits the fan shows no sign of letting up.
From “brain training” apps to concussion-preventing chocolate milk, we’re surrounded by dubious, pseudoscientific claims. While transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) has shown some effectiveness in treating mood disorders, some manufacturers tout tDCS devices as cognitive cure-alls. Seuss tale for the big screen, rendering his whimsical illustrations in shiny, computer-generated fashion. Released in 1997, it was stuck in between 1996’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and 1998’s Mulan. Based on Grant Morrison’s acclaimed take on the Man of Steel, All-Star Superman depicts Kal-El’s discovery that he’s contracted a terminal case of solar poisoning, inspiring him to change his superheroic behavior and express his feelings in ways he otherwise never would. Mobsters, a cat burgler, the police and a little girl play their own game of cat-and-mouse in a gripping mystery that brings Paris to life for kids and adults.
Relying on Gilliam’s Monty Python friends for much of its comedy, its episodic plot works mostly because it’s a children’s movie. Young emperor Kuzco (David Spade) is turned into a llama and forced to try and reclaim his throne with the help of a poor llama herder Pacha (John Goodman). The town of Blithe Hollow, once a colonial village, now a struggling tourist trap, has lived under the threat of a witch’s curse for 300 years—long enough for fear to transmogrify into camp. The film from Gary Ross (Big, The Hunger Games) and Sam Fell (Flushed Away, ParaNorman) was adapted from Kate DiCamillo’s 2004 Newbery Medal-winning novel. Based on a pair of Margery Sharp fantasy novels, the story tracks a pair of mice, Bernard (Bob Newhart) and Miss Bianco (Eva Gabor) as they travel the Devil’s Bayou in search of a missing child. It’s no surprise that many find post-apocalyptic stories alluring, because they are simultaneously bleak and hopeful: They explore humanity in the most dire of circumstances, often in situations where other humans are the biggest danger of all. If it's about species survival or the end of the world, and it's good, we probably have it listed here. But speaking from personal experience, discernment is something that’s usually developed a little later in life. The moral of the story, published more than 40 years ago, couldn’t be more topical: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
Featuring voice contributions from Tate Donovan, Danny Devito and James Woods, the film follows the harrowing adventure of Greek demigod Hercules.
The film episode structure features eccentric changes of tone from comedy to tragedy, but it still offers the best, most off-beat treatment of Superman in the animated films. Unlike most Disney shows, the kids have a deep-seated affection for both siblings and parents—even as Candice tries to bust her brothers.
Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee) can see and talk with ghosts, an ability that might make him quite popular with the dead set, but one that does little to improve his social standing with his living schoolmates?
It’s not.” Unfortunately, in their bid to expand the good doctor’s rhymes to feature length, the filmmakers bookend the fable about the Lorax with a new storyline that distracts and detracts from the core message of the original book.

After he’s banished to earth by his evil uncle Hades, Hercules must learn to become a “true hero” and go back home to Olympus to defeat Hades once and for all. After all, they imagine that there are at least still some people who have found a way to survive, no matter how challenging the new status quo. At the end, I've added a list of shows I found on my Netflix "viewed" list that are now unavailable for streaming. Thankfully, Netflix Instant has recently expanded its offering recently with some classic kids flicks from Disney, Dreamworks and Universal. Povenmire later worked on Family Guy, and the cleverness of those shows has wore off on both. ParaNorman took two years to animate, and it shows in the exquisite craftsmanship of its design and execution. The artistic direction illustrates such a love for detail and texture that every bit of scenic design, from the town hall to a plastic bag caught in a fence, creates a perfect world for this story. If you want to watch the finale again, it should be on Amazon Prime streaming sometime on Monday.) These are the redeemable, beautiful moments from The Walking Dead finale. We wanted movies that are defined by some singular event that either destroys civilization or at least strains it to the breaking point. We also want a bit of distance and time between that event and those of the story, so we can see the ways people have adapted to try and make their way in their new reality.
World War Z was surprisingly compelling, but unlike the book, it’s set right in the midst of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, so it doesn’t really fit our criteria. My husband gives me a hard time because if we’re out driving and I see a cat, I point to it wildly and say something like “Awww! Unfortunately, humanity’s worst instincts are still thriving aboard the train, with the passengers divided into an oppressive caste system: the elites enjoy comparative opulence in the front cars, while the poor are crammed into the dismal tail section. Like with legit buyouts and acquisitions, where 21st Century Fox becomes a subsidiary of Netflix. Spurred by on by his mentor (John Hurt), a tailie named Curtis (Chris Evans) leads an insurrection and begins fighting his way toward the front of the train. Or, in the converse, I'd simply appreciate if the rest of the content holders would get their streaming game in order. There he will face an inevitable confrontation with Wilford, the eccentric, Howard Hawks-ian industrialist who built Snowpiercer, and decide the fate of the last vestiges our species.Directed by Bong Joon-ho (The Host) and based on a French graphic novel by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, Snowpiercer is a truly surreal vision of the post-apocalyptic world, from the unlikely setting to the aggressively bonkers performance of Tilda Swinton as Minister Mason, Wilford’s second in command whose goofy appearance belies a black, power-mad heart. We haven’t seen a horse around there since Rick had one, and since that really sad episode with Daryl and the poor horse. While the core concept of train as Noah’s Ark makes less sense the more you let your brain pick at it, Bong Joon-ho does an outstanding job of bringing the claustrophobic world of Snowpiercer to life, showing off nearly every element of how this microcosmic civilization subsists while permanently crammed into a series of metal shoeboxes. So this was fun.Carol Redeemed Morgan in the Finale, And He Saved HerTHE WALKING DEAD: Where Are MORGAN And CAROL Going?!
He also packs in some truly memorable action sequences, including one where the tailies find themselves fighting Wilford’s men in a pitch-black train car—while their opponents are sporting night-vision goggles.Snowpiercer is by turns funny, thrilling, scary, freakish, and very, very weird, but it’s absolutely worth booking passage on Netflix. Even if you hate it—and the divisive climax will leave some out in the cold—I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it. 2) Young Ones (2014)The end of the world as we know it: DroughtOf all the potential apocalypses on this list, the grim world of Young Ones seems the most feasible from today’s vantage point.
One need only look at California’s record-breaking drought or dire predictions about water scarcity later in this century to imagine the parched future of Jake Paltrow’s post-apocalyptic Western as being all too close for comfort.In a near future where widespread drought has pushed civilization to the brink, Ernest Holm (Michael Shannon) ekes out a living transporting supplies to workers who extract precious water from deep wells in the desert. After his pack mule breaks a leg, Ernest purchases a four-legged cargo robot as a replacement, in the process putting himself on a path toward an ugly confrontation with the disreputable Flem Lever (Nicholas Hoult), one that will have dire consequences for his family.While the movie is set in the future and includes such sci-fi trappings as robotic mules and flying drones, Young Ones is very much channeling the style and tropes of classic Western films. In fact, they pulled The Terminator while I was writing this article (and lost a respectable #3 spot, I might add!) BUT I'll keep this list updated all year, so if you see something good on Netflix that I don't have; please let me know about it in the comments, via email, or in the web form on our Tips page. You’ve got hardy characters attempting to tame an unfriendly land, and bedeviled by violent men willing to kill to take what they want.
And come back to this page periodically to see a current list (until the 2017 list is published).Released in 1997, this dark vision of the future asks what humanity would be like if our very survival were on the line.
Themes of family and rough justice are at the core of Young Ones’ story, with Ernest’s son Jerome (Kodi Smit-McPhee) forced to grow up fast in the wake of tragedy and do what must be done to protect his own.

He became the true spiritual leader of the group (far more so than Gabriel.) Carol and Morgan have an amazing dynamic and chemistry. Jake Paltrow’s script is a mix of familiar material, but it’s elevated by a top-notch cast, a satisfying revenge arc, and a well-realized vision of an uncomfortably plausible near future.One of the biggest stars of the show isn’t even human. Ernest’s four-legged robotic pack mule is actually based on a real-life bot: BigDog, a “rough terrain” robot designed by Boston Dynamics.
The movie’s contrast of high-tech robotics against a dusty, desperate dystopia is both striking and fascinating, and the inclusion of real-world cutting-edge tech only adds to Young Ones’ sense of verisimilitude. Stake Land occupies the same bleak corner of the end times as The Walking Dead, but with the shambling undead swapped out for the considerably more sprightly victims of a vampire plague. Robotic slave labor is great, but what happens when the slaves learn how to break their chains?
Mister and Martin fall into the latter category, cutting across the overgrown highways of America in search of “New Eden” up north.
Along the way, they encounter isolated towns where the hardy have restored some semblance of normalcy, but where each sundown holds the potential for disaster and bloodshed. Unfortunately, they also run afoul of a fundamentalist cult convinced the vampires are doing God’s bidding and purifying the world. Needless to say, they aren’t the sort who are willing just to agree to disagree.Stake Land unfolds as a road trip and a series of vignettes, with quiet moments interspersed by brutal violence—and one particularly clever set piece involving a helicopter.
Like The Walking Dead and many other apocalyptic tales before it, Stake Land posits a world where the threat posed by the undead is often eclipsed by that of other humans. Director Jim Mickle is in well-trodden territory here, but the journey is still enjoyable, and Stake Land showcases some truly gorgeous examples of nature growing up around mankind’s decaying footprints, from crumbling churches to empty, water-logged warehouses. The element that brings mankind to its knees in the 2013 Spanish thriller The Last Days (Los Ultimos Dias) is considerably more subtle, but arguably even more debilitating. In The Last Days, humanity is slowly enveloped by a pandemic form of fatal agoraphobia, a fear of outdoor spaces so intense that simply walking out the front door of your building can spark a panic attack so intense it can kill you. The story follows Marc (Quim Gutierrez) and Enrique (Jose Coronado), a pair of formerly antagonistic office workers in Barcelona, reluctantly banded together to try and reunite with their girlfriend and father, respectively. Using a stolen GPS device, they make their way through an urban underworld populated by the hungry and the desperate, constantly hindered by the simple fact that they can’t use any route that will take them aboveground.Like the best post-apocalyptic flicks, The Last Days blends large-scale social extrapolation, inventive action set pieces, and small-scale personal storytelling. Of course, in German “hell” just means “light,” but this tight little German-Swiss thriller manages to get plenty of thematic mileage out of both potential interpretations of the title. Set in 2016, Hell envisions a world where solar flares have blasted the Earth’s surface temperature upwards by a full 10 degrees Celsius.
This is a world where “the harsh light of day” has taken on a very literal meaning, and survivors of this heat-blasted world must either remain largely nocturnal or else drape themselves in protective covering for the times when they must brave the scorching daylight… which, unfortunately, won’t protect them from the darker impulses of their fellow humans.Through this blinding landscape, we follow sisters Marie (Hannah Herzsprung) and Leonie (Lisa Vicari), who are, along with their friend Phillip (Lars Eidinger), headed for the mountains inside a day-proofed Volvo. But I'll give you the short version: In the world of Halo, humanity is in an all-out war for survival against an alliance of several powerful alien races.
Along the way, a man named Tom (Stipe Erceg) joins their group as well, but given that they all meet when he’s in the process of trying to rob them, their alliance is an uneasy one at best. This isn't the first rodeo for these killer aliens, but humanity is putting up quite a struggle.
Still, their mutual distrust is soon overshadowed (ahem) by far bigger problems after they all wander into a trap set by very bad people possessed of very bad intentions. With the help of machine-augmented super-soldiers called "Spartans", and sentient AI, we just might find a way to survive. The end of the world really does bring out the worst in some people, doesn’t it?Director Tim Fehlbaum does a top-notch job both selling the intense heat and ratcheting up the tension, with everyone distrustful of everyone else, and for good reason. Solid performances across the board also help disguise the fact that Hell sometimes plays like a post-apocalyptic greatest hits reel. If you’re even passingly familiar with the genre, Hell’s surprises aren’t going to be much of a surprise, but that’s OK.

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