At the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards, the survival horror video game The Last of Us won top honors including Game of the Year, Best Design and Best Narrative. DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival horror video game in development by Bohemia Interactive. Comparing with other zombie survival FPS games, DayZ is fun to play not only for killing zombies, but also for the competition among players. Last year, Louis Pierre-Farand and Julien Cury, both veterans of Ubisoft Montreal formed Pixyul Studios and announced their ambitious first project ReRoll. In order to accurately represent those locations, Pixyul wants to photograph and 3D map thousands of real-world places using civilian drones equipped with digital cameras.
In recent years, many post-apocalyptic video games came out showing human's fear, perplexity, and selfish. Sooner or later I think people are going to start running out of money but at least it's for a good cause right ;), well today we have another interesting looking kickstarter but unlike the other recent games featured it isn't a space strategy. Of cause it isn't just down to your characters being on their own to fight and defend, you will need to place defenses around the game area and outside to defend yourself against the onslaught. But with all this base building and defending comes at a cost, you will need those resources just like most other games of this type. If that wasn't enough, the combat area contains what the developers call Mass Destruction, with destructible environmental features, vehicles, Shrapnel, ricochets and all out carnage!
Your characters will also need to be managed correctly in the base of operations, where they will be needed most. The developers have released a video on the kickstarter site as I know some of you prefer just a good video to show off the game rather than a long article, but I for one am really looking forward to this game. As of this article they have had a pledge amount of $8,423 with a $100,000 goal to achieve and only 25days to go. I’m now experimenting with a WordPress plugin for Hootsuite that will also let me more easily submit posts for this blog also.
I definitely would have preferred to have the show come back on another network, but that was always a long shot to say the least, and this way we’ll still get to see the end of the story the way the original writers intend for us to.
And solely because of your efforts, we wanted to pay you back—to give you something fantastic.
Bristol based indie developer, Auroch Digital, have announced a sequel to their 2013 adaptation of the cult Games Workshop board game ‘Chainsaw Warrior’, to be released on Steam and mobile devices this winter. Chainsaw Warrior, which came out on iOS, Android and Steam last year, was an adaptation of the 1987 classic from Games Workshop, famous for its challenging difficulty.
Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night, sees players once again fighting against the clock as they battle through decks of deadly traps and fierce creatures. To celebrate the announcement, Auroch Digital have declared a day long 50% sale on the original Chainsaw Warrior, giving players a perfect opportunity to catch up with the story so far on the 18th November. The digital version was released last year creating excitement and nostalgia with fans who fondly remembered playing it as well as converting new fans to the title. To win a copy of the game, players need to record a play session and submit a video link to the developers via gtn at aurochdigital dot com – the best submitted run-through of the game (on any platform) will win the prize. As to whether Goslings is a successful novel outside the context of its science fictional speculation is hard to say.
My guess is Beresford started out writing about the Goslings, finished his first draft, and then added the story of Jasper Thrale because he decided he needed a man in his story about a world of women to explain things, and ultimately get things done. Max Brooks and Avatar Press have announced Legendary Television and Digital optioned the New York Times Bestselling Author Brooks’ Extinction Parade as an original property for development as a new television series.  Brooks is closely tied to the development of the project and will be writing the Pilot episode. Brooks is known for his meticulously researched zombie fiction and is the author of the bestselling novels World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide.  Recently World War Z was adapted into one of the biggest theatrical horror releases of 2013 and now Extinction Parade is set to follow suit as an upcoming television series. As these two fan favorite undead species prepare to make their television debut under the direction of Brooks’ definitive vision joining programs like The Walking Dead and Hannibal as the best horror on television, the first chapter of the Extinction Parade graphic novel series is set to premiere this coming July.  The trade paperback collection offers a unique opportunity to step into the world of zombies vs vampires and experience a terrifying new chapter in horror.
About Legendary Entertainment Legendary Entertainment is a leading media company with film (Legendary Pictures), television and digital (Legendary Television and Digital Media) and comics (Legendary Comics) divisions dedicated to owning, producing and delivering content to mainstream audiences with a targeted focus on the powerful fandom demographic. Avatar Press is a groundbreaking independent publishing company which produces a wide variety of cutting-edge comic books, graphic novels, and original web content. I’ll have some more thoughts on the book itself after my pre-order arrives later this month. The first season of Defiance ended over six months ago, and season two is still almost three months away. The minisodes pick up after the end of season one, with Nolan on the road trying to track down Irissa.  And through a series of flashbacks they also flesh out the story of how Nolan and Irissa got along after they first met when he rescued her from the Castithan snake cult. Other shows like Walking Dead had webisodes that were cool to watch, but not integral to the show. The run just over 5 minutes each, and can be viewed on the Syfy website, or embedded below. Destructomundo and Through the Aftermath aren't ever lost, and as a convenient place to collect media, like on the Post-Apocalytpic Audio Dramas page.
A tweet and a blog post gave me the idea for the next set of post-apocalyptic media to archive, a collection of public domain apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic comics. Our RoboCop Remake is a crowd-sourced project where dozens of separate film-makers each re-created a scene from the movie, sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, but almost always great fun to watch.
But whoa, talk about suffering an emotional shock; if you're a guy, there's a certain scene that is going to give you nightmares. After Reset: The Fall of Gyes are sitting at 70% of their Kickstarter goal, but with 9 days to go, they have a good chance of making it, if they can get a steady stream of support for the remaining time.
After Reset: The Fall of Gyes is a 32 page graphic novel that's both a standalone story, and a prequel of sorts for the upcoming After Reset RPG currently in development. A $10 contribution to the Kickstarter will get you a DRM-free digital copy of the graphic novel, but supporting them to the tune of just $40 will also get you instant access to the current tech build of the game, alpha and beta access, and then a full copy of the final game when it's released, which should be sometime later this year. Bookmark it, subscribe, or just stop by, and if you have any suggestions for freely available videos that I can add to the collection, I’d love to hear about them.
The 70s appetite for post-apocalyptic tales rolled on with the American release of The Ultimate Warrior (TUW) in late June of 1976. Seeing the civilized world we like to assume is permanent, in a state of abandon and decay, has a curious fascination. TEOTWAWKI — Exploring the notion of The End Of The World As We Know It, has shown up periodically in books since the early 1800s, and later in movies.
Taint of Doom — Within The Baron’s group, can be seen the legacy problems that plagued mankind since Cain slew Abel. ICY is a mature, narrative-driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in a new Ice Age where your life and the lives of your followers hang on every decision you make.
It is up to you to take on the responsibilities and lead your new-found nomad family in their fight for survival.
In addition to the elements and wildlife you encounter there will be weird loners, friendly cannibals, mutant cults, slave traders and spiritual tribes along with all sorts of other miscreants to deal with.
Influence the plot with your choices, with numerous shades of morality that lead to multiple endings. Scavenge for items and hunt for food while facing the challenges of starvation, illness, harsh elements and other bands of survivors.
Customize your character by choosing how to distribute attribute points among 3 main character traits and 10 different skills that affects your abilities and experience through the entire game.
There are a lot of Changes, Fixes and Additions made in Update 1.4.1, so much so it may warrant another play-through just to see them all!
Metro 2033 is an X Box 306 survival horror first-person shooter video game, based on the novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Half Life: Half-Life is a first-person shooter game that requires the player to perform combat tasks and puzzle solving to advance through the game. Fallout is an open world role-playing video game.A The game has a post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic setting, in the aftermath of a global nuclear war in an alternate history timeline mid-22nd century.
The UCAV Drone plays a crucial role in gathering information in real time on the battlefield. The Last of Us: The player controls Joel (voiced and motion-captured by Troy Baker) escorting the young Ellie (Ashley Johnson) across a post-apocalyptic United States that has been ravaged by infection. In the year 2034 nuclear attacks have decimated the Earth and the remaining population is infected by an unknown virus. State of Decay focuses on survival tactics: stealth, evasion, distractions, base building, survivor community, securing resources, and moving through the world more than actual zombie combat.
Food, medicine, shelter, ammo, and construction materials are necessary for survival and should be used wisely.
H1Z1: Enter a world that is over run by Zombies and fellow survivors since the H1Z1 virus outbreak. Dead Rising story centers on Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a shopping mall in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, that is infested with zombies. Dead Island features an apparent open world roaming, divided by relatively large areas, and played from a first-person perspective.

For now that is all I have come up with, but please feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for other games that can (or you feel should be) added to the master list!! NPCs will engage players in missions which introduce a rich storyline of popular, post-apocalyptic popular culture set in this mutant infested world.
The sum of player actions combine into an ever evolving organic virtual world consisting of thousands of tiles. Post-apocalyptic survival games are getting popular in the market and games of this genre comes forth with different qualities. Players must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies and other players to live as far as possible in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus. Though the graphics is not as good as currently popular games and it has many bugs, players are still addicted to it. Nether will feature persistent online worlds where players are left to live their own stories, create alliances and secure safe houses to survive.
ReRoll is an action survival game which will use real world locations as players attempt to survive the gradual collapse of human civilization. This game is still in development and you can expect to see the first playable prototype of part of the world in mid 2015. From what I can see so far it seems as if the type of base building will be that of a structured design to the like of Theme Hospital, ie the placing of structures side by side in which you can see inside the rooms. You will need to lead your expedition team to the wasteland to gather supplies and to work on missions, so adding this to the list and the base building will surely give us a lot of interesting gameplay to come. The developers claim the engine is of advanced physics and dynamic environment, so if you see me playing, I'll probably be jumping straight in that vehicle and mowing down the bad guys! The characters in this game will not just be some pictured avatar in which you can click and attack, they will have feelings and emotions, they have needs and will need help. Not much has been said about it yet from other places but I doubt that will last too long once the word gets out, I also hope they achieve their goal to which I'll get to in a minute.
And did I mention I just passed 1 million views and 5000 subscribers on my YouTube channel? And while, unfortunately, we simply can’t make more episodes of the show (alas, there are financial realities we can’t overcome), we can do the next best thing. If you take a look at the attached photo, you’ll see that we brought back the entire writing staff to work on it. Described as “an incredibly faithful adaptation” (Forbes) Chainsaw Warrior won support from fans of the board game and new players alike with its punishing campaign, and the sequel promises to maintain that intensity while adding stacks of new challenges to test players. Lords of the Night introduces an upgraded combat system, new weapons, upgrades, powers and equipment, unique mini bosses that require careful tactics to defeat, three new zones to fight through and an even tougher confrontation with the enigmatic Darkness than ever before. It’s important to us that people who played the original can jump right in and feel at home, but at the same time we want to use this opportunity to build on the challenge and add in some tricks that the digital format opens up for us” said Steve Martin, the game’s designer at Auroch Digital. The game was originally released in its physical form back in 1987 and is a classic piece of gaming history – a rare solo board game which pitted the player against the clock. To keep in the loop with the project you can like Auroch Digital on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you enjoy these masterpieces, without any doubt you should have to check “After The End”. Through complete or joint ownership, Legendary has built a library of marquee media properties and has established itself as a trusted brand which consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment including some of the world’s most popular intellectual property. Their high-quality publications include the work of such industry luminaries as Garth Ennis (Crossed, Chronicles of Wormwood), Warren Ellis (Freakangels, No Hero), Christos Gage (Absolution, Crossed), Kieron Gillen (Uber), Max Brooks (Extinction Parade), Jonathan Hickman (God is Dead), and Alan Moore (Neonomicon, Fashion Beast).
A nine-month break like that is a long time to expect fans to stick around and wait for new content, so the folks at Syfy have released a set of five minisodes, titled The Lost Ones, to try to tide you over until the first episode of season two on June 19. But the Defiance minisodes are a must watch for fans of the show as they advance the story directly, and are sure to at least be referred to when the show returns. The story is not really “science” fiction, as much as it belongs in the post-apocalyptic genre. Writers and audiences had a sinking feeling (every now and then) that the civilization to which people had grown accustomed to might fail. They cling to hope, and try to maintain some semblance of order, but the fallen nature of humanity shows through the widening cracks. Create your own character using a detailed stats system that influences your abilities to hunt, travel, scavenge, communicate and lead then begin a journey of survival across the white wasteland. Do not take your role lightly for each decision you make, each word you speak, ripples through the lives of your community.If your words fail you, pray your weapons aim true.
Decide well on who to trust and how to react or the snow covered landscape will become your icy tomb. The series focuses on the conflict between humanity, the subterranean reptilian hominids known as the Locust Horde, and their mutated counterparts, the Lambent.
Unlike its peers at the time, Half-Life used scripted sequences, such as a Vortigaunt ramming down a door, to advance major plot points. The protagonist of Fallout is an inhabitant of one of the long-term shelters known as Vaults who was tasked to find the Water Chip to save other dwellers from water’s shortage. Frontlines includes a multi-player mode as well as a single-player campaign that uses the Frontlines system found in the multi-player component.
This is designed to keep the action in one place, by focusing objectives closer together on the battlefield. The drone reconnoiters enemy units, which are visible through walls, and then show them on the player’s HUD and map. The player uses firearms, improvised weapons and stealth techniques to defend against hostile humans and zombie-like creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.
To obtain these supplies, the player will need to go on raids to abandoned supermarkets and many other locations, although food can be grown at the base. The game challenges players to conserve ammo, rely on your team, and work together to survive the zombie onslaught. Frank must defend himself from zombie attacks, rescue survivors, contend with crazed psychopaths, and stay alive while still attempting to uncover the truth behind the incident.
At the start of the game, players select one of four characters, each with a unique special skill and with proficiencies with certain weapons. Make sure to check back with us for updates on new games or some that have been forgotten on the list. As a player you are one of the few survivors facing the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world, fighting against radiated ghouls, fierce mutants and merciless raiders. It is a browser based MMORPG featuring a skilltree, perks and fully customizable avatars which can be equipped with any items the players find. Players must explore the wastelands to solve these missions and gather gear and experience to strengthen their character. The virtual world is populated by an AI controlled enemy and will facilitate co-op mechanisms know from classic MMORPGs, but yet unseen on Facebook, creating a perfect ecobalance where players must cooperate to defeat the common enemy. Different from zombie survival FPS MMOs, post-apocalyptic survival MMOs are more inclined to actual survival aspects like adventures and skills. Players need to pay attention to the harsh climate conditions and other aspects of survival environment as well as eat, sleep, learn, combat and try every method to survive. No matter they are multiplayer online or not, simple shooting games can't meet the needs of players while diversified gameplay brings changes to post-apocalyptic games. Unlike Theme Hospital this isn't cute and cuddly and doesn't aim to make you laugh but to survive and not to get killed.
It will also be possible to upgrade weaponry, so make sure everything is planned correctly including troop management.
The type of combat in this game is going to be real time, so acting on a rush and a lack of technology without thought and no tactics will probably get you eaten alive or shot to pieces, especially with enemies that are ten times stronger and a thousand times more vicious than humans. We’ll keep you posted—in the coming months, you can expect more details, sneak peeks, and early artwork. The original was noted for its challenging solo gameplay – an aspect that has been preserved in the digital version. Beresford, is a 1913 post-apocalyptic novel about a plague that sweeps across the world and kills mainly men.
Beresford wrote during the age of passionate socialists who wanted to rebuild the world into a new order, of ardent feminist writers who wrote about female only utopias, and gloom and doom end-of-the-world prophecies.  Goslings reflects his thoughts about these topics. Wells was a proponent of free love, and Beresford touches on this popular concept of his day too. In aggregate, Legendary Pictures-associated productions have realized grosses of more than $8 billion worldwide at the box office. 1 DVD from 2010 included the 18-minute documentaryLords of Light - The Thundarr the Barbarian Story.
In the city, there is a compound, fortified with junk ramparts, in which a remnant of civilized mankind lives. I listed the pertinent ones below as well as links if you are interested in the game yourself.

The world is divided into separate locations with many areas initially inaccessible until War regains many of his lost weapons and abilities.A  Each contains a series of linear and non-linear paths, platforming, climbing and swimming along with environment-based puzzles that impair progress and require the use of newly gained abilities.
The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow, mostly inside the metro system, but occasionally missions bring the player above-ground. Half-Life‘s story is told entirely by means of scripted sequences, keeping the player in control of the first-person viewpoint. Fallout is considered to be the spiritual successor to the 1988 role-playing video game Wasteland.
Single-player mode limits the players to the fictional Western Coalition, while online modes let players play as either the Western Coalition (WC) or Red Star Alliance (RSA).
Some drones can also be used as a kamikaze bomb, by running them into enemy infantry and self destructing them. The Last of Us received wide critical acclaim for its writing, voice acting, sound design, level design, and art direction. Ita€™s not just Survival Horror anymore its a€?Survival Horde.a€?A  Free Download Available Here.
The player can also find other groups of survivors that are willing to trade their resources with the player, in exchange for ammunition. Players will face traditional (NPC) zombies as well as former teammates who have been passed on and joined the walking deceased, fueling the carnage to come.
To survive, players must establish their own safe houses, team up with other survivors and scavenge for scarce resources. Here are three post-apocalyptic survival MMOs you can't miss which are not just about shooting zombies. A decade after an unknown cataclysm destroys humanity, the survivors in the world of Nether work just to get by. On the other hand, the introduction of multiplayer online gives players more confidence to face the enemy in the post-apocalyptic world as well as tell them to beware of their own kind. You will need to build basic life sustain facilities such as bedroom, storage room or a kitchen to fulfill the basic needs of the survivors. It will certainly be interesting to see how this type of gameplay plays out and how easy it is to manage the entire team in the base and outside. So make sure your characters are well managed and balance your expedition teams to suit the needs of the mission!
The loyalty you’ve shown REVOLUTION these past months has been touching and overwhelming—it’s meant more to me than you’ll ever know. But Miles, Monroe, Rachel, Charlie, Aaron, Neville and the rest will return for the epic finale to the REVOLUTION storyline.
Yul Brynner stars as a freelance “warrior” amid the tribal societies of a post-apocalyptic New York City. Max von Sydow does a good job as The Baron, the world-weary (yet resolutely hopeful) leader of a decaying society. In the industrializing era of the 19th century, teotwawki fiction did not get a lot of traction. The Baron saw the only hope for the survival of civilized man, was to once again become producers of food, not scavengers.
He fights mainly against angels and demons, and has a unique way to kill each particular type of enemy, usually tearing them apart painfully. As a first-person shooter, Metro 2033 features a variety of firearms, some fictional and some based on real weapons, which the player will use in combat.
Each of the games share a common trait in terms of plot; the story changes depending on the choices that the player makes.
By moving it back and forth across the battlefield, the player may gain or lose weapons and equipment. Its narrative was praised for its characterization, subtext, and depiction of the human condition. Structures such as watch towers, gardens, sleeping quarters, kitchens, workshops, medical bays, and barricades can be constructed to defend against the infected population, help survivors recover faster, and build explosives and other tools. The game has been in development for two and a half years after recovering from a disagreement with the original co-founder thus the delay.
The player can complete several main and optional missions to earn Prestige Points (PP) and gain special abilities. From then on, players take on missions assigned through non-player characters or from bounty boards, each typically rewarding the player with experience points, money, and sometimes a reward item. Wandering the shattered bones of once-great cities, those left behind scavenge, make alliances, fight bandits and live in fear of the mutated creatures that hunt them.
You also need to construct supporting structures such as a clinic to heal the injured or a play room to entertain your squad.
They are puzzled by a man who just stands in front of the library, for days, in a meditative trance. Between the two tribal camps were the “street people” — unorganized feral humans who preyed on the weak or the stray. A few lines of dialogue explain that there was a plague which not only affected people (in the subway tunnels are skeletons wearing gas masks), but more importantly, the plague killed the world’s food crops. One man, a sort of Judas character, steals a tomato (forbidden fruit) and plants it in another man’s hut. The Gears of War games have been amongst the most popular and most played titles on Xbox Live.
Combat alternates between the player fighting mutants and the player fighting hostile humans. The frontline mechanic is used in all game-types, which forces players to choose which objectives they will pursue or defend, adding a strategic level to the game-play. Ironically, the Apache word a€?Navezganea€? means Killer of Monsters, and kill you will as you fight, scrap, craft, salvage and fortify your way to survive looking for the truth behind what really happened. The game is designed as a sandbox game and features several endings, depending on the decisions the player makes along the way. Upon leveling up, the player gains health and stamina, and can invest one skill point into a skill tree and level up one of their skills. Players earn experience by killing both human and non-human foes and completing in-game challenges (such as getting a certain number of kills using a specific type of weapon). They’re doing it, because like you, they’re passionate about this story and want to see it end correctly. Convinced that the man is the warrior he needs, The Baron makes him an offer of food, lodging, freedom and cigars.
Those who did not die of plague, or starved to death, were reduced to scavengers of whatever food existed before the plague.
The framed man gets no support from his neighbors, hinting at offstage tensions or rivalries. Mutants do not possess weapons and tend to physically attack the player in swarms, while humans fight with the same firearms available to the player.
As they gain levels from experience growth, players can then allocate skill points into a skill tree that features three distinct specializations of the base character; for example, Mordecai can become specialized in sniping, gunslinging with revolvers, or using his pet Bloodwing to assist in kills and health boosting.
Robert Clouse, famous as the director of martial arts films such as, Enter The Dragon, wrote the story as well as directed. Players can distribute points among any of the specializations, and can also spend a small amount of in-game money to redistribute their skill points.
With the advent of the nuclear era, the prospect of comfy civilization crumbling looked a lot more plausible.
Carson and Melinda, while never cast as a romantic pair, become a sort of Adam and Eve with their Garden sanctuary off the coast.
When the late 60s-early 70s added angst over pollution and overpopulation, people had even more reasons to picture teotwawki. He is growing food plants that are immune to the plague that decimated the earth decades ago. Only The Baron’s lieutenant seems to realize afterward how they had suddenly decayed into a savage mob, ala The Lord of the Flies. He wants Carson to take his pregnant daughter, Melinda and Cal out of the city via subway tunnels, to go live on an idyllic island off the North Carolina coast.
One shrew of a woman ventures out beyond the gates, assuming that she knows where some powdered milk is hidden.
Members of the rival (and criminal) gang, led by a read-headed man named Carrot, catch the couple in the bakery and kill them.

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